Chapter 23

            “So this is the place?” I ask.  The building is much like the one from the previous night, except people are scattered about eating there dinner, there is not party, this place is designed for the sole purpose of eating out.

            “Yeah, it’s called a restaurant.” Cara says and then leans into kiss my cheek.  Whispering in my ear she goes on, “I told Sebastian and Guy to pretend they were here on personal business.  Once we run into them I will insist they join, us, pretend you don’t want to, but give in to make me happy.”

            Placing my hand around Cara waist I stay into her eyes a moment, her eyes are the deepest shade of blue, the kind of eyes once could fall in to and never return, “Shall we head in?” I ask.

            “Lead the way.” Cara says.  People watch as we enter they want to see us, overnight I have gone from a starving Wastelander to a celebrity hero.  I wonder what everyone would think if they knew the truth, we they revolt, or would the kill me for letting them believe in me.  There is a man who greets us at the door; leading us to our table he talks about how it is an honor to have such esteemed guests, I could care less I watch for signs that Kazimir has sent someone to follow us.  There is no one; it seems Kazimir has decided to play this one as close to the orders of Davidson as possible, guess he doesn’t like being the one against the fence. 

            Our table is small designed only for two, sitting there wondering how we are all going to fit around this thing I don’t even notice Sebastian and Guy approach, Hello Mr. Quinn, how are you this fine evening.” Guy asks.

            “Obviously he is good you fool how anyone could not be in the company of such a rare beauty.” Sebastian says.

            “Well you don’t have to insult my intelligence.” Guy says.  These guys are good, not even Kazimir would guess this was arranged.

            “Representatives they always bicker amongst themselves clueless of others around them.” Cara says, “How about you join us, I mean since we are all here.”

            “I don’t know I was kind of hoping to spend the night out with you.” I say, “I mean with everything going on we hardly get any time to ourselves.”

            “I agree.” Sebastian says, “We don’t want to impose.”

            “Don’t be silly, I would enjoy the company.” Cara says.

            “What my company is not good enough.” I say.  Cara immediately gives me a dirty look; I guess I was getting a little carried away there, “Please join us, two is dinner four is a party right.”  Wow, this was extremely lame, but if it works it works.  Within minutes the wait staff has set and moves us all to a bigger table.

            “So tell me, what brings you two out tonight?” Sebastian asks.

            “Just figured Riley and I could use a night on the town, spend some time together going over our plans for the future.” Cara says.

            “Really, what kind of plans are we talking here?” Guy asks.

            “You would have to ask Riley about the plans, after all they are his.” Cara says.

            “Well then, go on.” Guy says.  Checking one last time I search the area, there is no one that stands out.  Kazimir probably intended to have someone follow me, but due to the unexpected issue of having to explain his recent kind hearted actions to Davidson didn’t have the time.  Still I try to speak only loud enough for us to hear.

            “Ok, there have been some changes from what I told Cara last night, something’s having happened that we can use to our advantage.” I say.

            “What do you mean?” Cara says, “I thought you were going to kill Davidson?”

“Not exactly, it seems that Kazimir has recently made some donations that Davidson has come to question,  a few more of actions along those lines who knows what will happen.  On top of that I have good reason to believe that Kazimir is planning to overthrow the chancellor.” I say.

            “Interesting, but how does that help us exactly.” Sebastian says.

            “We do the exact same thing Kazimir did to my father; we work with him, and then betray him.” I say.

            “Wait, are you going to try and pull off what I think you are.” Sebastian says, “You're going to make him into a rebel for the people, this I gotta see.”

            “Exactly, only he won’t realize that, Kazimir will think he is simply taking control of the government.” I say, “Once Davidson finds out he will execute him.”

            “Then it ties back into your original plan, the people will revolt when Davidson kills Kazimir.” Cara says, “Especially if we let it slip that it was Davidson that killed your father for the exact same reason.”

            “Throw Riley in the mix and we have a full scale rebellion on our hands.” Sebastian says.  My mind is racing can we actually pull this off, Kazimir was right, I was walking a very thin line, but if I manage to stay on top of it, in the end we will pull off something truly amazing, something even my father would be proud of.  We cheer to the plan, and to me, to the people of Eden I am hope, I am the hope of  a new future.  However, there is a sick feeling deep down inside me, I was the hope of a people who fought for a new day before.  Like the people I found long ago in the ruins of Seattle their hopes and dreams died out while I sit here drinking wine, while Fiona sits in a cell.  Alone with no one in the world, except her hatred, her hatred towards me, the only person she truly trusted.  I deserve her hatred; I should have never agreed to work with Kazimir.  Fiona and I were both prepared to die back in Haven, what makes now any different.  No there are too many people dependent on me, Fiona and I promised we would stick together through it all; I need to clear my head once I get the chance I need to get some time alone, just myself. 

            Heading back to the estate Cara can sense there is something wrong, my body may be present, but my mind is not, “You ok, you have been awfully quite?” Cara asks.

            “Oh, just thinking that is all.” I say, “Am I making the right choice here.”

            “What do you mean? Cara asks, “You talking about the plan.”

            “No, yeah, everything.” I say, “I sometimes wonder if I should have stayed in the Wastes, were I belong, instead of getting involved the way I did.”

            “No true leader want to be a leader, they just are.” Cara says.

            I never wanted any of this.” I say, “This isn’t who I am.”

 “There is nothing you could have done; this fate would have found you eventually.”  My attention turns to Cara, “You can’t run from who you are, eventually everything catches up to you.”

            “I don’t believe in destiny.” I say, “Your life is your own.”

            “Then why are you still here?” Cara asks, “You could have left at any moment.  Do you really owe Fiona or use anything.”

            “Because I made a promise long ago.” I say, “I not because I want to, but because if I don’t who else will.”

            “That is why everyone loves you.” Cara says, “You fight because you have to, you would fight fate it’s self if you could save the people you care about.”  Shifting my attention I look upon Eden, the city is vast, like nothing I have seen before.  This place is so perfect, yet it holds great evil.  Trying to understand how people can live their lives like this while others in the world suffer only infuriates me.  Still there are those who wish to change things, who wish to make it better.  Is Cara right, do I fight because it is what I have to do, because it is the right thing to do.  I promised I would watch after Fiona, in the end I guess that is what a leader is, someone who does what they have to despite what they want.

            Pulling into the estate we find Kazimir waiting, “You are late, oh well; I guess as long as you had a good time all is well.” Kazimir says, “Shall we have our little chat.”  Leaving Cara behind Kazimir and I sit in the back of the car staring back at one another.  Across from me now sits the man who has ruined my life, he killed my family and destroyed my home.  It would be so easy for me to finish it right here right now, if only Fiona was safe, “So what are you planning, don’t take me for a fool.”

            “Ok, here it is.” I say, “It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what you are planning.”

            “Do tell this should be good.” Kazimir says.

            “Your planning to gain control of Eden, here is what I propose.” I say, “I will help you.

            “You are smarter then you look, but why would you help me.” Kazimir says, “Oh, I know, you want Fiona.”

            “Once you take power I will take Fiona and leave.” I say.

            “I am not too keen on that idea, I mean what guarantee is there you will never return, or who knows maybe you are planning to betray me to Davidson.” Kazimir says a wicked smile upon his face, “Like me it doesn’t take a genius to figure you out either.”  Kazimir leans forward in his seat, “What you don’t know is I have Fiona, not Davidson, betray me and lose her forever.”  Did he hear everything we were talking about?

            “Guess I have no choice then, if I am going to help you on this, I am going to need some room to operate.” I say.

            “What do you have in mind?” Kazimir asks.

            “First things first, I want to see Fiona, I don’t care if she doesn’t want to come, bring her.” I say.  My body jerks forward slightly as the car comes to a stop out the window the lights of the estate shine in the distance, “Once I have seen her, seen that she is ok, I will tell you what I have in mind.”

            “I will have her in the morning.” Kazimir says.  Getting out of the car I head back into the estate, Dyami and Cara are already waiting for me in the study.  Entering the room they both stand eager to learn what has happened.

            “Cara, can you check on the others, see if they are ok, is so the need to come here now.” I say.

            “What are you talking about?” Cara asks, “What happened.”

            “You need to trust me on this, but first go see if they are ok.” I say.  Cara quickly leaves the room.  Pacing the room I can feel my leg starting to get sore from the constant movement, but I welcome them pain, anything to distract me from waiting.  Dyami takes to reading some of the books within the study, never more than a few minutes on each one.  I honestly don’t believe that boy can ever sit still.  After what seems hours they others finally return, Elizabeth is still wearing the suit she had on this morning, Guy and Sebastian show signs that the night did not end for them once we parted ways.  Seeing the others reassures me that Kazimir has not figured out exactly what I am up to, or who I am working with.

            “Ok, what couldn’t wait till morning? Elizabeth says.

            “Ok, you guys are going to kill me, but you have to trust me when I say we have an opportunity before us.” I say, “Kazimir has figured out that we are going to try and betray him, which has caused him to move Fiona to a secret location.”

            “How does this change anything, Fiona is only one person she is not greater than the cause.” Guy says.

            “Because, the only reason Riley isn’t dead is Kazimir is using Fiona to get what he wants out of Riley.” Cara says, “No Fiona, means no Riley, which means no revolution, so as far as I am concerned she is pretty damn important.”

            “Alright then, what do you have in mind?” Sebastian asks.

            “Kazimir is going to bring Fiona here tomorrow.” I say, “We are getting her back.”

            “Once we have Fiona Riley will be free to go underground, work directly with the people without the watchful eye of the Brotherhood.” Sebastian says, “I have to say, this plan may not be as ironically wicked as before, but it opens up worlds of possibilities for us.”

            “So does everyone agree we go for Fiona tomorrow?” I say. Dyami is the first to stand with me, followed by Cara.

            “Hey if it means shooting up some troopers, I am in.” Sebastian says.  Elizabeth follows suit, leaving only guy undecided.

            “I don’t know we have a good plan, and we are just going to throw it to the wind over one person, if something goes wrong.  Everything we have been working for goes up in smoke.  With that said, I am with you.” Guy says. 

            “Ok, so what is the plan?” Cara asks all eyes on me.

            “Who can secure weapons and explosives?” I ask.  Elizabeth raises her hand, “Good we are going to have to block of any escape along the route they are taken.  Dyami do we have a map of the area surrounding the estate?”

            “I believe so.” Dyami says running from the room, the sounds of various items being tossed around can be heard from down the hall.  We stand in silence as Dyami’s footsteps echo as he runs down and back into the study, “I remembered I saw one when I was getting the estate ready.”

            Looking over the map I find a straight length of road leading up to the estate, “this is where will strike.” I say, “The buildings here will give us good cover, while a team advances and rescues Fiona from behind these low walls.”

            “Where can we hide once we clear the area, we need an area to meet back up at.”  Guy says.

            “We can meet back up in district six; I have a series of hiding tunnels I have been using to store extra food and materials for years.” Elizabeth says.  Everyone’s attention focuses in Elizabeth, “What, why does everyone act surprised when they learn I am hiding something, isn’t that the Eden way.”  She has us there; it seems everyone in Eden has something to hide.

            “How do we stop the car?” Guy asks.

            “Ok, here is what we are going to do, Cara and Dyami I need you to box them in any way you can, make sure that they can’t move.  Once the car is boxed in, Sebastian and Guy open fire from these buildings keeping them suppressed.” I say, “While suppressed Elizabeth and I will move in for Fiona.”

            “I just want everyone to know that if Kazimir happens to get shot tomorrow, I won’t be shedding any tears.” Elizabeth says.  She brings a smile to my face; the thought of Kazimir getting what he deserves brings me joy.

            “Ok does everyone know what they have to do?” I ask.  Everyone nods and waits for me to give further instructions, “Ok, get what you need ready, be back in four hours.  Remember tomorrow we are not only rescuing Fiona, we are bringing the fight to the enemy, we are showing the people of Eden that there is something to fight for.”

The End

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