Chapter 20

The entire world has been turned upside down, in the hours following my introduction to the people of Eden I have been paraded around like the puppet I am.  Once again they have finally crafted my appearance; the black suit has been replaced with a more militaristic looking uniform.  A white jacket that cuts off slightly above my waist runs snug to my body.  The collar is high, tight and trimmed in gold.  My sleeves are cut precisely at the wrists and bear the same gold trimming as my neck.  Black pants with gold trim down the outside of the legs come high on my waist.  I can’t help but feel like a toy being manipulated like a child.  As we drive through streets of Eden I was as the event is replayed again and again on giant screens attached to the sides of the tallest buildings.  Kazimir sits silently planning the next step of his master plan, how he is going to use me next.  Davidson looks beyond out into the Eden, the look of a child upon his face.  Eden herself seems to be alive with excitement; the streets are lined with thousands of people all trying to catch a glimpse of the returning hero.  The people are dressed in many different fashions; all are made of the finest quality.  Apparently my tour of Eden will not include the slaves.  Each of their faces is finely adorned with make-up and jewelry.  Their faces, “Why does no one where a mask? I ask.

            “Oh, that is right you don’t know well Eden has a special field emitter that prevents the radiation from entering Eden.” Davidson says, “Well that is what we tell them.”

            “That is what you tell them.” I say, “What does that mean?”

            “That is not your concern, all you to do is play your part perfectly.” Kazimir says, “We are we on our way to meet with the district representatives, you need to put on a good show.”

            “We need you to be polite, listen and see what they have to say.” Davidson says, “But don’t give away anything, do you get me, if you do, she dies.”  Fiona, she thinks I have betrayed her, as far as she knows I have been working with the Brotherhood the entire time, if only she knew I was doing this all for her, to protect her.

            “Chancellor, we have arrived.” Kazimir says.

            Exiting the vehicle Davidson whispers into my ear, “Remember, you are a hero.”  The street is lined with people, as we walk towards the building people stand in place follow out movements with different types of lenses devices.  Bright lights flash around us constantly.  As for the purpose behind this I do not know, or care, my only concern is the safety of Fiona and for that I am going to be a good little puppet.

            “Make sure you smile and wave to your adoring public.” Kazimir says.  Once again I do as he says stopping but a moment to smile and wave at the crowd.  The entrance into the building is grand.  Walking up the stairs a large glass overhang covers the doors.  Two men stand ready to open the doors as we approach.  The doors too are made of glass lined with a highly reflective metal.  The front of the building bares a similar make up to the doors allow one to see inside.  From the outside the interior is brightly lit, stairs run along both sides of the entrance way and below them past the glass doors lie two large wooden doors.  These have been propped open and behind them wait the District representatives. 

            “Now remember what we told you, we will be watching.” Davidson says pointing out a series of tinted glass panels above us.  Entering the building Kazimir and Davidson stand behind me as I enter the room with the representatives.  Turning back to Kazimir he stands at the door way and waves before him and Davidson head up the stairs.  No sooner do they live then I am rushed by the mob of representatives.  Voices seem to come from everywhere, everyone is trying to get minutes with the hero of the Brotherhood, and I have to hand it to Kazimir and Davidson.  Even know there is nothing but hate between us, they have done a good job building a myth around me. 

“Back, back off, let the boy have a moment.” A man says, he is not much taller than me, his eyes are stern, and his brown hair short and split down the middle.  People listen to him, there will be plenty of time to talk with our friend here throughout the night, please let him get settled.”  The man turns and nods to me, his suit similar to the one I had before, “Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Sebastian Carrie.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you.” I say.  Sebastian places his arm around me forcing me to walk with him.

“Please walk with me a moment.” Sebastian says, “Here in Eden we are broken into eighteen distracts, they way things work is they are two operate on their own.  The Brotherhood is the council they form.  They are all overseen by the chancellor, pretty simple if you think about.”  Sebastian looks around ensuring no one is listing in, “pretty simple when it works that way, however, things are never simple, but keep in mind you never know where or what district you will find friends.”  Reaching down he picks up a single glass of wine and the table below is decorated with various foods and drinks, “You really do look like your father, I wonder if that is the only thing you have in common with him.”

Taking a glass of wine I watch as Sebastian disappears into the crowd.  What was he trying to say to me, he must have been trying to pass me a message?  He knew my father, I can’t think about this right now.  For now I will have to play my part and make a good show.  Making my way through the room I find a group of representatives, they seem to be debating something of importance.  Forcing my way into the group I introduce myself, “Hello.” I say.

“Oh good, you have perfect timing.” A short fat man says his suit is stained with a variety of sauces form the buffet provided.  I can help but wonder how a man who misses his mouth so much can manage to put on so much weight. Snapping back to the conversation I respond.

“Yes, what did I arrive perfectly for?” I say.

“My fellow representatives and I were having a debate about a pressing matter, you see my associate over there.” He says pointing to another one of the representatives; this one is tall, young. “He believes we should allow the servant class to apply for citizenship after a set amount of years working.”

“Oh, Jarvis workers are better if they have incentive, if they have hope of being able to work to improve their lot in life.” The tall man says his name still remains unknown to me.

“Perhaps this issue is a bit much for a new comer.” I say.

“Oh nonsense.” Jarvis says, “Your father was a great man who fought and died for our way of life, I am sure you have inherited some of his morals.” My eyes glance at the tinted windows above us.

“Oh from what I have heard of my father, I have inherited more than one would expect.” I say, “But all the same, I would prefer to abstain on this issue for now.”

“Good move.” Another of the group says, “These two will have you all night if you get involved with their debates.”

“I think I shall pay a visit to the buffet, it was a pleasure talking with you.” I say.  Making my way back to the table Sebastian’s wounds enter my mind, perhaps this is what he meant by friends in the districts.  I should have gotten the man’s name, it is clear he seeks to change the social ideals of the Brotherhood.

“Well, look at you, I have to say you sure do clean up real nice, not so keen on the beard, but I like the hair.”  Cara says.  She stands behind me; her hair is pulled back and tight against her head.  Her blonde curl struggle to stay in place, but still is breathtaking.  She wears a dress of fine silver material that runs down the length of her body.  Her bare shoulders covered in only the thinnest of straps.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you here.” I say.

“Who am I to miss such an important party?” Cara says, “The man you were talking to a moment a go.” She points back to the tall man, the one whose name I should have gotten. “His name is Guy Richmond.  He would be a good asset to the cause.”

“Not tonight.” I say my eyes motioning to the tinted windows above.”

“Oh.” Cara says, “I say Fiona today.”

“How is she?” I ask.

“She is good, she wants to kill you, I tried to explain, but she wouldn’t listen.” Cara says, “Maybe in a few days when she has calmed down.”

“As long as she is ok, that is all I can be concerned with right now.” I say, “What else can you tell me?”

“As long as you are playing along they won’t kill her.” Cara says, “She is the only way they have to control you.”

“Why is it so important that they have me in control?” I ask.

“Your father was very important to the people of Eden; they are going to use your popularity to help quell unrest amongst the districts and classes.” Cara says, “They will kill you when they are done, but hopefully you can by enough time for me to figure how to get you both out.”

“So what do I do for now?” I ask.

“For now you dance.” Cara says.  As if on cue music starts to play.  In my entire life I don’t believe I have ever danced.  There was never much reason to have parties back in Haven, besides I was always busy in the Wastes.

“Dance, I don’t know how.” I say.

“Oh it is easy, just follow me.” Cara says.  Taken my hand she leads me to the center of the room, others have begun to dance as well.  Cara takes my hand and places it on the small of her back, holding my other hand out she begins to move with the music.  Cara is graceful her body seems to flow like water to the flow of the music.  I try to follow along, but Cara would probably have better luck with a Creeper, “You’re useless.” Cara says, “Don’t you dance in the Wastes.”

“Generally isn’t much reason to, not for me anyway.” I say. 

“Well now you have reason to, so you better learn.” Cara says, “My feet can only take so much punishment.”  As we dance I find that people are starting to stare, but not at my abilities, they are interested in me, they want to know what I am doing, who I am.  No not me, they know who I am, they want to know who the snow skinned beauty that I hold in my embrace is.  I see now why Kazimir wants me; people follow me and the people around me.  If the people love me, they will love them.  As the music stops Cara leans in and kisses my cheek, “During dinner sit with me, there are some people you should meet.”

Cara seems to float out of the room, my attention turns back to the representatives, I am sure they are talking about the mysterious girl.  I would be a fool not to take advantage of this.  Moving through the room people can’t help but glance in my direction.  Making my way back to the buffet I am cut off by Guy, “Don’t want to fill up before dinner.” Guy says.

“True, but leaving in the Wastes all my life I can stand to put on a few pounds.” I say popping a small foul tasting cream filled object into my mouth, “Maybe I should wait to dinner.”  Grabbing another glass of wine I wash the foul taste from my palette, “I wanted to talk to you, I am glad you found me.”

“Really, explain? Guy asks.

“Before, I wanted to answer but didn’t feel it was my place.” I say, “I agree with you, about the servants.” 

“Really, well that is good.” Guy says.

“Tell me, are there others that feel this way.” I say, being sure to phrase my questions carefully not to alert either side. 

“Oh but of course.” Guy says, “Perhaps now is not the time.” His eyes glance towards the tinted windows, “I shall see you during dinner, remember don’t fill up to much.”  Dinner is set in another room; the room is much larger than before, round tables scattered about, fancy hanging lights adorn the ceiling.  The middle of the room is a larger version of the wooden dance floor from before.  This building was a think of dreams back in Haven, until today, parties such as this was the stories of legend.  Probing the room I catch a glimpse of her skin, white as snow.  The curls of her hair have started to win the battle, forcing there way free from there confines.  She stands with several people who are unknown to me, watching but a moment before I walk towards her.

“Cara, there you are.” I say, “You ran off.”

“Sorry, I had to attend to something.” Cara says, “Shall we take out seats?”  Following Cara through the people I watch as once again people turn their heads, they watch us, every move, and every gesture, Eden holds its breath, “Here we are.” She says.  Around the table stand five others, waiting, “I believe you have meet representative Sebastian Carrie, and Guy Richmond.” Cara says, “Let me introduce you to Representatives, Englewood, Christmas, and Snide.”  Englewood and Snide are both rather old and unimpressive; Christmas however is a rather young female, closer in age to Guy.  Her black hair is neatly draped down her back coming to stop almost entirely down her back.  Her skin has an olive tone and making Cara seem to shine standing next to her.

“It is a pleasure to meet you all.” I say.

“Likewise, we have been waiting to meet you.” Christmas says, “We have heard much of your exploits in Haven.”  Christmas winks slightly with the mention of Haven, “We look forward to your continuation of such heroics.” 

“Let’s take out seats; we can continue this discussion over dinner.” Cara says.” Diner is no disappointment; similar to the quality of food I had months ago on the stalker the first time I met Kazimir. However, this time we have something called chicken, it is lovely.  Everything is fresh, the vegetables and fruits.  If Fiona’s life wasn’t at risk I might actually have enjoyed tonight.  I do however manage to use the utensils and eat in a civilized manor this time, despite the urge to eat as much and as quickly as possible.

“So tell me, how are you finding Eden?” Sebastian asks.

“Eye opening I say, there is much mystery to this place, especially its people.” I say.

“Well that is good to hear, I hope you will come take a tour of the districts soon, especially those present at this table.” Christmas says.

“Only if Cara accompanies me.” I say, “I would hate to deprive everyone of speculation.”

“I think we can arrange that.” Cara says, “As you said don’t want to deprive your adorning fans.”  Once we finish dinner desert is brought out, a cold creamy dish I am told is called ice cream, vanilla with a sweet warm pie they call apple.

“You know when they told us who you were and what you did my heart almost leap from my chest.” Christmas says, “Really I am not joking.”

“Most of us were young children brought up on the stories of your father.” Sebastian says, “The real tales, not the fairy tales they made up.”  It is hard to believe that my father, the man who I thought left me to die was a hero.  He died protecting the people of Haven; he died saving them, saving me.    

“Shall we get down to business?” Guy says.

“Yes, you said you were looking forward to me continuing my heroics here.” I say, “What exactly do you expect?”

“Oh, that is simple.” Sebastian says, “We expect you to lead here, just as you did in Haven, just like your father.”  It is clear what they mean; they do not expect me to be someone who is paraded around for the amusement of others.  Unlike Kazimir and Davidson they do not intend to use me to keep power.  Unlike before I will not fight them here, I will do what my father did, I will follow in his footsteps, I will lead, and I will finish what he started.

“So you want me finish what he started.” I say, “Ok, when do we start.”       

“We already did.” Sebastian says.

Cara leans in placing her arm around my shoulders, “Look at him, isn’t he wonderful, just like his father.” Cara says leaning in she whispers into my ear, “Welcome to the Revolution.”

The End

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