The blue Fairy flew from violet to violet spreading her pixie dust around making the flowers bloom in excitment. Dusty was in a rush. Spring was coming soon and she had slept through the winter a week too long.

The grass had already melted off, the trees had their first buds and the birds were already singing thier spring song, mother earth was coming to do her inspection tomorrow and she is going to be very dissapointed with dusty if she didn't finish her job of making the violets spring to life.

Still giving each flower a dose of pixie dust, she began to think about what might  the reason be for why she was so tired. nothing accured to her mind. "I didn't have a sleep over with Amy in the fall" Dusty thought to herself.

Dusty sat on a mushroom to take a rest, soon she began to get tired again. Dusty was now laying down with her eyes closing slowly. Once again Dusty had gone to sleep for a long time.

The End

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