Eavan is a sad and lonely vampire. Living at the summer camp, everyone knows she's evil. Or thinks so. Suddenly Sabelle finds out the secret... can she help Eavan?

This is my story about the time that I met a sad and lonely vampire, Eavan. It started when my parents were talking about sending me to summer camp. I was upstairs, sitting behind the banister at night, watching and listening to my parents talking.

"Honey, please, dear?" My mother was trying to convince my father to send me to this summer camp. It seems he was having trouble agreeing...

Grumbling, my father finally agreed.

The next morning was a splash of color against my bed and wall, the sun illuminating my room through the eastern facing window. Blinking, I stumbled through the room to my wardrobe. When I was dressed I skipped downstairs.

"Mornin' dad" I called. "What's for breakfast?"

"Bacon and eggs" came the sleepy reply from behind the newspaper. "Can you set the table?"

"Sure dad," I said. "Would you like me to make you some tea?"

"Yes please, raspberry today... Also, your mother and I want to know something." I knew that this was coming. "We found a great summer camp for you. The price is good and there will be other children there to play with. Only if you want, though."

"OK dad," I said. "I would like to go, but how long? And where is it? Also, what is it like there?" Was it really that bad? Did my father think that?

"Well, Sabelle," he said slowly. "You would be gone for two weeks, starting next week. The camp is only about... roughly twenty miles north. You will learn you about the woods and there will be things to do. I think there is a lake there. I think it would be a great opportunity for you, and so does your mother." To me, it sounded as though my father had been the one that had decided and arranged it all for me to go.

"Yeah dad! It sounds great. I'd love to go!" Whether or not that was true, the words that I spoke, was speculative.

"Well then, sweetheart! You better start packing! You'll need: a rain jacket, rain pants, hiking shoes...."

Well, I thought. Two weeks isn't that long.

The End

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