Chapter Two

It had been years since the night when Victor first met Rosaline. At the time she was only eleven and had been eavesdropping on the boys with her friends. Those eyes that were so familiar were the same as Rosaline’s brother, Damien, who had been there on that evening. It was hard to remember what they had been talking about, but Victor had spent the next half hour talking to her outside the boys room. They only saw each other a few times after that and even then it was only for a few minutes. Victor hung out with Damien even after they left Asterisk. Sadly Damien had died about five years ago and he hadn’t seen Rosaline since.

“What do you know?” Victor repeated. She still looked in shock about having her name spoken by him. “More than you think I do.” Before she could finish someone fell onto Victor. “Terribly sorry Sir.” When he had gone Rosaline continued “We need to go somewhere quieter, it’s important.” Seconds later they had vanished from the village and the two wizards appeared in a small pub. “I know that you received a letter in the square. Well I was the one that put it in your pocket before I disappeared. I wasn’t the one that wrote it, I was only a messenger,” Rosaline looked up at Victor as he was about to speak, “Don’t even ask me who wrote it,  it’s not my place to say.”

“I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do. I know all of these people and the spells are ones they invented. We spent hours trying to learn them, or in Damien’s case, make them. How is this meant to help me though?”
“Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“The Bellamy Orb.” Victor whispered the words as if they were a secret never to be told. “How could I have been so stupid? This is perfect!”

“But how is a Bellamy Orb going to help us?”

“A Bellamy Orb can tell you where people are, well unless they’ve put a charm on themselves... but either way the others might know.” A smile lit up both of the wizards faces as they stared intensely at the magical Orb. “Who do we start with then?”

“Claire Delfino.” Victor touched the orb and spun it between his fingers as the colour changed. It clouded over and revealed a small picture of a church. “It says Netherfield on the door, is that anywhere nearby?” Rosaline asked            . “Well it’s not close enough. It will take about a day by the road. Transport spells are too risky, especially when we don’t know exactly where we’re going.” Victor answered her in a grim voice. “I’ll go find a taxi then-“

“Don’t worry, we can take my broom.” The broom flew through the open doors of the pub and stopped beside Victor. “Come on then, what are you waiting for?”

The End

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