East and West Collide

Asha is a modern western woman with conservative eastern roots. She bridges these two worlds, trying to find her own identity in the twenty-first century.

Asha’s skin tingled, her steps clicked ominously on the cold concrete floor of the underground car park.  Was it her imagination making suggestions again?  Hadn’t she got into enough trouble already because she could not tame this powerhouse?


As she passed the glittering rows of elegantly carved bodies of buffed chrome, she tried hard not to see the dazzling headlights as somehow mocking her; straining her ears for sounds of warning.  She shook her head in annoyance.  For the past two years she made this trek from office to parking lot, so why now this foreign feeling?  “Serves you right,” nana said to her from worlds away, “women should stay at home, and not go gadding about all over the place!”  Her logical mind put it down to an over exhausting work day.


Her entire world revolved around her work.  Her passion for life overflowed like a heavenly fountain as soon as she stepped through the spotless reflective glass doors that housed the stylishly modern foyer of the House of Holmes.  She sighed audibly as mental images of the chaos she was bound to face at home flittered across her mind.  In contrast work was ordered and controlled – by her.


Her heart stilled … what was that shadow?  It couldn’t have been her imagination, but all evidence proved to the contrary.  She needed to get a hold of herself.  The sudden unexpected jarring beat of Bollywood bhangra emitting from the depths of her handbag had her clutching the pillar for support.  She fished the mobile phone from inside the bag.


“Asha is that you?”  Her mother always knew the most inopportune moments to make herself heard.

“Who else would be answering my phone ma?”

“Don’t you take that tone with me!  Ever since nana passed on, I’ve had endless trouble with you.  Today’s generation have no respect.  In my time, we never spoke to our elders like that …”


Asha held the phone away from her ear.  Once her mother got started, it took a while for her to wind down.

The End

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