Do The Right Thing

They had arrived at the capital early. Carl had always felt that punctuality was paramount, and being late was not acceptable. In his youth, he wasn’t like this however, but after a lifetime of military service, certain things sank in. One of those things was that every second someone was late on the battlefield, people could be injured or killed due to something completely under their control. Although he didn’t always think of timings as life or death situations, he would often get upset if they were running behind schedule.

Carl drove the car off the highway and into a familiar district. They turned off a busy street and parked the car at the base of an old stone structure. They had arrived at the local Legion, where Carl intended on parking the car for the remainder of the morning. Charlotte had argued that the walk to the memorial grounds would be long, and that he would regret it later. Carl had brushed it off, telling her that he could walk much further if he had to. He did, however, know that his knees would be throbbing later in the day. Nevertheless, the walk meant more than simply a means of getting from the Legion to the memorial grounds. There were things to see along the way that would spark memories that were almost prerequisites to the event of the day. It wasn’t worth taking the car considering the concept was to remember.

-Elsewhere in the city-

“He’s like clockwork, no pun intended.” James said, stabbing his finger to a park on the map. “He’ll be there.”

Brent shook his head. “I’m not comfortable with this, it’s a memorial service. Doesn’t it seem inappropriate?”

Sean took a step toward the table as he spoke. “We’re not turning back now, not after all this time. We’re all going to die regardless.”

Brent frowned, “What if he can actually stop it though? What if we don’t have to?”

“Are you forgetting what we’re doing this for? We want this! This is what has to happen.”

“I’m just not sure we’re doing the right thing anymore.”

“Well... I am.” Sean said, pulling a pistol from the table.

Brent’s eyes opened wide and he gasped “No!” Blood spattered against the wall behind him, preceded by the deafening retort of the pistol.

Sean’s eyes locked on to James as the empty casing tumbled across the table, coming to a rest against James’ hand.

They both looked down at it, as it lay next to the words Memorial Park on the map.

“Let’s get this over with.”

The End

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