The Adventure Begins

Geoffrey would never forget the Spring Clean of ‘06, the day his colony was nearly destroyed by the Noisy Suck Machine. The day he rose above the other Dustlings and became a Hero.

Geoffrey had known something Bad was about to happen but the older dustbunnies dismissed his concerns because he was too young to be taken seriously. Their condescending tones turned his ears red with anger. Yes, dustbunnies have ears as well; you couldn’t really call them bunnies otherwise, you know.

“We go through this every year,” George, his imposing father, had told him. “We’re safe here; the Machine never reaches this far under the Sealy Roof. Go back to playing with your friends - but stay away from the Nike Building!”

“Don’t you worry your little bunny head over such things,” his aunt Gertrude had said, puffing herself up to her full diameter. “We, your trusted Dustbutantes, have made our colony secure! Our walls will never be breached, not by Machine and certainly not by the Giant Two Legger!”

“Leave the Big Problems to us Big Bunnies,” his cousin Jessie had said with a sneer. Geoffrey and his pals liked to call him Messy Jessie because, even for a dustbunny, he really was quite filthy. Dustbunnies have standards of cleanliness too, you see. “Why don’t you go play your new board game with your annoying little friends. What is it called again… oh right, Dustopoly.”

But Geoffrey knew better. There was something different this time: a new Giant with a new voice had recently arrived, one that was more stern and determined. He couldn’t understand her words but there was something deeply sinister about the way she declared: “I simply cannot and will not reside in this pigsty!”

When the Noisy Suck Machine rumbled to life shortly afterward, Geoffrey knew real fear for the first time in his short life.

The End

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