Dustland Mysteries

In a world of Wizards and magic, Victor Blackman receives a mysterious note with the names of his old friends on it. The task is unknown even to him and with the help of Rosaline Grey, will he be able to solve the puzzle left to him? And what is the secret Matthew is keeping to himself?


People screamed as more explosions were set off. The buildings of the small town were hacked to pieces by men dressed in black. Their veils covered their faces as they set their wands on the church. Fires raged everywhere, as far as the eye could see, whilst the villagers were abandoned and left to save themselves. In the middle of the chaos stood alone man, who took in all that was happening around him. Surprisingly he didn’t turn and fight like others did. Instead he turned his eyes up to the night sky and his face froze in terror. It was too late for all of them. Even the stars that had once been above them had fled. It was at this point when the old man woke up from his nightmare and checked his window. The village of Rosburgh was still intact with nobody about. The stars still shone their magical shine and no screams could be heard. Something still had to be done though, Howard knew that because this wasn’t any other dream. This would happen unless he put a stop to it. He knew who to talk to, he had seen them in his nightmare. Victor Blackman was the lone figure in his dream, and Howard knew just how to find him.

The End

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