Earwig Man, Origin


Irish Maid™ is a twenty-something auburn haired freckled faced beauty. Dressed in a sexy maids uniform. She is ready to clean up crime. During the day Irish Maid™ is known as mild mannered Kevyn Barry™ from Long Island. 

How did she become a super sexy hero, you ask?

Here is the shocking story.

One day Kevyn, an out of work singer, spied an ad in the newspaper. The ad read: Need a live in French Maid… $500 per week plus room and board.

Well, Kevyn inquired and was enraged by the blatant male chauvinist pig that lived there. Needing money and a place to stay, she decided to overlook her employer’s rudeness in favor of a job. She suffered wearing the French Maids uniform. After all, the old man is eighty-eight years old. What harm can he do?

The old man would call for his French maid all day long. Soon Kevyn grew weary of his innuendo and overtures. So she decided to change the color scheme of the uniform to reflect her Irish heritage. Thus the Irish Maid was born!

One day she was walking her employer, Mr. Peay, when a brigand attacked the couple.


Only in Mr. Peay’s mind are they a couple. (Crazy old man.)

A group of youths, the pride of New York City gangs, attacks them. Melee’ ensued. Kevyn lodged her left stiletto heel in the eye of one of the attackers. Sending him home screaming for his mommy. The others seeing the bloody carnage ran away in fear of loosing their eyesight. Filled with pride, Kevyn vows to protect the weak and weary. “All I need now is a mask.” She said in triumphant pride.

Irish Maid loves her job at the Peay’s home. She received a raise for her performance and for her tolerance to pinching.

The End

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