Chapter 30

“What are you saying?” I ask.

            “There are others here with me.” Sabrina says, “They don’t know about you, I sneak off into the city when I can.”  It can’t be true have we finally done it, are we really this close to finding the very people we have sought, have we already found one.

            “Can you take us to them?” I ask.

            “I will have to talk with them first, but I think they will want to meet with you.” Sabrina says.

            “Ok, when and where do you want to meet up?” I ask.

            “On the far east side of the city there is an old gas station, we will meet there this afternoon.” Sabrina says.  Quickly she snatches several more pieces of meat and fades into the morning snow.  We stare at each other in silence, no one daring to speak for fear it might all be a dream. 

Finally someone has to say something, “Talk about dumb luck.” Velvet says.

“Well I always said that we had plenty off.” Fiona says.

“Ok, we should get packed up and move out.” I say, “We need to be cautious about this, and the best way I can see to do that is get there before the others.”  Packing as quickly as we can our group is ready to move in minutes.  Before we know it we are on the road and heading towards the Gas Station.

“So do you really think they are going to help us?” Velvet asks, “Or is she setting us up.”

“No, she has had more than plenty of opportunities to set us up, to kill us.” I say, “I don’t think she means us harm.”

“Well she might not mean us harm, but what about the others.” Fiona says.

“That is what I am worried about.” I say.  After several hours of walking we finally arrive at the Gas Station, it is similar to the building I stayed in the very first night Fiona, Velvet and I spent in the Wastes, which seems eons ago.  Things were simpler back then, but looking back I am glad to have pushed forward, I wouldn’t have what I do today if I didn’t.

“I could take up a position there.” Theodore says, “Probably won’t expect an old timer like me to be hiding.”

“No, Sabrina knows there are four of us.” I say, “We should play this one as open as possible, if they want to attack; chances are there is nothing we can do.”

“I agree, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take up defensive positions.’ Fiona says.

“Ok, where do we stand our best chance?” I ask.

“Inside, we can hold for a while in there if all they have is small arms fire.” Fiona says.

Taking our places we wait for hours, finally as the night starts to fall Sabrina can be seen, “It’s about time, I was starting to think she wasn’t going to show.” Velvet says.  She appears from the woods, alone.  Our rifles remain fixed not on her, but the woods behind her, if the others have come, that is where they are.  It takes several minutes before Sabrina enters the building.

“They will meet with you.” Sabrina says, “But only two and no weapons.”

“I don’t like this.” Velvet says, “We should just move on.”

“No, we have to talk with them.” Fiona says, “I don’t like it either, but we don’t have much choice.”

“Ok, Fiona and I will go, but we will only meet them if they come out in the open, no weapons either.” I say.  Sabrina thinks for a moment looking back towards the woods several times.

“I think they will agree to that.” Sabrina says.  Following her out into the open without a weapon I find my hear racing.  There is not telling what will happen next, everything comes down to this moment.  We have spent over a month searching for these very people, hopefully the stories are true.

“If this goes bad we probably won’t get out alive.” I say.

“It’s ok, together right.” Fiona says with a smile.  Sabrina turns her head to face us; she smirks slightly before turning her attention back to the woods.

“This is as far as we go.” I say, “You come out to meet us.”  There is a long pause, finally a men exit the woods and make their way towards us.  Their clothing is similar to Sabrina’s only it is clear they are men by that stature.  The tension in the air is thick enough to cut with a knife.  As the men get closer Sabrina turns to face us establishing the lines of negotiation, it is also a sign of good faith, she is placing herself between us and their potential line of fire.

“The little one here says you wish to talk to us.” The man says.

“Yes, how much has she told you?” I ask.

“We know you claim to be enemies of the Brotherhood.” He says, “If this is true then we are friends.”

“Well then, we are friends.” I say extending my hand.

“Good, then if you really mean us no harm have you men lower their weapons, I will do the same.”  He says.  Turning back towards Velvet and Theodore and motion for them to come out their weapons lowered.  As I once again turn my attention towards the woods I watch as about a dozen men exit, all have weapons.

“It’s getting dark, we should move inside. I say.

“Agreed and I understand you have meat.” He says.

“Had meat, someone ate it all.” Velvet says staring Sabrina down.

Moving into the building we set camp, it is strange to have such a large number of people, to be honest I have gotten use to having such a small group, but we left Eden to find allies, we cannot stay small forever.

“We have heard rumors of rebelling in the Wastes and Eden, were you apart of that.” He says.

“Not only were we involved.” Velvet says, “Let me introduce you to the rebel leader himself, I give you Commander Quinn.”  Sabrina rises from her seat, a look of shock upon her face.

“Did you say Quinn, as in Riley Quinn?” Sabrina asks amongst whispers.   

“Yeah, that’s me, how do you know who I am.” I say.

“I don’t believe it, we have heard a lot about you, and everyone was told you died.” The man says.

“What is going on, someone better explain.” I say.

“If it is true, that you are who you say and an enemy of Eden, you need to come with us.” The man says.  My mind is racing, there are so many questions, and how do they know who I am, is it possible that my actions have spread.

“Fine, but answer this, who are you?” I ask.

The man rises, “We are your brothers in arms against the Brotherhood.”  Despite all the questions I have I am filled with a sense of fulfillment.  After everything, after everyone that has died, we have finally finished out mission.  It seems so long ago when I last walked the Wastes, alone trying to survive.  There was nothing than, no future, no hope, now as I look across the room I am surrounded by friends, my eyes stop on Fiona, by those I love.  I was born in Eden, it is my home and I will return, I will return to finish what my father started, what I continue today.  When I return I will give the people the hope I never had, I will give them freedom.






The End

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