Part One --- PrologueMature

Based on several poems and stories by Edgar Allen Poe, this story delves into his world as he helps to solve several crimes with Detective Dupin.

The voice came out of nowhere, piercing the dark, cold night air as the woman rushed home.

“Ah, Broken is the Golden Bowl

The spirit flown forever”

            It was a whisper, only a whisper, yet it held as much intensity as the loudest scream.

            And she ran.

“Let the bell toll – A saintly soul

Glides down the stygian river”

            And that was when she heard it. The church she was beneath was an ornate building with a beautiful steeple. Atop the steeple sat an ancient iron clock with hands that had intricate patterns carved into the side.

            And the bell began to toll.

“Avaunt! — to-night

My heart is light —

No dirge will I upraise,

But waft the angel on her flight

With a Pæan of old days!

Let no bell toll!

Lest her sweet soul,

Amid its hallow’d mirth,

Should catch the note

As it doth float

Up from the damned earth”

            And that was when, from the shadows, she saw a light, and stepped towards it, leaving her body behind.

The End

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