Woods with cursed, playful spirits.

Welcome traveller, welcome to the Ebonshire! 

Where the light through the trees sets the woods on fire!

Welcome to the Ebonshire, where the trees are black as night!

Welcome to a whole world of forbidden, unholy frights!! 


Welcome to the Ebonshire, where the mischevious lurk!

Welcome to our little game, see the dice roll in the dark!

The claws and fangs and screaming of the Banshee, 

As you retreat you will become completely lost within the trees!! 


Welcome to the hovel of the weary, lost little boy! 

Welcome to the birthplace of every trick and coy! 

Welcome to the darkness, that perpetually thrives!

Where the lonesome and the clueless barter for their LIVES!


Hahahaha! You are ours now! So come on out and play!

Roll the dice, chase the Banshee and join our games here everyday!

Two little girls are running gleefully throughout the ebony woods, 

Holding hands and laughing, there's no faces in their hoods. 

The End

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