A modern-day twist on the fairy tale Snow White.

I am Ebony Rose.  I live in Ohio with my bitchy stepmother.  My mum died when I was four.  My dad remarried five years later, and then died when I was fourteen.  It's only been a year since dad died, but my stepmother has made it a living hell.

"Ebony!" cried my stepmother.

"Yes, mother?" I yelled back.

"Why aren't these dishes washed?"

"I dunno, why don't you wash them for a change."

"Ebony Rose!  Get you skinny ass down here and wash these dishes!"

I walked downstairs.

"I'm only skinny because you underfeed me," I mumbled.

"You're grounded."

I smiled as I washed the dishes.  I wasn't really skinny, in fact, I thought I was filled out rather nicely.  I had a big butt, decent sized breasts and a teeny tiney waist.

Being grounded didn't matter much to me anyway.  I normally just went to school during the day and partied all night.  My stepmother was too busy with her "beauty sleep" to notice me sneaking out.

" . . . I spend all day cooking and cleaning, the least you could do is was a few dishes . . . "

Cooking and cleaning?  As if.  She cooked dinner sometimes, otheriwse she just ordered pizza or chinese food.  As far as cleaning went, we didn't make any sort of mess so the only thing there was to clean was stupid stuff like dusting and vaccuming.  I did all the laundry and the dishes.

" . . . smart-mouthed stepdaughter . . . "

I smiled again.  That part was true.

" . . . I bet it's the kids you hang out with -- I don't like that Peris boy . . . "

Peris was my boyfriend.  His kisses were so sweet and his touch was like magic.  When I'd look into his grey eyes, time seemed to stop.  I finished the dishes nd went back up to my room to sleep.  It was five o'clock and Taylor (Peris's best friend) was having a party at ten. 

I sent a text to Tally (my best friend).

Call me at 9:30.  c u @ the party!!!!

The End

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