Chapter One

The long awaited annual Rosburgh Ball had come around again. The village square was decorated with twinkling lights that dangled from houses and street lamps. Everyone was dancing to the country band as their cheery music could be heard from miles away. Victor made his way through the crowd of dancers, with a wand hidden up his sleeve  and shoulders tensed up to his ears. His duffle coat was pulled tightly around his neck and his eyes darted around the scene in front of him. It was the most uptight that he’d been in years, but Victor was sure something would happen. There was that feel to the air, the feeling of uncertainty. Someone brushed past him and Victor turned quickly. He turned too quickly and nearly crashed into the Wheeler’s, his late mothers friends. “Oh Victor! Going somewhere are you? I just wanted a word with you..” Mrs Wheeler babbled on. There was something in his pocket, a piece of paper that he felt with his fingers. “Of course Mrs Wheeler, but I’m sorry, there’s something I need to do.”

“Oh. Well never mind Victor dear, maybe another time.” He didn’t wait any longer and shoved his way back across the dance floor. Wizards and Witches twirled around him as they continued their dance. The music was getting louder and louder as the musicians strummed faster. It was all too much for him until Victor was hit by a wall of silence. He’d somehow stumbled into the Town Hall’s reception. It was always open on this night and the village people were stood in small groups, laughing and drinking to celebrate the Ball. His hands were shaking as he fumbled clumsily with the note until it finally opened. It looked old and was probably written a long time ago. The words appeared, letter by letter, as the message wrote itself. When Victor had finished reading it, a shape started to form on the paper. It grew bigger as the paper morphed to the shape of it and became a sphere. When it had finished he pulled the orb out of the creased note and fingered it. The colour clouded away and it became transparent. “A Bellamy Orb.” The words were spoken so quietly that even Victor couldn’t hear them but he still had to check no one was looking. The message had left him speechless and even more confused. There was barely anything written on it but it was still as powerful as ever. Only five names. Five names that meant so much to Victor Blackman.

He looked back up at the groups of wizards that surrounded him. It took Victor a while to notice the woman watching him from across the room. There was something familiar about her, as if he’d seen her in a dream a long time ago. He avoided her gaze as she started to approach him and he acted as if he hadn’t noticed her. Instead of coming up to him though, she turned away and marched out the main doors of Town Hall. When he went to follow her, it was a failed attempt. The mysterious girl was nowhere to be seen. Crowds of dancers had filled the streets as the party continued through the night. About to give up before diving into the festival, Victor gave one last look and noticed it. Bobbing in and out of the crowd was her head of golden curls, topped off with a purple hood. “Remento.” The wand hidden up his jacket sleeve was held firmly in his hand as he uttered the transport spell. Seconds later Victor appeared across the square and in front of his target. “What do you know Rosaline?” He remembered her name from when they first met.

The End

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