The EscapeMature

World War III has finally hit and the only way out is a hidden government project that's about to hijacked by a ragtag band of military and science folk.

She sat in orbit she was the biggest ship in her fleet, although truth be told no one was sure if she was the only ship in her fleet, the long hull accented against the huge loading bay, to the untrained eye she looked like a lump of purplish metal although she was almost a mile long and a mile high well crafted in the 28thcentury. She was the fore front of Human technology and more so of the American drive for a human vessel in space. Constructed with help from bothRussiaandChinashe now sat ready to be crewed. As it stood she had only a skeleton crew mostly of the Engineers. She was still a month from completion but the shakedown cruise had been a success.

A few months later he stood on the front porch just glad to be home as the young girl bounced happily on the trampoline in the yard, he smiled his long dark hair flowing in his gentle motions as he looked to the skies above and then back to the young girl.

            “Cassie dinners ready darling”

She looked back to him and nodded the one giant leap and she bounded up the yard to him hugging him tightly then slipping into the house, he shook his head she wasn’t the straightest shooting of kids but then with all his government had put her through he wasn’t surprised. Cassie was born with it seemed unique abilities and they had tried every test known. The US Air force had finally given up when he refused to let them near her again, she ate like a child even though she was fourteen she still held child like qualities. He smiled watching her, she was above else was his daughter.

The building shook violently causing him slip as his whipped round to see the source of the ruckus his eyes narrowed, the skies outside seemed to now burn a brilliant of orange and red.

            “Fuck they fired at us! The bastards actually fired on us, Cassie please go and get your bag now, we have to leave” He barked though his tone was forced to stay calm to avoid panicking her too greatly, as he picked the keys from the side and headed out to the large pick up parked on the front drive, the lights flashed indicating the alarm had been deactivated. Cassie came out the door looking as confused as ever as he bundled her into the back seat he muttered something about Russians and then slid into the front seat as another explosion rocked the roadways he growled as he slammed the keys into the ignition the car started first time roaring to life, with a sharp flick the car reversed from the driveway and then tore off into the night.

Cassie sat in the back seat watching as the city tore by, people muddling about looking as confused as the next, she wondered what all the panic was about and knew how difficult it was to fluster her father in any way shape or form. But he swore something she’d never heard him do, so it had to be bad right? She looked to him a moment contemplating on asking then wondered if he’d really answer her. She could look it would only take a minute and he wouldn’t know she’d been in his mind?

The car tore off the freeway as he pulled through the side streets, she knew where they were headed, the Military Base her dad worked for, at, with whatever she thought, as the car slowed she saw the young Lieutenant wave them through as her father barely even bothered to brake. He pulled to a hard halt then took off amidst the chaos snapping a “stay here” as he shot through the drivers’ door. Cassie knew better than not to stay where she was and so she waited on her fathers return.

It didn’t take long as he stalked back across the car park his eyes were cold which meant he wasn’t in the best of moods as he stood beside the car he smiled to her.

            “Come on darling we have to leave now” His voice almost sweet as he looked to her she knew him better something was amiss and the air around them smelt really funny as she watched him for signs of what was going on, as always a military man gave away none as she slid out onto the pavement beside him. They walked casually across the car park then down a walkway to one of the hangers. Odd she knew this place she’d been here before; she smiled as she saw the ship.

            “Vampirica? You finished her daddy?” She said softly

            “Yes, she’s almost finished” He replied as they climbed the ramp aboard and then moved down the corridor, the crew were busy milling about their duties as they entered the bridge

            “Ready to go, Colonel?” Asked a young woman

He nodded as he slid into the centre chair his eyes dead ahead as he looked at the armed vans headed toward them, he knew they wouldn’t let him leave this easy, he stood and headed for the flight control as he looked to the young he nodded, the engines hummed hard as they powered up for the launch sequence, he knew it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park but then nothing about his life ever seemed to be.

            “It’s going to be tight Erica, go for it” He chuckled

            “You got it Colonel” She replied softly the engines roared as the ship tore forward skimming over the trucks and the tilting left to squeeze through the huge hanger doors, the ship turned then arced high into the skies as it headed for orbit.

Cassie looked to her father then closed her eyes as the engines hummed softly, then the sudden flash as the ship slammed into a purple haze and the engines screeched. Alex looked on in confusion then to Erica for an answer.

            “The hyper space engines just engaged” She stated softly

            “Thought they didn’t work” Alex replied

            “They don’t colonel” Erica replied “But we are in hyper space”

Cassie smiled as she looked to her father her eyes glazed as she sighed then looked down and nodded a moment, before she looked up her happy self once more.

            “We’re safe Vampirica will protect us, she says not to worry about things she will keep us all safe, she likes you daddy” Cassie said softly

Alex just sat and looked totally misunderstanding what his daughter had just said as he really hadn’t a clue with what she was meaning, his eyes slid to the view screen as the purple haze hurtled by they were indeed in hyper space as he understood it the hyper space engines tore open the fabric of space allow them to travel through sub space at extreme velocities, he was no real scientist but he understood the fundamental basics. But in that the hyper drive engines had been given a bust in that they simply didn’t work.

The ship itself was half human made and half of some space debris they’d found only to discover was living matter, the system seemed to work not that anyone could understand the tiny glitches that showed up in the pre-tests. But the simple truth was the ship was indeed in hyper space and they were still alive.

            “So who’d we get on board Erica?” He asked now settling back.

            “You, me, Talia, Graham, Cedric, Roger and Terrance Sir” She replied a soft smile on her lips. “A unit of Marines who are none too happy about been trapped with us”

No sooner had she finished than the door to the bridge slid open and a tall, well set man in his mid 30’s entered as he glanced around he finally settled on the Colonel.

            “Colonel Amourince, I demand an explanation and that you turn this ship around immediately”

            “Yea, thought you might Andrews but to it bluntly request denied, we aren’t going back there’s nothing left to go back to, and if your wondering on where we are I haven’t a clue yet, all I know for the moment is we are safe and you should be grateful your even alive right now.” He spat back a cold undertone in his voice as he glanced up a cold glare in his eye, almost daring the Marine commander to challenge his words

            “This is a US Military Ship I demand you return at once” He replied

            “Yes this is US Air Force Technology and I am the lead engineer on this project, so as probably the last standing member I think that leaves it as my jurisdiction” The Colonel snapped “Oh and your a Marine and not as you may think an Air Force Officer,  so again my jurisdiction”

Andrews threw a glare at Alex then nodded and turned on his heal heading back off the bridge. Once he’d gone Alex grabbed his Palm Top computer and began running over the sensor readings that were now displayed upon it, it was his turn to try and figure out what was happening. They had after all created an inter-link that worked wirelessly between the ship and their own equipment.

Alex looked on still as confused as ever as the engines hummed in the background, if truth be told the sound of the hyper space engines was somewhat relaxing.

The End

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