Chapter One I: The MoveMature

The rain pelted the car windows like liquid bullets. The sky above was thick with grey clouds that only turned darker as our destination grew nearer. Some of the raindrops clung to the passenger window, but were soon whipped away by the furious wind. I pressed my ear against the cold glass surface and felt the roar of the motorway resonate through me. I shivered.

"Penny for your thoughts," my mother probed me from the driver's seat. I stifled the urge to snort with disgust or disregard her like I had done since she told me we were moving.

"Pathetic fallacy," I muttered, commenting on how the crummy weather reflected on my melancholy mood. Her brow furrowed as she scowled at the road and my attitude.

There was an awkward pause as she contemplated on what to say next. She had learnt that this was the best thing to do when I was in 'one of my moods.'

"Look, Ida, I know it's hard. Your Dad leaving, us moving half way through the school year, but-"

"Yeah, yeah." I cut her off and turned away, gazing back out of the passenger window. I so did not want to hear this!

Through the drenched glass I saw her reflection. Her mouth was clamped tightly shut and she sat rigid in her seat. All the anguish and heartache began to bubble beneath the surface of her skin. A guilty flush crept up my cheeks. I guess it was impossible for me to hate my mother forever.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, trying not to cry myself, but failing. Warm tears fell from my eyes and I brushed them away with an unsteady hand. My mother took one hand off the steering-wheel to hold mine, ignoring that it was wet from my tears.

"I know. I know it's been hard," my mother told me, softly squeezing some reassurance into my fingertips. "But we'll get through this. I promise we will."

The End

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