Point of No Return

The moss was moist against his hand as he brushed it away from the name on the tombstone. The last stop before the trail to Memorial Park was the cemetery.

This was the point that Charlotte felt the most for Carl. She often wished it were possible for her to take on the burden that had been placed upon him by the events in his past. She held on to his arm as he bent over. “Is it him?” She asked.


There was a moment of silence between them, permeated by the staunch emotions of a visceral memory.

He rose to his feet, his eyes searching for the next tombstone immediately. “There.” he said, pointing.

“Ok.” Charlotte said, walking with him to the next grave.

Nearly an hour had passed when Charlotte looked at her wristwatch for the umpteenth time. “Carl, we’re already late.”

Carl was on one knee, reading an old friends name. “So be it.” He said, reaching out and touching the crevice of the letters carved into the stone.

“Are you sure? It’s just five minutes away.” She asked, but there was no reply.

- Memorial Park -

“The schedule says he’ll be the third to bring out a wreath.” Sean said into the hidden mic.

James was on a rooftop a kilometer away, laying still behind a fifty caliber sniper rifle. “We’ve already been through this Sean. Just let me do my job.”

“Just don’t screw this up, we’re only got one shot.”

“That’s not true. I’ve got five rounds.”

“You know what I mean.”

“I won’t miss.”

“You know what happens if we fail.”

“We’re all dead anyway, remember? There’s no going back.”

“That’s right. We’re all dead.” Sean said, looking at the building James was on. “Everyone.”

The End

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