Earth Under Iron

''There never was a good war or a bad peace.''
-Benjamin Franklin

There are three general factors to artificial intelligence:

              -Knowledge Skills

              -Individual Reasoning



Earth Gives Birth

What humanity expected of their future was born to war. At the rising of the world war, the independently knowledgable machine was brought to bare in both the military war and before the eyes of science. It was the marvel of all of mankind's accomplishments in the matters of combat. It was out of wheels and iron plates that the walking mechanism had grown from. Out of mounted guns , from which weapons had come to be mechanicly mobile, the leg was produced, and to that came perfect joints. The anatomy of the excellent automaton was envisioned, and out of the complicated appendage, the steal humanoid was born, formed, now for assistance in the war.

There were limbs, joints, perceptive networks, facial attributes, human factors, and a single and productive cerebrum; its best major and synthetic organ. The heart, which held no similar feature to our's, kept the thing alive. Yet, with no reproductive or digestive systems present, the machine was done into human aspect. Although it had, seemingly, differed from humans in appearance, it was, indeed, like us.

In the beginning, there was but one law to overcome all rules regarding the robots under our governance: ''Maintain authority over all A.I. populations.''. Soon afterwards, the ''Policy'' was established, and under such an ideal existed a powerful militant base of regulation. These laws became complex as the war drove on, and as progress did too. This was grave, for the same intellect that invented the A.I. was aware of hostility between us and them. The machines became with men and served men. Work was with the machines or by the machines. Almost all was with a machine, a robotic force, or by minor service: more or so along a robotic arm, a walking platform, climbing machinery. I myself owned a small automaton, and as one could be owned by property as domestic pets, I kept him close and nurtured, and called him Charlie, as I have always remembered.

Out of one establishment another is written. The Policy was an organized complexity of laws, rules and ideal awarenesses. At the highest age of the War, in North America, the clergic organization of policing forces came to be, and a new nation was reborn. This was the ''Direction'', as they were named by. Soon after, the Policy was made into a general and offical law by the clergic force of the Direction as their own and by themselves. Then, as nations drove on swiftly in the range of happenings, the ultimate law was made, the Iron Constitution, in regardment to the iron machines and robotics. Today, I hold no such personal tolerance for this idea of order, and for sure I hold no positive opinion over the idea of the Direction.

As the regulations and the principalities went on (law after law), the forces of the Direction, or the Directors, became much more powerful and dominant over our more free Constitutional republics. Eradication of the United Nations, and our own country, was their dreaded aim for Earth. Firstly, they had to strike the common strife, and so they joined the American toil to end the War, and so the Directors became with the goverment, ruling, directing us unto their own new world order of things yet to come, a future under the machines; Earth under iron.





The End

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