Chapter Two IV: A New SchoolMature

"So, what do you think of this school so far?" Jason asked me, giving me another smile as he saw the my nerves play about on my face.

"Very crowded for such a small school," I answered truthfully. No doubt I would have bruises all up my arms by the end of this week if this was normal behaviour.

He laughed. "Yeah, but you'll get used to it in a few weeks."

We passed by a teacher who glared at us and demanded that hurry up. Jason mumbled a half-hearted apology over his shoulder, but did not speed up his pace. Instead he began pointing at the classrooms we walked by and told me which lessons were held in them.

"All along here is where the science labs are," he gestured to the rows of doors painted a lime green. "And that room right there is where my lab partner and I accidentally blew up the frog we were supposed to be dissecting."

I crinkled my nose and tried unsuccessfully to block the disgusting image from my mind. "How did you manage that?"

He laughed at my scrunched up expression. "I really don't know!"

We rounded the corner and stopped in front of what presumed to be our Literature class. I gulped, feeling just as anxious as I did when I entered registration.

"Did you remember your text book?" He asked, placing a hand on the door handle but not yet opening it.

I cursed. "I knew I'd forgotten something."

"That's okay," he assured me. "You can borrow mine."

The End

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