Chapter 19

            The rebellion is over, we have lost.  There is nothing left of Haven, nothing of Seaton.  Almost everyone I knew is dead.  As for myself I cannot before behind.  The only thing I have now is the sound of my breathing, my breathing, I can’t be dead.  All at once my senses return to me.  The familiar sounds of the medical equipment overwhelm me.  Frantically I look around with my eyes, my body lies motionless unable to move.  The room is known to me it is similar to the one upon the stalker, but much bigger.  Tubes run from my body to machines, which pump various medicines into my body.  My body has yet to return to me, all I can do is search with me eyes.  Frantically my eyes scan the room, looking for a familiar face.  Then she is there, across from me.  Laying there hooked up to machines similar to mine rest Fiona, “Fiona, can you hear me.” I say in a weak voice.

            “She can’t hear you.” The voice is known to me, my eyes search for the source.  Her blonde curly hair seems to bounce down her face.

            “Cara.” I say.  Cara Cassidy, they nurse from the Brotherhood, “What is going on?”

            “Oh, don’t worry about that now.” Cara says, “You need your rest.” 

            “Fiona is she ok.” I say.

            “She is fine, you need rest.” Cara says adjusting a knob on one of the machines.  Feeling myself drift back into sleep I try to resist, but there is nothing I can do.  Soon I am out; once again I am left to the mercy of the Brotherhood.

            My mind begins to drift back into reality, everything is hazy.  Cara must have increased the amount of medication they are pumping into me.  My eyes dart straight to Fiona, she lies there still, and I know she is alive as I watch the machines controlling her breathing gives off the sound of air being moved.  To my right is Cara she is talking with a figure I can’t quite make out, but his voice gives him away, Kazimir, “How are our guests today?” Kazimir asks.

            “Recovering, it will be a while, but considering they were dead when they came in.” Cara says, “They are doing great.”  We were dead, that is right we died back in Haven.  Why did they revive us, what do they want.

            “Good, The Chancellor wants them alive, he has plans for them.”  Kazimir says as he walks over to my body. “Especially this one, hello Riley, how are you feeling?”

            “What do you want with us?” I say.

            He begins to brush back my hair which up until this point I did not realize had gotten too long.  How long have we been like this, “Don’t worry about that now, all you need to do is get better.” Kazimir says, “All will be revealed to you when the time is right.”  Once again Cara adjusts my medication and I drift off to sleep.  Everything is a haze, is any of this real.  Is this a dream am I going to awake in the Wastes at any moment or was I never in the Wastes, maybe I never left Eden to begin with.  The medication is screwing with my mind; I can’t tell what is real or not anymore.

            “Riley, can you hear me.” The sound of Fiona’s voice brings me back into reality.”  She calls to me from across the room, “Are you awake?”

             “Fiona.” I say, “How are you feeling?”

            “It could be worse, you?” Fiona says.

            “It hurt more when you hit me.” I say.

            “Funny, do you know where we are?” Fiona asks, “Or how long we have been here.”

            “The Brotherhood has us, and from the length of my hair some time now.” I say, “That is all I know, they have been keeping me drugged up.”  The door slide open and Cara enters the room.

            “You’re both awake, that is good.” Cara says, “How are we feeling today?

            “What do you want with us?” Fiona asks, “Why are you keeping us alive.” Fiona tries to rise up, but her body is still too weak.

            “Take it easy.” Cara says adjusting Fiona’s medication, “I am not your enemy.”  Quietly Fiona drifts into sleep as Cara walks over to me.

            “Wait, what you mean you are not our enemy.” I say.

            “Quite now, it is better that you sleep.” Cara says, “You need to trust me on that.”  Once again I am forced into sleep.  What does she mean; she is not our enemy, that it is better we sleep.  She can’t keep us like this forever, can she?  Facial hair has grown in over my face; I awaken to Cara carefully trimming my beard. 

            “What are you doing?” I ask.

            “Just cleaning you up a bit, you were starting to look a little ratty.” Cara says.

            “How long have we been here?” I ask.

            “Almost four months now.” Cara says.

            “Four months.” I say, “We have been laying here for four months.”  It is hard for me to believe it has been that long, my body shows the signs of it, but my mind believes different.  “How is Fiona doing?

            “She will live, she was the bullets tore her stomach and uterus up pretty bad.  She has almost recovered, but I doubt she will ever be able to have children.” Cara says.  Fiona, why did you stay with me, you should have ran when you had the chance, “As for you, I was able to patch up your heart perfectly, but your leg was pretty bad, I did what I could, but you will probably have a slight limp and feel some stiffness for the rest of your life.”

            “There is nothing you can do for Fiona.” I ask.

“No, I tried, but there was nothing I could do” Cara says, “I am sorry.”  Once done cleaning me up Cara makes her way over to Fiona and adjusts her medication, “I am reducing her meds, she should wake up soon.”

“Thank you.” I say.  Cara leaves the room, leaving me and Fiona alone, “Hey, you up.”

“Yeah.” Fiona says, “How are you doing?”

“I am good; the woman who is taking care of us just updated me on our recovery.” I say.

“Yeah, what did she say, have they decided to kill us yet?” Fiona asks.

“No, they want us alive for some reason.” I say

“So what did they she say about us than?” Fiona asks.

“I will have a slight limp for the rest of my life.” I say pausing for a moment, now I am sure this will come back to bite me one day by I say what I must, “Other than that we should be back to normal in no time.”

“Well don’t expect me to wait up for your butt when we escape this place.” Fiona says, “Hey Riley, remember how we said whatever we do or go through we do it together.”

            “Yeah.” I say.

“From now on what do you say we leave getting shot off that list?”  Fiona says.

“Sounds good to me.” I say.  The next few days Cara wakes us up periodically allowing Fiona and me to talk before returning to put us under again.  I don’t know how but Cara has figured out that Fiona and I care for each other.  The time she gives us each day I am grateful for, despite being with the Brotherhood Cara seems like she really cares about our recovery.  The only action in question is why she keeps us sedated most of the day.

As my eyes open I find anxious for my time with Fiona.  Over the past few days it has been the only thing I have had to look forward to.  Cara stands holding the side of her face, blood drips from her mouth.  Kazimir stands hovering over her, a look of distain on his face, “Listen, I expect a full recovery within a full days.” Kazimir says, “I grow tired of waiting, do you understand me.”

“Yes, they will be ready in a couple of days.” Cara says.

“Good, now was that so hard.” Kazimir says.  He raises his hand once more but does not strike, “Remember, you do what as I order, not the other way around.”  Leaving the room Cara finally allows herself to cry.

“You ok.” I ask, “Want me to beat him up for you.” Cara lets herself laugh a little.

“I am going to have to keep you awake all the time soon.” Cara says.

“Why are you keeping us sedated?” I ask.

“I was buying you some time.” Cara says, “The longer you were unstable the longer I had to coordinate things.”

“What are you talking about?” I ask, “What do you mean by coordinate.”

“I am planning on getting you and Fiona out of here.” Cara says, “Well I was, but I don’t that is going to happing now.”  She brings her hand to her face rubbing the fresh bruise, “Kazimir must have caught wind of what I was doing.”

“Why were you trying to get us out? I ask.

“Because we need you.” Cara says.

“We?” I say, “Who needs me?”

“The revolution.” Cara says, “Ok I am going to put you under one last time, tomorrow you are going to be awake, it would be best if you pretend we never had this conversation.”  Tomorrow morning I awake for the first time clear of the drugs.  My mind and body seem to have finally returned to me.  Sitting up for the first time in months takes effort I am exhausted I barely manage to swing my legs over the side of the bed without falling over.  Turning towards Fiona I find an empty bed, “She was moved to a cell this morning.” Cara says.

“What do you mean they took her to a cell?” I ask.

“They just came in this morning, right after I woke her up.  Took her.” Cara says. 

“Why didn’t they take me?” I ask.

“Kazimir wants to talk to you.” Cara says, “He left some clothes for you, once you are ready there are guards outside to take you to him.”  Placing the clothes next to me Cara looks down at the ground. “I am sorry I couldn’t arrange to get you out sooner.”

“It is ok, you did everyone you could.” I say, “I don’t expect you to risk you life for me.”

“Thank you.” Cara says, “You should get ready, you don’t want to keep Kazimir waiting.”  Cara leaves me, looking down at the clothing they are made of a fine material, they are smooth to the touch and shine when the light hits them just right.  Pulling the pants on the material is cool against my skin.  The shirt is white and made of a soft black material, it has a high collar that fights tight to my neck.  The jacket is made of the same material as the pants, fitting snug around my body it seems as if the suit was made to fit me an only me.  The jacket hangs open in the front and cuts off at the waist.  Moving to the mirror I have to admit I look quite good.  With my longer hair and trimmed beard I look years older, and healthier.  I can’t shake the idea that my new look was designed by Kazimir himself.  Standing in front of the mirror I wonder what it is this man has planned for me.

The guards take me through several hallways; this place is not like anything I have seen before.  Similar to the stalker, but vastly different.    The halls are bright and wide, there are no windows.  As we walk through the halls I take notice of the people scurrying about.  Many different types of people pass by, some dressed in fancy clothing, others dressed as Dyami the first time I met him.  They follow behind those dressed in clothes made of material similar to mine.  No one looks at me, either they have been told not to, or they do not care.  Finally after a fare amount of walking and waiting in rooms they moved us from floor to floor we arrive outside of a door.  Pushing me through the door the guard’s close it behind me, there is only one way out.  Across from me is a large window, the view is blocked by enormous red curtains.  Chairs of the finest quality adorn the sides of the room, “Well look at you.” Kazimir says, “I don’t even recognize you, I have to say you sure to fit the part of a hero.”

“What are you talking about?” I ask.

“Don’t you know you are the hero of the Brotherhood?” Kazimir says, “Without you we would never had been able to squash the resistance in Haven.”

“I fought in Haven, against you and your men.” I say, “What are you planning?”

“You see, it all came to me the first time I met you, you looked so much like your father.” Kazimir says, “I remember my old friend well, he was a good man.”

“So good you had to betray him.” I say.

“He was a fool, why would you give up this life, for what.” Kazimir says, “To free slaves who aren’t worth the air they breathe.”  Pouring a glass of water he offers it to me, I don’t extend my hand; I don’t want anything from this man, “suit yourself, you see you’re farther had to be betrayed, he had to be stopped.  He would have brought the whole system down.”

“You’re the one that needs to be brought down.” I say.

“What you think I run the Brotherhood, you are a fool, there is so much more to this then you simple mind can understand.” Kazimir says, “If only you knew what your father knew.  Oh wait, they left you in the Wastes all alone, left you to die, or did they.”

“You killed them.” I say.

“It did bring me such pleasure to do so.” Kazimir says, “Anyway, back to my moment of genius.  That day we picked you up, I knew who you were.”  Kazimir then pulls a small paper book from his pocket and tosses it at my feet.  “Then I found this little book of yours.  That is when I formulated my plan.  You see we have been trying to take Haven for years; the land under haven is rich with oil.  However, there was the issue of the pesky little inhabitants of the rat hole you called a home.  You see the people would not be happy if we simply went in and slaughter every man woman and child.”

“The people what people?” I say.

“The people of Eden of course, but don’t you worry you will be meeting them momentarily.” Kazimir says.  Eden, we are in Eden, “However, if there was resistance then we could wipe Haven off the face of the earth.”

“You set me up; you planned all of this from the start.” I say.

“It was easy actually I had an agent in Haven for years, I believe you knew him.”

“Yeah, we got real close, but you know how that turned out already don’t you.” I say.

“Of course, oh and poor little Dyami, you thought I placed him there as I spy, though he did do his job quite well, he never knew he was only there to through you off the trail of who really was the enemy.”  Kazimir says, “It was all too easy, now there is only one piece of the puzzle left, why I kept you alive.  You see, the people loved your farther, but they never learned of why he vanished, most people believe he was killed in a mission to the Wastes.  Now here you return the hero of the Battle of Haven.”

“Go to hell.” I say.

“Oh, such fight in you, here is where you are going to help me.” Kazimir says.

“Really, now why would I help you?” I say.

Kazimir leans in close and whispers in my ear, “Because if you don’t, we will kill your precious little Fiona.”

“Before this is over I will kill you.” I say, “You can count on that.”

“We shall see, now come your public awaits.” Kazimir says.  Leading me past the curtains we stand on a balcony the vast city of Eden lies before me.  It is amazing, the buildings of glass, the lights everything is beautiful.  It is hard to believe that such beauty is control by true evil.  Below us stand thousands of people cheering, next to me stands a man, his white hair is pushed back out of his face.  He wears a suit similar to mine the only difference being his is of pure white, “Now Riley let me introduce you to Chancellor Davidson he runs things around here.  Make sure you play nice.” Kazimir says.

“People of Eden, he has awoken, many of you do not know him, but you know his name, fully recovered from his wounds incurred during his heroic actions at the Battle of Haven.  I give you a man, who was lost to us many years ago, a man who was stolen from us by the wretched hordes of the Wastes.  I give you the son of Commander Liam Quinn.”  Davidson says.  The people below can hardly contain me.  Most of who my father was remains a mystery to me, but from the reaction of the people below I can tell he was anything but great, “Agent Quinn has been working with the Brotherhood for a while now, and he was instrumental in the success of the campaign into the Wastes a campaign that was started years ago, once that took his father’s life.” He turns to me and looks straight into my eyes, “Tell me son, how was does it feel carrying on your father’s legacy, how does it feel to be the one to finally finish what he started.” Kazimir moves in right behind me, once again whispering in my ear.

“Remember what we talked about.” Kazimir says pointing to another balcony across they way.  Fiona stands with several guards behind her tears run down her face.  All she can do from collapsing is grasping onto the rail.  Now to save her life I must do something I promised I never would, I must break her heart.

“It was an honor.” I say.  

The End

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