I remember...

The overgrown weeds and thorns that snagged me as I tore pass. The nauseating scent of alcohol, vomit and feces forcing its way up my nostrils. The sound of storming footsteps from behind getting closer.

A man was hurling curses at me I could not hear over the sound of blood pounding through my veins. My breath came fast and my heart was hammering against my ribcage. Just leave me alone, I wanted to scream back at him. Leave me alone!

His face. A nameless face that showed only detrimental desire and avaricious hunger. How his eyes must have flashed in triumph when he finally caught me - this innocent victim that had, unfortunately, crossed his path. He wrapped his filthy hands around my mouth to muffle my cries for help.

I wish I could black out the things he did to me, but through my restless spirit I keep reliving this last memory. And my final thought as I hit the concrete floor a broken wreck? When discovered, I will extract my vengeance and send this monster straight to the fiery pits of hell.

I'll remember. For as long as I am here I'll always remember.

The End

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