Dust in the midnight hourMature

Umm kind of randomness about a school girl discovering the monsterous past, including demons and betrayals etc.

"The door!" I shouted down the phone, "You know the door!"
"What? What door?" my neighbour replied.
"You know, the door at the front of my house! I dunno maybe the door i walk through!" I said heavy on the sarcasm.
"Oh right, i'll make sure its shut for you then, you really worried me." his old voice croaked.
Whats to be worried about?
I hung up and ran quickly into the school, my school, though I had never liked it. It was far too, formal, not enough, um life? The school was full of the living dead, not literally because that would have been fun, but kids so restrained by rules and commands to even resemble normal people.
They shuffled lifelessly past me as i ran to my form room, i may have hated rules but what i hated even more was what happened when i broke them, i mean an hours detention is far, far worse than making a stand to the 'man'.
I slumped down in my seat at the back of the class and started drawing almost immediatly, I hated it here so much, I hadnt learned anything and i was always bored, and there was no body to talk to they were all busy studying. Most of them didnt even know the meaning of the word fun.
Near the end of the form time i became bored of my scibbling and glanced out of the window, all i could see was the schools grass land and the surrounding buildings, but something caught my attention, it glittered in the middle of the field.
Here it was always grey, i hadnt seen the sun for atleast six months so i guess no one would have noticed the little glittering object.
It was near the wooden storage outhouse thing and it just seemed to be sitting there, what a strange place to leave something like that.
I wasnt sure how long i stared at that one spot but the last fifteen minuets of the lesson must have flown by because the bell clattered for next lesson making me jump. The bell was one of those old machanic ones and was the most life you ever got out of this school.
Next lesson was supposed to be gym but i was really interested by the shining object so i decided to skip class, not like they wouldnt notice but i didnt care.
I followed the huddle of people sheep down the stairs and snuck out of the side doors, i decided to make a run for it, i ran acoss the gravel flooring and didnt stop to look around until i was safly on the grass leaning against the big wooden store cuoboard that was out here.
I could see the glittering object and walked slowly over to it, it shone like a star in the dewy grass and i reached out to pick it up. It seemed to be calling to me. I held it in my hand, it seemed to be a golden earing, like big hoop ones, it looked old and boy was it heavy. I put it in my pocket quickly.
Just then i heard a voice behind me.
"Sadie Senka?"
oh crap, it was the head teacher.

The End

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