In the lobby , I flipped pages of a magazine I was least interested in . It was still pouring , all grey , all gloomy. The flight was delayed ...

"Do you really have to go , even mother nature is against your decision" I tried to convince dad

 " I wouldn't have , but it's the opening of a new season and we can't afford to lose the clients now , it's our chance to score or else our rivals will " dad tried to explain.

Airports had always given me a nostalgic feeling , that was a place where I had  bid farewell to my mother many times except for the day when she decided to drive to work , a day like this one ;  nothing could hold her back ; not even bad weather.

The lady on the speakers called for the passengers to board .

"Alright sweets , will be back in no time , you need anything call simon or martha "

I hugged dad holding his sleeve tightly , I had this funny feeling in the tummy , wasn't the first time he was leaving me like that but I felt a negative vibe churning in the tummy.Dad smiled and walked away reluctantly.

Dragged my feet back ,stood by the corner of the road waiting for a cab .Drowned in my thoughts I started to walk , it had stopped raining and the scent of wet bark was in the air . The gloominess was washed away. Everything seemed bright and colourful , watching my own shadow I kept walking .The slow breeze was playing symphony with the tall tree branches that swayed as the ground caught glimpse of the sun playing hide and seek.

The End

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