Chapter 21


            After dinner Kazimir and Davidson come to collect me, once we are back in the car they are very interested in what everyone had to say, “So tell me, what your opinion of the representatives is.” Kazimir asks, “As you can see there are certain individuals who seek to alter the way of life of the Brotherhood.”

            “What are you getting at, I am tired of your tap dancing around you point.” I say.

            “Fine, I will lay it out plan and simple, you will work with them and learn their secrets, once you do we will use them and your popularity with the people to destroy them. Kazimir says, “And if you don’t do exactly as we say, Fiona dies.”

            “Now was that so hard, I will do it.” I say, “On one condition, once this is over with Fiona and I am free to go

            “What guarantee do we have that you will not retaliate against us?” Davidson says.

            “You have destroyed everything I care for, except for one thing, what reason I have.” I say.

            “Not good enough.” Davidson says, “Here is the deal; we will keep you both in a secure estate on the outskirts of Haven, there you will live out the rest of your lives in conform.

            “Under guards, guess it is the only choice I have.” I say. 

            “Good now that we have all that settled, let us talk about tomorrow.” Davidson says, “Kazimir will fill you in on all the details.”

            “Tomorrow you we are planning a little visit to the servant quarters in sector six.” Kazimir says, “I believe you met the representative tonight, Christmas was her name.”

            “What am I to do?” I ask.

            “There is some unrest with the servants there; we need you to assure them that it is really for their safety and well being that we have the servant class, and that they remain there.”  Kazimir says, “I will leave the motivational parts up to you.”  Looking across the car at Kazimir I wonder how it is a man can be so cold and calculating.  Everything he does in his life is planned and coordinated.  Even when you think you are head of him, it is all simply part of his plan, “Oh and as requested Ms. Cassidy will be accompanying you.”  His gesture it to tell me he knows everything, heard everything.

            “Fine, I will do it, but I have a request.” I say, “I want to see Fiona.”

            “I think we can arrange that.” Davidson says.  Pulling in front of the estate it is similar to the mansion found in Haven.  The giant walkway leading to the front of the house is lined with grass and trees.  Grass and tress neither I have ever seen, I have heard of them, been told of the color, but never seen either.  There is a smell to them, it is fresh and clean.  It seems strange that such beauty can exist in Eden when the world outside its barrier is a dead wasteland.  No, I am wrong, the beauty of Eden is only skin deep.  The Wastes is the opposite, the world seems dead, but it is very much alive, there is beauty in people fighting to survive. 

            “We will be back later tonight with your Fiona.” Kazimir says, “Don’t try anything, or, well we have been over what happens.”  With I exit the car and watch as it speeds off, Davidson and Kazimir, they have me were they want me.  There is nothing I can do and they are so confident in this they have left me to my own devices.  Turning I walk to the mansion, my new home.  The moonlight makes the colors of the grass and trees glow in a subdued manor, as if not to shock me with the full sharpness and splendor they will bare in the morning.  The red bricks of the mansion seem almost brown in the night.  Entering the mansion it takes a moment for my eyes to adjust to the brightness of the room.  The room itself is finely decorated with carpet and various pieces of art, there is no dust, no dirt.  Standing in the middle of the room waiting to great me is a familiar face, Dyami.  His face having healed from the bruises only bares a single scar that runs from the bottom of his nose to his left ear, which is missing the lowest part.  Standing I wait for him to smile, and then moving forward giving him the strongest bear hug one can muster.

            “I thought you were dead.” I say.

            “I thought you were dead.” Dyami responds, “They told me that Haven had fallen and you were killed.”

            “What happened?” I ask.

            “I was caught almost immediately after landing in Brotherhood territory.” Dyami says, “Tortured, they told me that there was a spy, and that is were you.”

            “What did you do?” I ask.

            “I spat in their face.” Dyami says, “That is how I got this.” pointing to his scar, “They beat me for days, but I never believed them.”  He holds up his right hand, the pinky finger is missing, “They took my finger, but still I wouldn’t believe them.  They finally gave up and told me you were dead.”

            “I am proud of you, you did well.” I say.

            “Then one day they came and said you were alive, that I had to do what I was told or they would kill Fiona and you.” Dyami says, “They had me get this place ready and told me I was being reassigned permanently as your servant.”

            “Have you been in contact with anyone else?” I ask.

            “No, they have had me locked up here for months.” Dyami says, “You know you need to work on your punctuality.”  I have to laugh.

            Leaning in to hug my friend once more I whisper in his ear, “Is there a place we can talk, privately?” Dyami motions with his head for me to follow.  As he leads me down through several hallways we finally make our way into a room with several thousand books lining the walls.  In the center of the room is a large round wooden table, Dyami informs me the room is called the study.

            “One of the things they didn’t count on when the left me here was finding all the audio devices.  I rearranged them so this room does not record so well.” Dyami says.  You have to hand it to the kid; he has proving an extremely valuable friend.

            “Good job.” I say, “I had a very interesting conversation with several people tonight.”  Looking around the room before I speak again it takes a moment for me to fully be comfortable with the notion that this room is safe, “It seems that we have friends in several districts that would see me continue what my father started.”

            “What does this have to do with your father?” Dyami asks.

            “My father was Liam Quinn.” I say

            “Wait your father was the Commander Liam Quinn.” Dyami says, “He was a legend with the servant, there were rumors he was trying to liberate them.”

            “Those were not rumors my friend.” I say.  Dyami smiles at the revelation of the truth, before he responds there is a buzzing which can be heard throughout the mansion, “What the heck is that noise.”

            “It alerts us when someone is at the door.” Dyami says, “Were you expecting someone?”

            I almost forgot, Fiona.  Rushing towards the door I can barely contain myself, flinging the door open I am shocked to see Kazimir standing where Fiona should be.

            “Hello my friend, Dyami how are you.” Kazimir says flicking his own ear, “Good to see things are healing.”

            “Where is Fiona?” I ask.

            “Oh, apparently she didn’t want to see the man who betrayed her and everyone in Haven.” Kazimir says, “Girls can be so silly, I mean if only she knew the truth, oh but then we would have to kill her.”

            “What are you doing here? I say, “If not to bring Fiona.”

            “Well I didn’t want you to think we forgot about your request, after all what friends are for.” Kazimir says.  The thought of being friends with this man makes me my skin crawl; the mere mention of the world makes me feel as if my body is crawling with roaches, “Well goodnight, I will see you in the morning.”  Watching as the car drives off all my senses are tingling, this is the last straw, I am no longer waiting for things to come to me, I am the leader of this revolution, it is time I start making the plans.

            “Dyami.” I say, “I need you to go get a woman named Cara Cassidy tonight.”

            “Understood.” Dyami says heading off to fulfill my request.  Heading back to the study my plan starts to formulate.  There want me to play along, fine I will be the perfect pawn for them.  I will do everything they want, play into their hands.  In the end we will see who is playing who.  Before long the buzzer once again sounds, Dyami escorts Cara to the study where I wait.

            “It is good to see you again.” I say.

            “What is so important you had to send for me in the middle of the night?” Cara says clearing irritated she had to respond to me so late.  Even without trying she looks radiant, her skin is soft and warm, hair that bounces and flows.  She is perfect, in every way, especially for what I need.

            “I have a plan; we need to start implementing the first stages tonight.” I say.

            “Ok, so what is it.” Cara says, “Is it safe to talk here.”

            “I took care of it.” Dyami says.

            “We need to play into their hands, everyone’s hands.” I say, “It first dawned on me tonight while we were dancing.” 

            “What are you getting at?” Cara asks.

            “People want to know who you are, who the girl that stole my heart is, and that is what we are going to give them.” I say, “from now on you are going to pose as my girlfriend.  You will move in here and stay with me, which am why I needed you here.”

            “I see where you are going with this.” Cara says, “It will allow us to operate secretly, give us reasons to want to be alone, to sneak off.”

            “Exactly, but we need to sell it, to the people.” I say, “This can’t be a half hearted attempt.”

            “Won’t it seem strange if you move to fast?” Dyami says.

            “No, we spent three months in the hospital together, she saved my life.” I say, “We can sell that to the people, to Davidson and Kazimir.”

            “You know, you are just like him, well from the stories I have heard, the real ones.” Cara says, “You truly are your father’s son.”  It seems everyone alive knows more about my father then his own son.

            “Everyone keeps telling me that, I just hope I don’t let anyone down.” I say.

            “You won’t.” Cara says leaning in and kissing me on the check, “I am going to go get some rest, big day tomorrow.”  Dyami and I stand in the study, the largest smile possible upon his face.

            “What are you so happy about?” I ask.

            “You just get all the girls don’t you?” Dyami asks.

            “We are not really together; it is part of the plan.” I say.

            “Oh really, it doesn’t take much to see that she likes you.” Dyami says, “What are you scared Fiona will find out.”

            “Fiona has nothing to do with Cara and me, besides me pretty sure she would kill me no matter what right now.” I say, “Anyway it is a mute point because we are not really together.”

            “I am just saying she is extremely beautiful.” Dyami says.

            “And I am just saying you should go clean the bathroom or something.” I say walking out of the room.  Dyami has a point, what if she does really like me, what if she ends up caring about me.  Hurting her is the last thing I want to do, but we have to do this, it is part of the plan.  She knows that, she understands.  No, Cara will keep her feelings whatever they are out of this.  Entering my room I find Cara has already taking up residence in the bed.  Removing one of the blankets and a pillow I place them down on a nearby couch.  Cara looks truly at peace when she sleeps; there is not a thought on her face.  What happens if I can’t control my feelings here, I care about Fiona, but she hates me, doesn’t her, what if she is just playing along to help me out.  Great this is all I wanted in life, hurting everyone around me.  There is no way around it; tomorrow we have to do our part.  Sleeping into sleep my mind drifts into thoughts of what my life would be like had I never left Eden, would I have ever meet Cara, would I have ever met Fiona?  If I had, would we have been married, had a family.  I shift my thoughts; I cannot live in a world of what ifs.  This is my life, I have made my choices and I can only go forward. 

The morning light bears down on my face, my eyes open to Cara she sits on the edge of the couch the sun highlighting her frame.  She is thin, small much like Fiona. “Morning sleepy head.” Cara says.

“Morning, you’re up early.” I say.

“Well like I said last night, we have a big day ahead of us.” Cara says, “Besides had to figure out what to wear.”  She has chosen a simple white shirt and blue pants.  She looks innocent and childish, the looks in engineered, “I figured you should look sterner and strong compared to me, I have laid out something for you.”  The clothing she has laid out for me is a tight brown jacket with black pants.  It looks rugged, but sophisticated.  In Eden even your clothing makes a statement.  However, I can no longer bear the beard, it is itchy and tends to trap food, and it has to go. After my shower I find Cara waiting for me, she looks surprised, “You shaved you beard.”

“I didn’t really care for it, you sure that was wise, Davidson was specific about the way it was trimmed.” Cara says.

“Really, how so?” I ask.

“He wanted you to look like your father.” Cara says.

“Well I am not my father, I am his son, they people need to see that.” I say, “Besides it is the least I can do, Kazimir and Davidson control everything else.

  Once dressed we head down to the dinner room where Dyami has been busy.  Several plates of food are already waiting for us.  Cara has to explain what everything is and how to eat it, which I am thankful for.  There are eggs, sausages, and a meat I am especially fond of called bacon, “So what do you think of the cuisine our fine city has to offer.”

“I think I am going to get fat.” I say.

“Well you can stand to put on a few pounds.” Cara says poking me in my ribs causing me to spasm and laugh at the same time.

“You’re ticklish.” Cara says and begins a barrage of poking.  There is nothing I can do to stop the assault, my body twist and contorts all along I laugh trying to form the world stop.

            “Am I interrupting something?” Dyami asks entering the room.

            “No, just physical torture.” I say.

            “Well, if you are done being tortured I found that book wanted, I left it in the study.”  Having gotten Dyami’s hint I make my way to the study.  Once there we are free to talk.

            “Ok, we have some time before Davidson and Kazimir arrive.” I say, “Why did you need.”

            “It dawned on me; we never went over the plan in its entirety last night.” Dyami says.

            “Right, Cara will work as a liaison between me and the others.” I say, “Once slowly they will start to agree that the Brotherhood way of life is better.  Once that is done we will work on gaining the trust and love of the people all along we spread the message that I am carrying on my father’s work.

            “Ok, then what?” Cara asks.

            “Then I will kill Davidson.” I say.

            “What, no, they will sentence you to death.” Cara says, “You are too important, let me do it.”

            “No, it has to be me.” I say, “I am counting on them executing me, in fact very publicly.”

            “The people will go crazy.” Dyami says.

            “Exactly, killing the chancellor will leave them with no choice, but to kill me.” I say, “Once the Brotherhood kills their beloved hero there will be a full scale revolt.”

            “Then what do we do without you?” Cara asks holding back tears.”

            “Bring the whole damn system down on their heads.” I say.

The End

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