Chapter One


The morning sung shone through my window that morning, Glowing golden light filled the room with beauty and delight. I loved summer mornings. I sighed, forgetting about the nightmares and the past for once, just staring out the window. My sight went straight past the rock, not taking it in on purpose.

I sighed again, smiling as I put in a pair of blue earphones. I played a song by one of my favourite bands, Evanescence. I walked out of my room, dressed in a pair of dark skinny jeans and a hoodie on top. I had used vampire speed to get changed and washed.

I was eighteen in human years, and I could feel the maturity in me grow, somehow. I smiled as I walked down the corridor towards the lift that went down to the bottom floor, which was inside a cave. I knew where I was heading, and I couldn’t get there fast enough.

“Hey, Darren,” I heard Emma say as she walked gracefully up to me. I nodded,

“Hello, Emma. How’re you?” I asked, still grinning. She smiled as well,

“I’m fine, thanks. You seem happy. What happened?” she asked jokingly. I rolled my eyes.

“Ha-ha. I’m going to the other cave.” I replied. The other cave; the place that my new mentor had built for me; the place that looked just like my old house at home. Before mum died…

I wasn’t going to keep thinking about my mum, but it was hard to do. It had almost been a year since her death, but I still wasn’t over it. I hated that she died, and I despised Fraser for doing it. My happy mood wavered for a moment, but I forgot about the bad thoughts, and was just happy as I almost ran toward the hidden door that I was heading for.

I pulled away a cluster of knotted leaves that were twisting and winding around each other. As I pulled them away, I carefully opened the tiny hidden door in the cave. It was just about big enough to fit me, even though I had grown at least three inches since I was last there. I did have to duck a bit, though.

As soon as I stepped foot in the hidden house, I closed my eyes and breathed in. It was a heavenly scent; one I hadn’t smelt in ages. Mum…

I kept my eyes closed as I almost glided dreamily to the settee. I slumped down on it, and turned the T.V. on. I was trying to remember only the good memories about my mum, and forgetting the bad ones. I loved her, and still did. The telly was on, but I wasn’t watching it. I was too busy breathing in my mother’s sweet scent.

Suddenly, there was a noise from the kitchen.

Ninja mode…

The End

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