Echo & NarcissusMature

A short story based on a prompt for a love-hate relationship. What if figures of Greek mythology were placed in a modern classroom?

     Sunlight streamed through the window of the classroom, illuminating every speck of dust. A gentle breeze stirred the humid air, blowing wrappers and scraps of paper off desks. Echo twirled her hair in her fingers, only halfheartedly listening to her teacher's lecture. She was staring at the boy three rows and two columns away from her.     She hated him so much. The way he speaks, the way he acts, the way he smirks at everyone around him. But he was so attractive... She clenched her fists, angry at herself and at the boy she could never have.

     "Hey Echo, you done making googly eyes at Narcissus?" Pyrrah whispered, leaning across the aisle.

     "Shut up," Echo hissed, "I hate that asshole." Her venomous words automatically jumped from her lips, rushing and stumbling over each other. Her friend snickered as she fumbled to collect them and present them once more in a coherent sentence.

     "Yeah, right." Pyrrah rolled her eyes, still trying to keep down her giggles. "I've heard you angst about him way too many times."

     "Exactly," Echo retorted, "I hate him, how many times have I told you?" She turned her attention away from Pyrrah. She was drawn to Narcissus again, as he pulled out his mirror and started to check himself out.

     Pyrrah wasn't done talking yet. "Oh Narcissus," She moaned in exaggerated imitation, one hand clutched at her heart and the other dramatically raised in the air, eyelashes batting furiously, "How I long for your arms around me. How dazzling your eyes are..."

     "I. Will. Skin. You" Echo growled at her as Pyrrah shook with stifled laughter, almost slamming her forehead on the surface of her desk.

     "Pfft, no you won't," Pyrrah turned her head sideways to grin at Echo. She tossed her hair and slouched back into her seat again. "And remember, you're a nymph. The eternity vs. mortality thing is not a good base for a good relationship." She lectured in a almost motherly tone, head tilted and eyes wide, in a mixture of patronization and sarcasm.

     Now it was Echo's turn to roll her eyes. "It's not like anyone can date him anyways. He rejects everyone, because he's so in love with himself," Echo scoffed, "Ugh, he's so conceited."

      She found herself staring at him again. at how his golden hair shone in the sunlight, and how his cornflower blue eyes sparkled, and the shadows made by his chiseled features.     "Why does he have to be so hot?" she groaned, "but such a douchebag?"

     Pyrrah had stopped listening, but was instead furiously scribbling down the notes the teacher was beginning to erase from the board.     Echo sighed and looked down at her empty paper. A few moments later, the bell rang, its sound signaling the pounding of feet as students ran out of their classrooms towards the freedom of the weekend. She stayed behind and watched Narcissus pack his bag, check himself in the mirror once again, and finally disappear from her sight.     Another day wasted loving someone she hated.

The End

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