Chapter 3: Beginnings

“How have you been Sarah?” Phelias asked her. They sat next to each other, under Sarah’s dream tree.

Phelias lay his left arm against her shoulders, and Sarah rested her head on his left shoulder. She closed her eyes, and sighed. She was content.

With her eyes sill closed she muttered, “I will be ok, I hope... But...” It was hard for her to think of troubling things, when she was so blissfully happy. It seemed as if her mind was full of clouds, and she could not find her way to those troubling thoughts.

“But?” He whispered. His voice told of a great joy, and Sarah smiled. She was glade that she could bring him such joy, just by sitting with him.

Sarah, with her eyes still closed, felt his hand begin to stroke her hair.

“It... well...” And, with that, she opened her eyes, faced him, eye to eye, and told him of her adventures up to this point, of the Dragon.

He stared at her, with a look of fear. But, not shock as she had imagined. He is not shocked to discover I was taken by a Dragon? A monster of Myths and Nightmares?

“I think the Dragon is still carrying me right now,” She looked at him. “Will I still be able to talk to you where I’m going?” She asked in panic, without him, she wouldn’t know if she could even go on. Which was... strange for her to say to herself. I-... I do not love him do I? Well... maybe not yet.

“Where ever you are, I’ll find you,” He said with a smile. She sighed with a smile starting to appear on her mouth. Good. I would miss him terribly if I couldn’t talk to him... He smiled at her, the smile was a reassurance, as if he was happy she would miss him! Shock, covered her face for a moment. How-

Then, his voice interrupted her thoughts. He was closer to her face than she had expected, and his eyes sparkled down at her.

“Until next time, my love,” He leaned in and kissed her cheek. Then, he whispered into her ear,

“Now awake.”

Sarah’s eyes fluttered open.

She still felt the dragon’s claws around her.

She felt the wind, pulling against her body as a thousand strings. Pulling at her hair and face, her clothes and self. She felt drained and worn out, like her soul had flew away with the wind.

Her family was gone. Her home was gone. Her forest was gone. Her LIFE was gone...

“Not much longer now,” the dragon rumbled. It sounded as if it had just woken up also.

“Why did you kidnap me?” she screamed up to the Dragon, but it did not reply. Maybe the wind tore it out of my mouth before it could reach it? She did not know.

She looked up at the dragon’s wings. They flew with the grace and power of an Eagle. She was riding on Eagle's Wings...


She awoke on the cold hard floor of a cave.

How rude! Just flop me on the ground, on the wet cold floor. She pushed her face off the cave floor. Sitting up, she looked around. There was beautiful tapestries and pictures all over the walls. There was a place where a bed was supposed to go, but was not there yet.

The walls where shaped in a circular shape, and it was actually quiet large. It seemed as, towards the back, it narrowed a bit. So- instead of circular, it was more of an egg shape. The was sparkled, even from the small light, that seemed to be coming from the hall, behind her.

It was actually quiet beautiful.

There was a bowl where it looked as if she could wash her face and hands. She sighed, Is this beast intending me to stay here? She stood up, looked around, and saw a door, or an opening, in the cave wall.

She walked out, onto a platform. It was jetting out, from where she was, and was higher than any of the rest of the floor, for this area at least. There where stares, just her size, on the right side of the platform. Built just for me... she chuckled at this thought.

The cave seemed to be made of the same stone as her room, but it didn’t shine so brightly, probably from use.

There where many small holes in the ceiling, many of which light did not come through, but seemed to be tunnels that leaded deeper into... well what ever this cave was in. But, maybe, three or four of the holes, had light from the sun, shining through them.

Then, a ways off of the platform, where five ponds, filled to the brim with boiling lava. All of the lava, looked as if it would spit out and get her, even though it was a ways off, and couldn’t get her. It bubbled and popped many times, while she took in her surroundings.

All the pools, dotted random places in the huge cave room.

To her right farther off, was a huge door. Big enough, for the largest of beast to get through.

“That is the Hot Springs, or as the others call it.” Startled from the other voice Sarah turned around. The dragon, the dragon that had dragged her from her home, and forced her to come to this place. Was standing behind her...

He sparkled in the light coming form the holes in the top of the cave. As before, nothing, was as beautiful as his beauty. The sparkling cave, that she had thought was so beautiful, was nothing to her now.

Sighing, she asked “What is your name?” she said, looking at the dragon. She did not have the patients, or the talent to talk to him calmly for very long.

He looked at her, as if he knew that she was angry with him.

“My name is... Xelis,” he said quietly. He then looked down, at the floor, as if he was ashamed.

“Anyways,” He said, shaking his head, as if to shake his feelings away. “The other dragons call it the Hot Springs,” he repeated.


“And, that is, the ‘Window’ even though it isn’t a window at all. It’s just what the dragons us to go out of the cave,” he said, pointing to a large hole in the side of the cave, with light coming through it.

It was to her left, and it was just, a freakishly huge hole, that, even from this strange angle, Sarah could see the trees. ... The outside world...

Sarah turned from the Window, looking at Xelis.

“Why did you bring me here?” she asked him. “And, Tell me the truth.” She knew, many people would lie, many people still do.

“I had to,” he said simply. The way he said it, he sounded as if he would not go any more into the matter, so she let it drop.

“How long am I to stay here?” she asked him. So... So many questions... Do I even want to know the answers?

“As long as you desire,” He said, smoke flowing from his nostrils for a moment, “But, I would suggest you stay for a while.”

He moved up closer to her, pleading, begging her to stay... With those eyes...

She could tell, he must of had a good reason of kidnaping her. Or, he just wants to eat me. She paused in her thoughts. If he wanted to eat me, he could have done it when I was asleep, or even before he started to fly...

“I’ll stay a while.” She finally said.

Xelis, the dragon, sighed, letting out air from his mouth. As if he had been holding his breath.

“Thank you, thank you so much,” He whispered into her mind.

“You have no idea how much this means to me...”

The End

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