Dying Is Just a Façade

The sequel to 'The Darker Side Of Light'.
Darren is being haunted by a presence that won't leave him alone, and he knows who it is; the person he dreams about every night since he killed him.
He doesn't know if Fraser is back or not, but he doesn't want to wait around to find out.



It started with a dream. Though I knew it was a dream, it was still very vivid, and could’ve been real. The blades of grass below me glowed silver in the moonlight, enhancing the beauty of the meadow I was lying in. I looked up at the stars that were dotted in the black night sky, completely blessed and happy.

A sigh escaped my lips as I closed my eyes, willing my brain to let out every thought, and for me to just be.

But I knew it was impossible.

A crashing sound erupted from behind me, sparking fear inside me; my bones tingling, ready for a fight. I snarled, in full vampire mode. My eye twitched as I moved my eyes carefully over the meadow, looking past the trees that started the beginning of the gloomy forest, full of mist and dreariness.

I closed my eyes in concentration, hoping to hear my pursuers. I listened closely to every sound; every squirrel picking up acorns from the ground in the forest; the sound of the wind blowing through the grass, whistling slightly. My long hair blew over my face, but I was too concentrated to sweep it off. I didn’t need to, anyway; my eyes were closed, so I didn’t need to see.

If it was that quiet, then I knew what this thing was. A vampire.

“Well hello, Darren.” A voice said happily and excitedly. I’d know that voice anywhere.



I awoke with a gasp. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming anymore, or if it was real life. I looked outside the window to the biggest rock I could see. There was still blood stained onto it. Fraser’s blood.

He was dead! We buried him, so he couldn’t be alive. It was just a dream.

Or was it?

The End

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