Baby's here...Mature


          I sat upstairs with Melody in her music room watching her still attempt to play her acoustic guitar. She can barely get her arms around it now because of her massive baby belly. It was amazing to see how much could change in just over nine months. Now Melody should have had her baby four days ago but the kid just doesn't seem to want to leave yet apparently. Mel's sigh of defeat pulled me out of my mental baby rant.

 "You know this so doesn't work anymore." she shook her head.

"No. not really." I nodded in agreement.

           Putting a hand on her belly and arching her back Melody slowly managed to lift herself out of her chair. Melody put her guitar back in its holder and walked aimlessly around her "David Cook" music room, she seemed to be taking everything in. From the variety of guitars and the other instruments to the large west wall full of David Cook posters and pictures. Ben, Clara and I had done that wall as a special birthday present for her last year, because she loves him and his music. Dylan had had a little bit of an issue with it because he can't figure out why Mel thinks David Cook is so "hot". Which makes no sense to either of us because really what ISN'T hot about that man!

        Melody tapped a few keys on the piano, making me go back to watching her. Her eyes have huge bags under them, for the last few weeks the baby has been kicking her really so hard and often that she'd wake up in massive amounts of pain. Dylan would phone me in a full on freak out threatening to just run her to the hospital himself and mae them take the baby out. Then of course I would go over there with Rachel to calm them both down, finally after the first weeks of late night phone calls I decided just to stay over here until the baby is born. For the sake of Dylan and Melody's sanity. Melody took a sharp in take of breath, fist slamming down on all the low keys on the piano. I crossed the large room in an instance, putting my hands on her shoulders

"You ok?"

She nodded her teeth clenched tight, "Yep,just the usual the baby kicking too hard. I'm fine." she assured relaxing a bit.

               I let her shoulders go, and Melody sat easily on the piano bench, she spun around to face the keys and started playing 'Light On' by none other than David Cook. She began singing too, her gentile toned voice sounded strong singing the familiar lyrics perfect to the last word. The door opened behind us, I turned around to see Dylan coming in. He has the biggest and goofiest smile plastered on his face as he saw his significant other playing at the piano.

              Since Dylan had found out Melody was pregnant I'd seen a HUGE change in his personality. He and Ben started building the nursery the very next day! The colors for the nursery I thought would be an issue considering they decided they didn't want to know the sex of the baby before hand but not for them. It freaky seeing how much they are alike sometimes, so they decided on their favorite color--blue. Apparently all the wall had been painted a cheerful, calm blue, and a light creamy color. The same color blue is one I thought would be perfect for the color of their wedding should they ever decide to get married. Neither Mel or I had seen the finished nursery.

          Dylan shook his head from side to side, dragging his eyes away from the young woman he'd fallen head of heels for just a few short years ago. God I feel old!!

" Leyla, Ben is on the phone for you downstairs."

I grinned, "Okay, thanks Dylan. You going to be alright Mel?" I asked her turning back to the piano. She nodded while singing through the middle of the chorus. Dylan jogged past me as I walked out the door. Wondering what the heck he was doing I poked my head back into the room to see Dylan giving Melody a quick kiss on the cheek, and striding back to where I was a deep shade of red in his face. And the dorky smile is back too! Following him out of the room I rolled my eyes.

 Down in the kitchen I picked up the phone and put it to my ear.

"Hey, take long enough?" Ben chuckled.

"You know what? I've been here taking care of Melody, Dylan, and this not-even-born baby. You've probably been sitting at home playing vampire Uno with Clara." I laughed.

He gasped mockingly, "How did you know about Uno?"

"Lucky guess. Anyways, what's up?"

"Just wanted to say hi, talk to you, see how the parents-to-be are holding up. And to tell you we just got a fresh shipment of blood, I was going to bring you a late dinner."

"They are doing great, the baby is still kicking her too hard, but it should be any day now. I don't know how much more she can take. Dinner would be great! Melody's appetite has like tripled since three months ago, holy crap there is barely any blood around here." I said, suddenly really hungry.  

         Two cute little husky dogs came tearing into the kitchen from the back door, one was black and white, and the other gray and white. They started jumping on my legs, the girl (black and white) is named Lyric, and the boy (gray and white) is named Dago. Dylan and Mel got the dogs after they bought their house. The two dogs are the cutest things you could ever see! I began to pat them when I was reminded I was on the phone.

"Well, that's good and bad. I'll bring enough for everyone.."
"Okay sounds good. Dylan needs another guy around the house for a little while besides Dago."

"FUCK....DYLAN!!" Melody's scream came tearing through the house.

"Crap, Ben that dinner might be to go."

"What, what's wrong?" he asked panicked.

"I think Mel's having the baby now!" I nearly shrieked.

"Oh, okay call me on my cell if its a false alarm. I'll meet you at the hospital." the line went dead with a quick click.

"Leyla, we need the bags now!" Dylan demanded from the other side of the kitchen door. I took off through the kitchen, up the stairs and running into Melody and Dylan's room, grabbing the small black bag in the closet and speeding down to the living room.

         Dylan was leading Melody out the door, his arm around her waist. I ran in front of them shoving the bag in to the trunk of Dylan's old red mustang. He finally got her out of the door and was trying to rush her to the car, Melody had her hands clasped over her belly. I could see her clenching her teeth, and taking deep breaths through her nose. Dylan and I helped her get into the front seat, and I managed to climb over the to the back seat. Melody started taking deeper breaths through her mouth, and audibly wincing at the pain she was in. I looked out the windows of the car to see where exactly we were, only down town! He slowed the car down at a street light, one of the busiest streets in Powell River, that was still three blocks away from the hospital.

"Can you drive any slower!" I complained from the back seat of the mustang. "Seriously, this no time to be worrying about driving safety. She's going to pop this kid out right here and now if you don't hit the gas!" I exclaimed.

        Melody, next to me was panting, and trying to control her breathing. Dylan was in the front seat of his mustang driving like a grandmother! His girlfriend is in the middle of having a baby and he has to worry about stopping for traffic lights. Well, yeah they are a good idea to stop for to get to the hospital in one piece for those of us who are partly mortal but still, he didn't have to drive through a huge line up of them.

"I know what I'm doing. Only a few more seconds and the light will change." he growled at me," Hold on Mel." his tone completely changed to calm.

           The light changed to green, and Dylan quickly speed around the corner, taking a way that had way less traffic lights. I exhaled sharply, Melody was gripping my hand really tight, I was actually starting to lose feeling in it. Trying to help her calm down I started breathing along with her, but being as stubborn as she is Melody just gritted her teeth and shallowly breathed through her nose. Tough girl till the end, even in child birth. Jeese, she is massively stubborn!

"Melody, sweetie just breathe deeply, this shallow breathing isn't going to help anything, okay?"

She nodded, changing her breathing, her muscles loosened a bit in her shoulders. Melody placed a hand on her huge budging stomach, the baby was kicking furiously now, making her whole belly jump randomly.

"Only a little longer." Mel smiled through clenched teeth. The car swerved again, Dylan swore at another driver. I laughed, a little that's what he gets.

"Yeah, making messes, screaming, running around the house, and keeping you up late hours of the night and into the morning."

"Nah, it won't be that bad."she winced as her belly jumped again. "Might even be fun, none of us sleep much anyways so I think we'll be fine."

Dylan started driving like a mad man as Melody started groaning in pain. He was dodging all traffic, and avoiding every traffic light. We were about half a block away from the hospital, and Melody was holding back screams. She would start exploding if we didn't get her there now!

           Dylan drove quickly up the parking lot of the hospital and launched himself out the door. Melody's grip was getting tighter on my hand, and her face was getting even more red. The door of the mustang flew open, and Melody was dragging me out of the back seat with her as she moved into a wheel chair that Dylan was standing behind.As soon as she was in Mike wheeled her quickly into the hospital, started talking with a whole bunch of nurses in very abrupt, anxious tones, then he was wheeling her to the elevator. Footsteps where right behind us as I was dragging along besides Melody like a rag doll. When we were in the elevator, I saw Ben running after us, he looked really freaked.

"What's going on?" he yelled.

"Phone Cassie! She's having it now!" I exclaimed back as the doors closed.

       The ride up to the fourth floor of the hospital is really slow, well at least it seems like it is. Melody's somewhat controlled breathing, Dylan's tapping of his foot, worried glances down at her, and my hand was completely numb now.As soon as the doors opened Dylan flew out pushing Melody along, who was dragging me by the hand behind her. A nurse with blond hair that was pulled up into a pony tail, unhooked my hand from Melody's and managed to drag Dylan off the back of the wheel chair. Melody was rushed into a room, and the door was shut behind her, a piercing scream from the other side. I saw Dylan out of the corner of my eye about to take off running to see if it was her, which I knew it was, but he didn't need to go in there not right now. I grabbed his arm and held him back.

 A few minutes past, we heard no more screams coming from room 314, the one Melody was put in. Dylan started pacing and biting his lip. Ben showed up with Cassie, who was dragging along her daughter Maggie. He sat beside me, taking my hand.

"You alright?"

I nodded. "Will you go talk to Dylan please? He's kind of freaked right now, he needs a guy to talk to him." I choked out. 

"Yeah, of course. Are you sure you're fine?"

            I nodded again, and he kissed my forehead before he stood up and walked over to Dylan. Ben put a hand on his shoulder, and Mike jumped a little, then gave a little attempt at a smile. I went back to looking at the floor while Cassie tried to keep her young kids under control until James could get them.

           More minutes past still nothing, not a sound out of Mel's room. Mike finally stopped pacing and had sat down beside Ben and I, he was drinking a huge cup of coffee. The clock on the wall said 5:15 a.m. It has been 6 hours minutes since we got here! Shouldn't something be happening? A doctor and nurse came walking out of Melody's room, closing the door quickly behind them, Melody was screaming for something. The doctor walked right up to Dylan, introduced himself as Dr. Alexander.

"She is fully dilated now, so the baby will be along shortly. Which also means she has gone into full on labor now." he hesitated. "She is demanding for Dylan, which I can only assume is you," Dr.Alexander pointed at Dylan, he nodded. "And someone named Leyla?"

          My head shot up at my name, Dylan turned around quickly searching for my face. When he found me, his gaze was looking desperate. Like he didn't want to go in there alone, even if it was with me. I stood up, and walked up to Dylan and the doctor.

"That's me, if she wants us in there then, we'll go in."

          With a quick nod from the doctor, Dylan and I walked across the short hallway to room 314, Melody's room, the room where she is having her first baby. Where THEY are having their first baby. I smiled as I walked in, it was nothing I hadn't expected, she is lying on the bed, propped up, and a pair of stirrups at the end of the bed. Dylan was frozen at the doorway, I had to go back and get him, pulling him slowly over to her. Lucky for him Melody had probably thrown a blanket over herself, the massive baby belly stuck out in the middle of the blanket.  I walked to the other side of her bed, taking her hand again not as hard as she was when we first came---thank god. She smiled at me briefly before I nodded towards the stunned Dylan, he was just standing over her staring. Like it he couldn't move at all, he looked so freaked it wasn't even remotely funny.

"Get down here." Melody smiled and opened her arms for him. He still didn't move.

     She sat up and a gave him a hug around the waist, it looked like Dylan has just been zapped by something electrical, when he realized that she was hugging him, he hugged her back. He kissed the top of her head, at least he wasn't a zombie anymore.

"Better?" she asked still smiling when they finally broke the hug.

He nodded grinning slightly.

             We were in the room for about half an hour before she started having major contractions, and was given an epidural. Yeesh, was a huge needle! The doctor came in and told us we needed to get changed into scrubs quickly. Dylan and I did as we were told, got changed into the scrubs and went bravely back into the delivery room. I really don't want to go in to details what was going on in there after that. But there was a lot of screaming, from both Melody and Dylan. No one really made Dylan look to see what was happening, I just made him focus on her, which wasn't a very difficult job for him. Melody held his hand and mine a lot of the time, nearly snapping both of our wrists. There were massive threats and accusations thrown at Dylan, mostly from Melody, but a few from me.

            Finally at 6:45 a.m she was born, Krya Lynn Alexys, weighing at 7 pounds 9 ounces. She gave a little cry as the nurse took her.

     Melody lifted her sweat drenched forehead off her pillow to look up at Dylan, then at me.

"What is it?" she asked, exhausted.

I grinned at her, taking the baby wrapped in the soft pink blanket from the nurse carefully. "A girl Mel."

          She grinned right back reaching out for the baby, I handed her over to Melody, her eyes began to pour out pure, unconditional love towards the bundle. Dylan stared down at the little pink bundle too, his eyes doing the same as hers, being completely over come by the little thing in Melody's arms.

"Hi, Kyra." Melody muttered quietly. I walked around the end of the bed to stand beside Mike.

        Kyra is completely beautiful, even for a new born she has an unusually large amount of dark brown hair, her complexion a creamy pale color, with slightly rosy cheeks, her eyes stayed closed at she was form fitted around her mother. Mother...Melody is a mom now, holy, wonder how long that will take her to get used to? Dylan bent down and kissed Melody on the forehead, then he went back to looking at their daughter. He reached his hand out and trailed it along the pink blanket, as if to make sure she was even real. I left them to their new parent moment, and went back out into the waiting room, where Ben and Cassie waited for news, I started turning to the waiting room when the familiar voice called ever so quietly from behind me.

"So a girl huh?" he asked, kind of sad sounding. I spun around to see Ben standing on the other side of the door, leaning casually against the wall.

"Yeah, really beautiful baby, go in and see if you want. They're naming her Kyra Lynn Alexys. Cute eh?"

He nodded. "Very cute. I think I'd rather leave them to enjoy it by themselves though." he pushed off the wall and came to my side, kissing my cheek. "Cassie went home, Maggie wasn't feeling well, she doesn't like hospitals apparently." Ben wrapped an arm around my waist.

"I'll just phone her later. Make sure Maggie is okay too."

Ben's behavior seems a little off, like he is...mad? Or upset about something? What could have changed in that little bit of time that would change his attitude?

The End

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