The Chamber

I opened my eyes, i had blacked out; all i remebered was a sharp grasp... and then nothing

The only thought going through my head; was why I was still alive; i couldn't comtimplate of any standing reason, then why wasn't i dead

I sat up, only to see i was in dark room, steel walls surounding me.

I could hear faint voices, not any that i could of reconised from the attack

The voices were mainly female, and although they mainly remained quiet, there was often a load cry of pain; my guesse, interregation

Beside me was a cracked mirror; I could see my reflection in the shattered remains, i wasn't in the best shape, blood surrounded my neck, and scratches covered my face

I picked up part of the broken fragment, and tossed it against the wall, to my surprize, the fragment dug itself far into the steel barrier, before shattering, leaving a deap embedment

What had they done to me?

I heard a door open behind me

"Enjoying your new home are we?"

"no" I replied, the figure that spoke was a skinny female, her face black and bruised, and her arms deep with cuts

"name?" She spoke

"James" I replied



The women smiled, and walked out of the room

I launched a peice of glass at the women; to my surprize, she caught it

She smiled as she left the room, and dropped the glass fragment to the ground

It shattered

The End

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