Dylan's Home-Coming SurpriseMature

             My fingers drummed to an up-beat pattern on the kitchen table. I'd been doing it so long that my nails could be wearing a dent in the  mahagony colored wood. Why is this so nerve racking!? It shouldn't be, Dylan and I have talked about this happening before.

         Fuck I really don't  want to do this! I thought, somehow screaming mentally. Looking over at Leyla, she looks so calm, just staring at the window of the kitchen not  a care in the world, and here I am sweating buckets over this!

         As if the little thing growing inside me could hear my thoughts it kicked me lightly,  making the rest of my slightly extended belly do the wave. I rubbed my hand over the lump, it feels so different, like its all wrong and right at the  same time. And in a few weeks this baby will be here, whether Dylan wants it or not. Though over the span of our years  together we have  talked about having kids, names and all that other stuff but I thought it would be a few more years till I'd really have to deal with this. Like a few  years after I started teaching guitar more. I guess I can always do that from home for the last few weeks before this thing comes. I thought,  comtemplating the few options that I have.

         The baby continued to kick me gently while I sat, waiting for Dylan to come home.I was nearly bitting my lip off worrying. I continued to metally curse  at myself through the long minutes. Leyla reached over, putting an arm around my shoulders my guess attempting to comfort me. She'd been  really good through this whole thing. From when I first phoned her saying the exact lines we had practiced through highschool if this were to  happen, "Leyla/Melody....I love you." (We only have two options for why either of us would say that; one of us is engaged or one of us is  pregnant) she has been over here every fucking day helping me out. Lucky me, I'm the first to ever use that somewhat lame highschool code.  And that was like 3 to 4 weeks ago, now Mike is coming home from working over seas and is going to find out that I'm fucking pregnant.

"Calm down Mel, he's going to be fine. But that little bump in you isn't going to be if you keep stressing out like this." she laughed reasuringly.  "Come on, we've been talking about kids we might have since we were like 16, and you were fine with it then. You loved the idea, and so did  he." Leyla hesitated slightly, "Rephrase that, he still does think that way. Or atleast you haven't told me any different. All three of you will be  spectacular!"

 I smiled a little. Shit when Leyla starts speaking in italics you know that you are totally over reacting.

"But back then it was just the imagination of it. Now its all real," I said rubbing a hand across my belly again, "this is real, and holy shit kid  its...stressful. If he was here when I found out then maybe that would have been a little better but now he is coming home to it."

"True, but now what you had thought of back then is coming true. You seriously can't tell me your not excited for a cute little dark-haired, green  or brown eyed baby girl or boy to be bouncing around your house?" she beamed. Fuck, I hate her when she does this to me! When she like  sneaks into my head and can figure out what the heck I am feeling behind all of these worries.

I grinned, feeling my anxiety graually slip down to nothing, "Okay I am very excited for that. Like massively exstatic! I mean I have the names  picked out for either anyways, and Dylan gave his imput too. He seems to be okay with the ones we originally picked, though he did kind of  have an issue with the two middle name thing I like."

Leyla laughed, her head flying back. "Well too bad! You have to go through the pain of child birth, he can deal with two middle names!"

We both started laughing like mad women, giggling and hollaring at everything that came to our minds. Random little memories from years ago  where being screamed across the little space of the table. It was like we were teenagers again, thought we aren't much older then teenagers  we still should be acting our age. The laughter continued to echoe through the house, and the baby was doing massive dips, flips and kicks in  my stomach. My arm wrapped around my little lump trying to keep it settled.

"Melody? Mel, hunny? Where are you?" the all too frightening farmiliar voice said from towards the front door. My heart though usually fluttering  at top speeds, almost litterally stopped at the sound of his voice. Dylan was home, Leyla was here, and this baby is doing massive flips in me.  Fucking shit! I'm screwed! My stomach lurched, suddenly I felt light headed and very, very nauseous. Running to the bathroom, my hand over  my mouth, I threw up the rather vulgar traces of my breakfast, bacon, eggs, and a bit of blood I drank. A cold compress was put to my head as I spat  the remainder out of my mouth. Titling my head, looking past my bangs Leyla was standing over me, a worried, anxious look on her face.

"I'm okay. These vamp pregnancies are faster then humans, so all the lame symptoms come on sooner then normal. No worries, please, not  right now. Where is he?"

Leyla nodded, her face smoothing out, she was obviously a little comforted. "I heard him go up stairs, probably to check your music room. Do  you think you can do this?"

"Don't I have to, he is the now future dad and all. He should probably know before the kid randomly shows up and he's like ' What the hell?',  right?"

"Very right. Do you want me there or somewhere else?"she asked sounding a little awkward.

"Um, you can be around till I'm about to tell him okay?"

Leyla nodded, and we walked out of the bathroom back towards the kitchen.

           Faint footsteps where drifting through the house, I heard him  coming down the stairs. Quickly grabbing Leyla's sweater from off the back of the kitchen chair I threw it over my shoulders zipping it up at the  front trying to hide my slightly buldging belly. The swinging kitchen door swung in and Dylan stepped through smiling. I dropped my eyes,  starting to play with the spoon in my coffee. The lump kicked a little harder, I winced slightly at the pain. Hoping that Dylan didn't see that. I  looked up at Leyla, she saw it for sure, behind the thick wall of her dark hair she mouthed 'you okay?' I nodded slightly. Footsteps crossed  over the kitchen from behind me, he placed his hand over mine, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. Too afraid to meet his eyes I continued to  just stare at my cup untouched of coffee.

"How was your trip?" I asked quietly, my sides throat clenching tight together. Dylan pulled the chair out beside me, and sat down. From the corner of my eye I could see him smiling, almost grinning at me.

"It was amazing, long though. Nice to be home at least. Now I'm off for the next few weeks, time to relax get back to drumming."
Here for a few weeks? Fuck, I began to panic.

"Why don't you have to work for a while?" Leyla asked. I saw her bitting her lip slightly, and not like she usually does, but like she was freaking out.

"Taking time off, I've been working too much lately. I miss... a lot things when I'm not here. Some more then others." the smile I saw out of the corner of my eye grew bigger across his face.

              Groaning mentally I just wanted to slump down under the table and never come up again. The kid kicked me massively hard, making me double over from the sharp pain. Dylan's arms came around me, trying to get me to sit back from the table.

"Melody, are you okay?" he asked paniced and was on the brink of throwing a whole bunch of questions at me.

           I nodded meakily, biting my bottom lip as the baby played the drums in my stomach. My stomach lurched again, and I was darting for the bathroom again. Someone was running close on my heels, my head was too far in the toilet bowl to really see who.

         The cold cloth was at my forehead again, a glass of water being pushed towards me. I took the water and chugged it back, random slotches in my vision. Leyla was patting my back gently, I had no idea why. It wasn't till I looked up and saw Leyla sitting on her knees beside me, Dylan wide-eyed like a fish standing behind her, his hand grasping the door frame tightly as if he were about to fall over that I completely understood what she was doing. Though it may not be the really right time to think about this, especially with him looking so freaked, but holy shit! He has really nice arms when he flexes! I smiled a little.

"You okay?" Leyla whispered almost inaudible. I nodded, never taking my eyes off Dylan.

"What the hell is going on? Melody are you okay?" he rushed over putting his ice cold hand to my forehead.

I shot a quick glance at Leyla, she looked like she was nearly about to burst and tell him herself. I shook my head ferociously at her, she nodded, Dylan did a double take looking from me to her and back again.

"Leyla what are you doing here? What's wrong with her?"

She shrugged.

"If your not going to tell me, then leave cause I have to take her to the hospital, now!" he began to take me off the floor when the kid kicked again, harder then the first. I winced, taking in a sharp breathe as he threw me up into the incircle of his arms.

"Ow, no Dylan stop! Stop, fuck no hospital I'm fine!" I growled through clenched teeth. But he still carried me to the living room, the baby kicking away like a mad kid! I was extremely close to screaming.

"Dylan put her down! She doesn't need to go to the hospital! Just calm down for a few seconds and she'll explain!" Leyla pleaded following steadily on his heels.

           My head was pressed against Dylan's shoulder trying to muffle any little screams that may have escaped me, I could see her face getting midly irritated with his stubborness. He growled at her threateningly. It was freaking me out that he could have made such a menacing noise. The kid kicked my ribs hard and I screamed, Dylan haulted dead in his tracks, getting ready to just take off running to the hospital.

"Shut up the two of you and put me on the fucking couch now!" I wailed. 

       Dylan unwillingly complied. I began shushing my stomach, Leyla looked extremely worried, but she knew what I was doing, it wasn't too hard for her to guess. Dylan on the other hand looked at me like I was bloody fucking crazy! The harsh kicking stopped, and I exhaled.

"What was that all about? And no more shrugging and shaking heads at eachother. I want to know what's going on." he demanded with a surprisingly normal tone, looking back and forth between us to make sure we didn't start nodding at eachother again. Seeing  Mike's destress I had to give in.

"Hey Leyla?"

She over at my face instead of at my stomach, and Dylan.

"Can you uh...go get me some water from the kitchen please?"

Thankfully she got the hint, "Yeah sure." she got up and walked through the swinging door.

"Mel, what's up?" Dylan looked at me with his emerald green eyes, with the most worried look in his eyes. Fuck! Damn these fucking eyes!

"I'm..uh....uh...," I studdered. Fuck say it now! "I'm pregnant Dylan."

My eyes shut for an excrutiatingly long moment and Dylan said nothing. I opened my eyes too look at him, he was sitting with one hand placed behind him, his legs curled up in front of him, like he'd fallen backward from a crouch and never fixed his position.  I sat up swinging my legs off the couch, to sit right in front of him, staring at his wide-eyed, blank stare.

"Dylan, are you okay?"

He shook his head from side to side quickly, I could see his eyes coming back to the present. "Is it mine?" he asked timidly.

I scoffed, "Of course!"

          The baby kicked again, but a little nudge now. My hand dropped from Dylan's knee to my stomach, I couldn't help but smile. Dylan sat up from his position, crouching again in front of me. He put his arms on my shoulders tightly, making me square in front of him. I looked up from my belly and looked at him.

"You're sure about this?"

"Hell yeah I'm sure. This kid kicks all the time. I don't think blood could do that." I laughed.

     He smiled crookidly, staring at my stomach, Dylan looked dazzled. I looked down to also marvel at the little bump, then realized quickly it was covered by Leyla's sweater. Unzipping the front, I pulled it off. Dylan's eyes widened at the lump.

"Holy crap!" his jaw dropped open, like I hadn't even told him that I was pregnant. Or maybe, just he maybe never thought it could be as big as it definately is, which so isn't even that huge yet.

I shook my head, rolling my eyes. "Thanks."

He immediatly figured out his mistake." No, no, no I didn't mean it like that! Its just that...wow...big change from a few weeks ago."

"Just a little." I smiled. He kept looking from my face to my stomach and back again, a huge grin growing on his face. Sitting there watching the change in his face was...amusing to watch. I couldn't help but laughing, he looked up at me.

"You said it kicks now?"

"Yeah, all the time." I shrugged.

"Since when? I want to know how much I missed."

"Not that long, just late last night it started. It woke me up, Leyla had to come in, because I started freaking out." I laughed. He looked at my belly again.

"Can I?" he asked, his cheeks flushing a bit.

"Go for it." I grinned.

       He placed a hand on my stomach, still grinning from ear to ear. It was so huge his little trace of fangs where pulling over his bottom lip. We sat there for a few mintues waiting for the thing growing inside me to kick, move or something and nothing. Dylan's smile slipped into a heart broken looking grimace.

"It usually does something when I talk. Talk to me." I suggested. 

       Dylan looked at me momentarily like I had gone insane, but he kept his hand there and talked about nothing specific. The baby moved, it started kicking, flipping and dipping again just like it did when Mike first came home. Both of us grinned,

"That's...amazing!" his eyes looked totally dazed.

"Mhm." I smiled. My eyes met his, emerald green looking into pale green/gray eyes. He took his hand away and he pulled me in the circle of his arms into a loving hug. I wrapped my own around him gently.

"So how long until we're going to start being called mommy and daddy?" he said laughing by my ear.

"5 more months, you sure you're up for this?"

He pulled back looking clearly bewildered, "Of course! Completely ready!" he exclaimed. He put his forehead to mine, his breathe on my lips.

"Here's your water Melo---" Leyla walked through the kitchen door, skidding to a stop where she was. "Sorry, I'm just going to uh, go back into the kitchen. Please continue." she walked backwards through the swinging door.

I laughed, Dylan sighed. "You know, your going to have to explain to me why exactly she is here anyways."

"Easy she's a great help when you have no idea what your doing."

"I think we can figure it out from here on out now." he smiled a bit.

" I think so." I smiled. The baby kicked again, just a light little nudge. Dylan pressed his lips softly to mine. Only a few more months and something new will be here. I thought smiling internally at the thought of the baby.

The End

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