Little poem about dysfunctional relationships where co-dependency has crept into the equation.

What would you like me to say?
Do you want me to go or should I stay?

Tell me because I don’t see into minds
And I can’t always read between the lines

So just tell me what it is you need me to do
And I swear I'll see it through

But what I cannot handle is all this silence
Is this punishment? Or recompense for some unintentional offence?

If so please tell me what I have done so blindly?
For you to treat me so unkindly

You and I seem bound together
For always and for never

Know that I would give anything to be free
Of this hold you have over me

But I guess I am just too weak
To find the freedom I so desperately seek 

Why can’t I seem to let you go?
After all this time I have nothing real to show

Except for these emotional scars
And these figurative prison bars

The End

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