Eagle Wing

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Sarah, a 15 year old girl, living in the Renaissance time period, is taken by dragons, and starts falling in love with a man from her dreams.

Chapter 1: Encounters

She sat washing the ugly shirt in the river next to the house.

“SARAH! GET IN THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW!” Sighing, Sarah grabbed the shirt from the river and walked up to the clothes line. It was hanging off the right side of the house, and tied to a small tree to her right. She looked at their house. It was a beautiful house, that her father had built when he first married Sarah’s mother. It was made from dark wood, Sarah had no idea what it was, and it was sturdy and strong. It had grass and hay on the roof. It hung off in different places. She had not one idea why her father did that.

She pinned the shirt on quick. For all Sarah knew, she probably destriod the moon. As she walked up to the steps, she looked out at the landscape. The river was facing the back side of the house, and was pretty small. It only was about 3 feet long. It would be more of a stream than a river, if it hadn’t been so deep.

On the other side of the river, there was a forest, called Velatius Forest, named long before our people came to the land.

It was almost grass land, as far as Sarah knew, from people cutting down the forest to make their farms. There was a occasional tree here and there, but not much.

“Yes Mother?” Sarah said as she got into the house.

“HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US SARAH?” Her mother screamed. Her mother was standing next to their table, which was to Sarah’s right. Her family stood around her. Her brothers Kale, 12 years old, Jonathan, 10 years old, to her left. Her mother in front of her, and to her right, her older sister Areala, who was 17 years old.

Her mother was a large, chubby woman, with short little legs and her ugly brown hair pilled on top of her head. Her face was always scrunched up into a scowl, and she had a very big nose. Her face was fat and round, fat almost bulging ever where on her body. Why her father had married her, she had no clue.

Her brothers where almost identical, but Kale had shinny blond hair, as Jonathan had black hair, as our grandmother had. Jonathan was almost a foot shorter than Kale, and had a lond pointed nose, as his mother.

Though, Kale was very handsome for a 12 year old. He had a full chin, and a very nice smile. He was broad shoulders, and a huge chest, from working the fields. For- mother could not. Jonathan on the other hand, was scrowny, and almost week looking. Though, Jonathan and Kale did everything together.

Areala was the real beauty of the family. Her mother was so proud of her daughter, just for her beauty. Her sister had blond hair, that had a slight wave at the bottom. Her hair went all the way to the middle of her back. Her sister had the perfect hour glass shape. And, Sarah envied her for it... The only fault it seemed her sister had was that she had some freeckles spanning from right under each eye, to the middle of her nose.

“Do what Mother?” Sarah finally asked, after she looked at her family.

“YOU KNOW WHAT I SPEAK OF GIRL!” She screamed, holding her hands to her face in a fist, scowling at her, even with her eyes closed.

“No, I do not mother, I was just out washing when you told me to come in,” She said calmly, she knew how to deal with this women. She thought she was the next queen of England, so high and mighty, just act dumb and stupid. Truthfully, Sarah didn’t know what she was talking about.

Her mother looked up at her. Her little dwarf face full of shock, “You did not?” she asked, quieter this time. She had opened her eyes as she was talking.

“Truthfully Mother, I have no idea what you are talking about,” She said looking around, her. Her two brothers, looked as if they had been snickering, but had stopped to stare at her. And, her sister looked at her as if she might cry.

“What have I done?” She said, looking at her family.

“Oh, never mind girl! Just get back to your chores,” Her mother leaned closer, so only she could hear her, “ but, if it turns out to be true, I will have your hide!” And, with that her mother walked away. Strange, my mother has never acted so astounded at me, they must have thought I did something right horrible, she thought. She turned around and went back to the yard, thinking of her family and what just happened. Her two brothers, Kale and Jonathan. They loved to make her feel horrible and embarrass her... What was that about?

And, her sister? Her sister was really her only companion, since there was no one living there her age, except some men, who thought she was strange... Her sister almost always supported her, why did she look at her that way? She would have to find out.


Lying in bed, next to her sister she whispered, “What have I done Areala?” Her sister scowled at the question.

They did not have enough money to buy more than this. The boys, shared a bed, in a separate room down the stairs from them. Their mother, had her own room, since she had lived and layed with her father when he was alive. She was across the hall from them. Areala and Sarah had shared this room since Sarah was born.

“Mother does not want me telling you, because if you didn’t do it, what does it matter?” Areala said, she would almost never disobey Mother. Areala and Mother where like peas in a pod. Her mother loved Areala, ans Areala obeyed. With that, Areala got whatever she wanted.

“Please, mother looked to me as if I had done the worst crime.” She said, putting full force of her blue eyes on her sister. Her eyes where a deep blue. Many times her father had said it reminded him of the great waters.

Sarah did not consider herself pretty, she had dirty blond hair, and wasn’t ugly. She was skinny, Thank the Merciful Lord! I am not fat like my mother! She had strange feet, and she had a poorly shaped face. It was more of a triangle at the bottom. She also had pasty, white skin, even after working in the sun all day. Her eyes where big though, everyone she meet said that. Her pride and joy was her eyes, her eyes where the best thing about her. She was 15, two years younger than her sister, and the second oldest.

Her sister looked at her, “All right,” she said, sighing, defeated, “Mother had heard a rummer in church this morning that you had been with a man, in the wrong way...” Her sister murmured, she looked nervous. Areala sounded as if she was lying, trying to push the problem away so Sarah would not know the truth. Sarah sighed. She gave in, and just decided to believe it.

“What man?” She asked.

“Mother did not know, she was going to ask you... Have you?” Areala fibbed, trying to make it sound convincing.

“No, I have not, none of the men around here have had a side look at me,” she said, “And, anyways they all look a little funny for my taste.” They both laughed.

“We should go to sleep before someone hears us.” Areala whispered to her sister.

“Yes, night,” Sarah whispered to her older sister.


Sarah rolled over, and closed her eyes, exhausted. As she did this, her sister leaned over and blew out the candle that had been light so they could see each other while they talked.

Sarah drifted into sleep with haste.

Sarah’s eyes flew open. She looked up at the blue sky. What?! I thought I fell asleep?!

She sat up and looked around. She was on top of a hill, under a tree. Filled with life this tree was, blossoms where starting to bloom. Grass, everywhere the eye could see was grass. No road or house, anywhere. She looked at the tree, at the base was a marking, looking like a heart, she moved closer to make it out. The mark was a circle with a diamond shape in the middle, touching all sides of the circle. It then had a small moon in the middle of the diamond.

“That is your sign Sarah,” startled Sarah turned around. A boy of looking 16 stood before her, she was 15 herself, but he was so handsome. He had dark hair, and emerald eyes, a beautiful color of green.

He was very tall, almost as tall as her father had been. He had broad shoulders, and strong looking arms and hands. But, he looked not as he had earned his mussels from working in a field, or any manual labor. They looked natural, right, for him.

He was, fairly tan. Not looking TO tan, but like he had worked in the sun lately.

“How do you know my name?” she asked as she stood up. Looking him up and down, she saw he dressed very nicely, then, she looked down at her own clothes, simple country clothes.

“We have know each other for all time,” he said simply. She nooded, she understood what he ment, well, almost. It seemed as if she knew him from somewhere. But, she could not find him anywhere in her memories.

“Okay? Anyways... Do I have the pleasure of knowing my companion?” she asked.

“Oh, how rude of me, my name is Phelias,” he said giving a little bow. She smiled, Hmmm, so this man has manners? ...Very nice. She curtsied and they both laughed. The sun, darkened for a second and they both looked up.

“I must go now, my love. We shall meet again,” He said, and started to walk off, toward the bottom of the hill. My Love?

“Wait! When will I see you again?” She yelled after him, lifting her right arm as she ran after him for a moment. He didn’t answer, then, her eyes flew open. And, her sister was smiling down at her.

“Who is this Phelias?”


It was humiliating, her sister bothered her ALL week about her dream prince, it seemed that not every night he could visit her, but she did see him again.

Almost every night, Areala would hear Sarah mumbling in her sleep about Phelias, and would giggle. In the morning Sarah would awake to see her sister laughing beside her.

The only thing that was good about this, was there was a man that Sarah was beginning to love.

The problem was that he wasn’t real. Sarah was sure he was just a figment her imagination thought up because Sarah was incredibly lonely. The only time she didn’t feel lonely, other than when she was with Phelias, was when she was in Velatius Forest. The forest was forbidden to go in, for there was told to be fearsome creatures in it’s depths.

But, she could feel complete there. Listening to the sounds of the animals, the sounds of the forest living. The only bad thing was, Kale, had found her in there one day, when he was going out to fish the river. He had crossed the small bridge that crossed over the river, to find a good fishing spot on that side, and spotted her through the branches.

He almost told mother, when Sarah said she would give him her share of corn bread for a month, and cornbread was really the only good thing that happened to this family once a week. But, that didn’t matter, as long as she was alone, in her quiet place...

It seemed, as Kale, didn’t want, or did, tell mother, even after the month was up.

One night, when she was having trouble sleeping, she snuck out of bed, climbed out of her window and she ran to the forest. She sat in her usual place, in a hallowed out part of a tree at the bottom. She could see the whole forest, and not be seen by any.

She sat and put her head against the back of the tree. She cried, for herself, her dead father, her fake lover, and for the world.

Her mother, after the day she screamed at Sarah, worked her almost to death. Doing all the chores and waiting on her mother every second.

She stopped crying when she heard a rustling outside. She stuck her head out of the tree. Her hair flowed and touched the round as she leaned out. Bother hands furmly on the ground, standing on her knees.

“Hello?” She called, no answer came back to her.

“Hello?” She called louder. Nothing, nothing at all. Nothing but the sound of the wind, and the sound of the animals looking for food.

She shrugged and scuttled back into her old possistion. Putting her head back against the tree, she sighed.

The rustling started again. She crawled out of the tree and stood. Looking around, she saw a huge shadow illuminated against the moon.

She started to scream. Running for her life, she ran back into the house and cuddled up next to Areala. Shivering, she whispered into the darkness the monster she saw.


The End

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