Chapter 2: Alone

“No! I did see a Dragon!” Sarah desperately was trying to convince her sister. Her sister had seen her leave the room, and had seen her return like a frighten kitten.

“I still think you’re over reacting. You were tired. It was probably nothing,” her sister wasn’t convinced. Sarah, flustered and embarrassed, ran out to the river.

It was a cloudy day and the sun shined behind the clouds. Sarah looked up into the sky and knew it would rain soon.

She walked along the river and watched the sky, the birds, the plants, the river, everything except where she was going. She did not care or want to know where she was going. She let her mind go blank, and just fallowed the river.

She sighed, shaking her head. What if I really didn’t see a Dragon? Could it be that I was just tired? I doubt it, I wouldn’t do that... I DID see a Dragon, she thought.

She walked across the bridge, going to the other side of the river. Walking close to the edge of the forest she looks in, in the daylight, it seems just fine, but, it still seemed menacing to her now. After seeing a dangerous creature in it’s depths, she was afraid to go back in.

Does this mean I will never go in again? This was her special place, her quiet place... What if she never went in again? What would she do without it?

She walked alongside the forest, not paying attention, she didn’t notice. She was to far into her own mind to see in front of her.

Then, startled from her thoughts, she saw the monster from her encounter the night before. Right outside of the forest, was a beautiful dragon. It was walking toward the river.

It didn’t seem so scary in the sunlight. It had shining white scales, that seemed to gleam and glitter against all the other things of the earth. Everything else seemed unimportant to it’s magnificence. It had huge wings, tucked onto it’s back. If, it unfurled them, they would probably be even bigger then the dragon itself. Since, the wings where, almost as long as the dragon, not counting for it’s neck.

It’s snout was long and pointed. You’d expect teeth to be sticking out of it’s jaw, but there wasn’t a single one. It’s eyes where big, shaped almost like almonds, instead of like cat’s eyes. It’s ears where quiet large, well, if they where on humans. But, the ears seemed to fight him. The pointed out from it’s head. It's face, seemed to look powerful but, harmless at the same time.

The dragon had spikes running all down both sides of it's face. And, instead of spikes down it's back, like most people said dragon’s had, it looked to have white fur, running down, from the top of it’s eyes, all the way to the tip of it’s tail.

It was very close to the ground, for a dragon, and it had four toes on each foot. At the end of each toe where a long, curled claw. They where black, one of the only black things on the dragon’s body.

The dragon was very... Lizard like. But, it wasn’t lizard at all, Sarah could tell.

The dragon looked like it could kill a man with a single blow, but, Sarah wasn’t afraid of it. It’s eyes are what got her. They were Emerald green. It looked as if it wouldn’t want to hurt her.

It put it’s massive head into the water and drank. It gulped down the water. Sarah was surprised that the dragon didn’t lower the water by a good amount, but it didn’t.

Looking and wondering, Sarah started to walk forward. Not consciously, but more of an impulse.

Closer she came, about 5 feet away from the dragon. Then, the dragon’s great head came out of the water and looked at her.

She froze, holding her breath. She had heard from the villagers, if you freeze and stop moving, then a dragon couldn’t see you. Hopefully the villagers weren’t making up stories when they said this...

“You do not need to be afraid,” she heard a voice, it seemed to be coming from her own head, but she did not thing it. She looked around.

“Who said that?” she asked.

“I, the Dragon,” She looked at the creature. It was nodding, and looking thoughtfully at her, almost like it was about to laugh at her stupidity. How can this creature talk? I had heard that they where stupid beasts.

She not knew what to say. The Dragon kept looking at her, the laughter draining from his eyes, replaced by sadness.

“Are you who I saw last night?” Sarah asked.

“Yes,” he nodded, sadness written all over his features.

“I’m sorry I screamed, I hadn’t seen you in the full light, and you startled me.” She felt bad for him, it seemed that she had hurt his feelings, badly... I still do not understand this creature... Does it have feelings or doesn’t it?

“It is alright. I understand,” the Dragon muttered. Then it looked her up and down.

It lifted it’s mighty head and roared, a earthy sound. Sounding like big pots clanking together.

Sarah covered her ears, the sound was so sad, that even Sarah had started crying.

The dragon looked at her, it then closed it's mouth. It uncurled it’s massive wings and jumped at her.

Falling to the ground she screamed trying to hold her arms up, as to protect her face. Closing its claws around her, it jumped up into the air. Flying from the ground, at speeds that birds could only dream of reaching.

Then, it started to rain.

The End

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