I Didnt Look BackMature

"The door!" I shouted down the phone, "You know the door!"
"What? What door?" my neighbour replied.
"You know, the door into the 'other' demention! I dunno maybe the door i walked through!" I said heavy on the sarcasm
"Oh don't worry! Its fine, all locked and sealed, you made me worry." his young voice replied.
Whats to be worried about?
I hung up and ran quickly, across the farm, I saw what i was looking for almost immediatly, the demon i had been sent to kill, they were stupid i swear.
I think i recognised this one Dysme or something, apparantly she had killed sixteen bounty hunters. I could handle her easy.
She roared peircingly and i frowned, she really was hideous, her skin was green and she was atleast six feet tall, she had a horn growing out of the top of her head, and others down her back. She was in a old cotten brown dress that barley covered her, and her hair was jet black, greasy but long.
She hissed and her long tounge streched out of her mouth, lucklily i knew most of her attacks and i knew how strong she was, i really should call for help but, that would ruin my fun wouldnt it?
She curled up into a ball and rolled toward me. crap she was fast. I only managed to jump our of her way, but by then i had managed to grab my sword and but the second roll i had given her a near fatal blow on her left side, she hissed again.
I held my sword to her neck and hinted for her to get up, she didnt, she just sat there defiently.
"Get up!" I shouted at her, she was panting like she had just done a marathon. "Now!".
A sound came wizzing from behind me and i ducked instictively, it was a dagger. The beast screamed as it sliced her ear clean of. I spun around.
"You jerk you could have killed me!" I shouted, i realised it was the annoying guy who was always assigned to my team, i work solo so it didnt suit my style.
"You should take that back." He said annoyingly calm.
"Jeeze, your so annoying." i said, then i heard the beast fall and turned back.
"Daren!" I said to the other tag along "The brief was alive you idiot!"
He didnt seem to care and lifted the carcass of the floor, i rolled my eyes and whistled,Kione followed me, i guess he rolled his eyes as well.
I expected him to follow but he didnt.
"What is it now?" i asked
"What do we do with it?" He asked, i didnt get the question so i turned around, he was pointing at the half ear of the demon lying on the floor. I gingerly picked it up, the earring was gold but not worth carring, but i decided to have some revenge, i took the earing of and held it in the palm of my hand and threw the ear back to him.
"Well the brief did say all of her." i said, trying to hide my smile at his disgust. "and, since you cut it off you can hold it."
He huffed and went on walking, i lifted up the earing, took one more look at it and threw it over my shoulder and i didnt look back.

The End

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