Tom Keny with his little brother,Bobby are hunting for bugs near the TVA Nuclear power plant. A crazed Owl is flying erratic towards the unsuspecting Keny brothers.

"Bobby! Have you found any bugs yet?" says Tom.

Nothing yet. Hay look at that Owl! What is it doing out during the middle of the day? Watch out Tom! It’s going to hit you!

Bobby watches with morbid curiosity as the nocturnal bird swoops down and hits Tom on the head. Both Tom and the Owl lie motionless on the marshy ground.

Tom! (runs over to him) Wake up! Yeeech! That bug!  It’sburrowing in to your ear!

Sound of chewing in to Tom’s ear.

Hours later... Tom wakes up in his bedroom.  His younger brother looking at him with concern. Mother walks in frantic.

You okay, Tom?

Tommy I was worried about you... Your brother said you were dead!

Can I have his room Mom?

No! Little Billy, your brother still needs his room. Get some moist clothes

It’s Bobby Mom! Thanks a lot. (disappointed) Keep me in mind if there any changes. As bobby walks  out of the room.

Tom wakes up. Ouch! My head! What…. What happened to me?

Dead? I must have passed out when that stupid Owl hit me.  Ooh! I don’t feel so well. How did I get these two bumps on my head?

Tom you have two evenly spaced knots on your head. They look like pimples.

Boy. These sure are sore. Like somebody gave me two noogies.  Oooch! My tail-bone is sore too. What gives?

Tom rubs his bum.

Meanwhile in Kevyn is walking up to Mr Peays home.

Foot steps walking in a hurried manner for a few seconds. Stops and then knocks on Mr. Peays door.

Hello? Mr. Peay? I am here in reply to the maid ad. (Talking rather loud.)

Knocking rapidly. (pounding)

The sound of a old man rustling about trying to find the door knob.

Hello? Baaaa! Who’s out their?

Mr. Peay… I’m here ‘bout the live-in maids job. Can I come in?

(Door unlocks and opens.) Come in… Let me see you. Ummm yes.

Mister Peay is in a wheel chair. He lets Kevyn in… As she passes by him, Mr. Peay looks her over with interest.

The End

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