Bringing home KyraMature

                                        ~~~Three Days Later~~~

Melody is coming home today with baby Kyra, and Dylan phoned Ben early this morning to make sure that he put something in the nursery. So we over there, Ben's attitude had cheered up since the hospital, but something was still bugging him. I had to stay downstairs while Ben ran upstairs to do whatever he needed to in the nursery. Melody, Dylan and the baby came home while we were still there, I had just finished feeding the dogs when they came in. Melody looked so...renewed in a way a I guess. She was glowing, obviously being a mother was going well for her, Dylan was the same way. He carried Kyra in the baby carrier, I gave Mel a hug and went to go take a look at Kyra again. She was wide awake, all her brown hair scattered all over her head, and wow! She has eyes that are a blend of Dylan and Melody's, medium green like Dylan's like the brown flecks from him too, with the blue and gray flecks from Melody, they are gorgeous, a totally amazing color!

"She looks a lot like you already Melody." I smiled.

Melody blushed a little, "Poor girl." she laughed.

"Whatever, I think its a good thing for her to look like her drop dead gorgeous mommy." Dylan piped in laughing too.   "Is Ben upstairs still?" he asked eying the stairs.

I nodded and he grinned handing Melody the baby carrier and ran upstairs. Melody sat on the couch putting the carrier on the coffee table, she took out her beautiful brunette baby.

"How's mother-hood treating ya Miss Melody?" I asked sitting next to her and looking at Kyra lying so tiny in her arms.

"Its actually really good. I thought it would be worse, like just with the always waking up thing, But no, she sleeps almost all night, except for when she decides she wants to sleep all day. Its freaky she just eats and sleeps all day!" she said like it was a complete shock to her.

I laughed at her reaction. "Well she totally is your kid then."

She stuck her tongue out at me, I did the same.

"Whatever you know its true. Does she drink blood or what?"

"A mixture of both. I guess for now at least, mostly baby formula, she'll probably drink more blood as she gets older."

"Probably. She is so adorable though!"

Melody nodded, she was just beaming. Jeese, mother-hood will be amazing for her. I thought.

                                  THE END!!! FINALLY!!!!

The End

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