New friends and enemies

I awoke in the morning with the headache to end all headaches' man it was bad, I sat up and got out of bed and stopped. It was then I realized I was not in my trailer and this was not my bed. I looked around until I saw Patricia on another table and walked over to her; I put my hand on her shoulder and gently shook her. She opened her eyes and grabbed her head and looked at me.

"Ya I know bad headache, me to."

"What the heck is going on where are we," she said looking around.

"That is a good question and I have no idea, this sure is not my trailer."

I looked around and couldn't see a door, or anything besides the two tables.

"Hello can anyone here me!" I yelled.

"I can help you what do you require," a voice said.

"Where are we and how did we get here?"

"You were involved in an accidental cave in where you were camping; we were responsible for the cave in and then your injuries because of the cave in. We thought it our responsibility to repair you. You are currently on the Fuser Prime a class 3 galaxy ship operated by the POG group," the voice said.

Well I thought that's not so nice to know, I don't remember any cave in I thought to myself.

"Will we be released back to our home?"

"A representative has been notified and will be here to discuss that with you momentarily."

A few minutes later the side of the room opened and a person walked in, well he looked normal enough to me. His head and hands may be a bit larger than normal but not to noticeably.

"Good I'm glad you are awake, my name is Sped, is there anything you require right away?"

"Yes both of us feel sick are heads hurt too much to think."

"Ok the Doc is taking care of that now you should feel better shortly. Now let me explain why you are here. We the POG group started building a listening post on your planet, during this operation there was an accident and you were involved in a cave in. You see the post we were building was underground and you were directly over it. When the portion of ground collapsed you fell into the cavern, you were both wounded and dying. We brought you to this ship and healed you, along with the two animals with you."

"So we were involved in an accident caused by you? And you brought us back to health, because you didn't want to be responsible for our deaths?"

"Yes that is correct we felt responsible."

"Ok so what about now, can you put us back where we were?"

"Unfortunately that is not an option; this situation poses a few problems. When we repaired you the computer used our bodies as a template, so although you look human you are not 100% human. The repairs done to you left you with some of our physiology mixed with yours. You are both still completely functional your children would be 100% human, the problem is with what the computer did to your body to keep you alive. If the people of your planet were to find you and study you it would change the entire future of your planet, I hope you understand this?"

"So you pull us from our home and heal us because of your mistake, then to thank us for understanding you tell us we can never return home?"

"Not exactly, it was the officers of this ship who decided you had to go with them and never return home. They could not take the chance of either of you being discovered. However I have another option for you it is not a great option, but I think its better."

"Well I'm listening go ahead." I said

"The Outpost needs someone to remain to keep it operational, one of us was going to do the job. However if you would be willing to do this job for us, we would allow you to return to the planet. There is a downside however; you would never be able to leave the Outpost you would need to stay in it for the rest of your life's."

I sat on the table next to Patricia and tried to think of a way out of this, "Can we talk for a bit, can we call you back in a while?"

"Certainly just ask the computer for me," he said and left.

Sped left and we just sat there looking at each other, I don't know what to do, our life's are basically over I thought.

"What kind of place is this outpost, if we have to spend the rest of our life's there? I don't know if I could handle it, I would feel trapped," Patricia said.

"Well I think the first question is simple, do we stay in the post or go with them?"

"Stay no question."

"Ok I agree, so the next question is what we are going to be staying in. I have an idea."

"Computer can you hear me."

"I can, what do you require."

"Can you show me a picture of the Observation Post that is being built on the planet?"

"Yes certainly."

The screen on the wall lit up and showed a representation of the post. We were able to manipulate it to see all areas from all directions. I asked the computer for an inventory list and equipment list of everything the post would carry. Who would want to live here forever I thought to myself. Hmm I wonder.

"Computer, who was going to be left on the planet originally before we got involved."

"Technician Sped"

I laughed out loud and Patricia just looked at me, I smiled at her. That Sped is a 100% prick.

"Computer what would my rights be taking into account that I am human, if one of the life forms on this ship attempted to kill me."

"The POG group does not allow interaction with species like yours except in emergencies, the one involved in the unauthorized termination would be terminated. The ramifications of this would hurt the POG group if the information got out."

"Computer I wish to speak to the commander of the ship, please tell him it is urgent."

About 30 minutes later another man came walking into the room, similar to Sped but not the same.

"The computer said you wanted to talk with me, what can I do for you."

"Thank you for taking the time to see me, I have been informed of the accident by Sped and have come to the conclusion that you and your ship are not at fault."

"I do not understand it was the construction of the post that caused the cave in and your injuries, due to a computer error."

"Yes you are correct, the first part anyway. However I do not believe it was a computer error, I'm sure your computer keeps logs I bet if you check them you may find something interesting."

He looked at me funny and went over to the monitor tapped a few times on the screen, and started reading. It took him a good 15 minutes for the look on his face to change; I wouldn't even try to guess the meaning. Then the screen shut off and he turned around.

"How did you know?" he asked

"I was not sure but it seemed you would not be the type to make mistakes, it all seemed very convenient for one particular person in general."

"Please remain I will be back, feel free to ask the computer for whatever you need."

After he left Patricia spoke up, "What just happened?"

"That prick Sped tried to kill us in the cave in; he caused it to keep from being placed on the planet for the next 500 years."

"OMG it was not an accident, I wish we could sue the bastards."

"Well in a way I want to try, I don't think our options are going to change. I understand their concern for letting us out in the public, but I want better accommodations and a bit more freedom."

"Computer can you get me something to type on or write on, I need to make a list."

An electronic pad appeared on the table and I picked up and used the pen to make a list of what I wanted and what I was willing to do in return. Patricia and I worked on the list for two hours, before the Commander returned.

"I am very sorry that had to happen you were correct in everything and Sped has been punished," he said and brought up a view screen of a body floating in space.

"Now is there any way we can make this up to you? I'm still afraid you are left with two choices."

"I understand your position, I would not want to find myself in the hands of my government either."

"Yes I can understand that."

"However I feel a few concessions are in order," I said handing him the list.

The commander went over the list and blinked a few times then said, "I will need to talk to the council about this - I will return shortly."

"Ok that went well at least he didn't say no, I think they're getting off the hook easy."

"I still can't believe what is happening; just yesterday I was worried about Melissa. Now I'm worried about the rest of my life."

"Oh I'm not that bad of a guy am I? You could do much worse in a FRIEND, don't you think?"

She just smiled at me, and then we got the computer to make us some lunch, a very bland lunch I might add. We even received a table and chairs to eat at. Then I asked the computer for a live picture of the area of our campsite. The screen lit up and we had a top down view of our campsite, it was now vacant. I was able to move the view around a bit to find Melissa's camp site, but I didn't see any activity. I moved around a bit more and located one of the hot springs; it was full of nude people I had to laugh.

"This is kind of fun you know, it's like Google Earth but Live."

Patricia pushed me away and moved the screen around until she found her house; she zoomed in and watched her dogs in the back yard. Then we watched a traffic accident for a while, and then went back to the campsite. We found Melissa and her husband sitting outside their trailer drinking with another woman neither of us recognized, Patricia was immediately pissed off.

"They ran out and grabbed another girl. Melissa doesn't care about me; I always thought she was a friend. I'll get them back one day I swear it," she said and cried.

About an hour later the Commander and another person returned to the room.

"Sorry about the delay, politics can be horrid at times but also necessary. I have basic approval for everything on the list, if you would go over the exact specifications with the tech here we can get the final approval," he said and left us with the tech.

We went over the construction of the Observation Post and then the House above it, apparently they already own the land. They had set up a corporation to buy it and preserve it for the future. I was now going to be the president of the corporation, it already had unlimited funds. The house was done up extremely well but only contained the standard items for a house on earth. Everything else was put into the basement which was the actual Observation Post. The house had the best security system known to man and the Observation Post was just plain un-accessible to anyone but Patricia and I. We went over all the surveillance equipment and the transmitters, I didn't know how all the stuff worked but we could watch or listen to anything. Everything looked great on paper and I said ok do it.

We spent the next 2 days wandering around the ship talking to the occasional alien. Some of the crew working on the original Outpost actually stopped us and said how sorry they were about the accident. We also kept watch on the area where they were building our house, wondering if anyone was noticing this house being built over night.

The End

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