Strangers In The Night..

"How many fingers do you see?" A very blurry man asked.

"too many I guess " I tried to joke about it.

"you're sense of humor is better now , earlier you tried hitting me under the belt lady" man with a silk scarf tied on his head said.

"I thought you were a junkie , trying to .. you know" I said guiltily

"Pretty strong for a lady who lives in a castle pampered and protected " He said with a hint of sarcasm.

"Where's Martha ,she's not well , I have to take care of her " I tried to sit up .

" You're one who needs looking after kitten, Martha's gone , I asked her to leave" the stranger said without looking at me and stirring sugar in warm milk.

"Who are you , how do you know her?" I said confused.

"I am Ryan , Martha's nephew , she called me to check out on you , when that storm hit us " He said holding the glass near me.

"How did find me , or know where I was or say how did you know what I would look like ? " i doubted him

"Well my silly little kitten , there aren't many people roaming around in a storm like this , most of the locals knew it was coming and besides Martha has a picture of you at her house " Ryan said rubbing my palm. I took my hand away and tucked it under the blanket.

"Alright then , this says it all , am in the other room connecting this one , if you need me ,just call me , I won't e sleeping " Ryan said looking into my eyes , a look so serious , so concerned.

Why was this stranger being so nice to me , I had to ask.

" Don't you have to be back at your home or something , look it's ok I can take care of myself" I said trying to stand and stumbling back into the bed , the weakness had crept into my knees and my chest seemed affected by cold weather.

"I don't have a home here , like you am vacationing , I don't have to be anywhere , you better stop arguing and save yourself some energy " He smiled devilishly.

"My chest hurts " it was too late , I never wanted to complain but there was this certain air of comfort round him , it was as if I had known him for a long long time

"I did not pack my medicinces , nor do i have my stethoscope here , all I can do is rub in some clove oil " Ryan said suggestively.

"No , I um"I hesitated as my cheeks colored to a rose's hue...

The End

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