Night At The Villa ..

Back at the villa Martha had called in sick and I had offered to help her , after all the lady had taken care of me like family after mum had passed away . I held Martha's cold hand in mine rubbing it when Martha sneezed and apologised " I am sorry missy , I am suppose to cook and look after you but....

I cut her speech short to put her out of torment " My sweet silly Marths , you know I don't need being taken care of , I'll go shop for groceries and make you some soup , we are out of dry wood too , it might snow tonight " I looked out of the hugw wood carved window . The wind was chilly ,I drew back the thick silk curtains .

Everything about this house was so hauntingly victorian , from four poster beds to draperies , to rugs , to carpets to those Huge portraits of the ancestors ,to white marble scultptures mayor had gifted during his last visit to the villa.

The coat still had mum's perfume , hadn't ever thought of wearing it . very slowly slid it off the hangar and draped it oer my shoulders holding it close , sniffing the perfume. I couldn't think any longer , Martha needed my attention. I wore it and went out , I could have called Simon , he always drove me places with dad but instead I wanted to be a free soul . To venture out alone and try to take responsibility for a change.

The shops were few and scattered , I had a fast pace and comfy shoes but the weather had other plans .What I had thought to be a slight snow fall turned into a blizzard . I could hardly see where I was going . The stone path was wet and slippery and so was the road . No cab could be sighted and the sun was long gone . I was tired and cold and felt defeated by the snow. The storm outside had shook the storm inside me too. I stopped , closed my eyes , as my thumping , aching chest gave way to tears and i had lost track of time and place . After that the series of events were a blurry dream . Falling , fainting and being carried in strong arms ...

The End

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