Chapter 18


            Rounds fly all around me as I make my way down the other side of the barricade.  For the briefest of moments the troopers stop firing amazed at what they are seeing.  All at once everyone on both sides opens fire once again.  Taken off guard the troopers begin to do something they have not since the battle started retreat.  As if lighting we push our way in to sector one and begin to form up a perimeter around the square.  A small group of fighters manages to flank the left side of the Troopers devastating their ranks as quickly as it started it ends when we hit a wall of reinforced troopers.  I plan seems to have worked the Brotherhood is moving more troopers to fight us leaving the mansion open, “Stevens push the parameter as far out as you can. I say, “Once we establish the battle lines we need to hold.”

            “Roger that.”  Stevens says, “We might win this fight yet.”  Taken up a position facing the mansion I begin to return fire with the rest of Haven.  My rounds find three troopers before I have to take cover behind the building.  This is how it goes for several hours, both sides exchange rounds taking turns firing and covering.  It is hard to say what ours or their numbers are at this point, so many have died on both sides.  As they day drags on both sides are getting tired.  For the first time since last night there is a lull in the fighting.  Rounds are still being fired off but not at the extent it was before.  Making my way through our lines I find Stevens.  He is resting against a wall, his mask is torn and a blood soaked rag can be seen sticking out of the left eye hole. “What the hell happened to you.” I say.

            “Took some fragmentation to the eye, nothing major I am still in this fight.” Stevens says.

            “Good, let’s use the lull in the fighting to figure out how many men we have left.” I say, “We need to move quickly it won’t be long before they pick it back up.” 

            “Ok, I will meet you back here in twenty minutes.” Stevens says.  Looking over the men a leader could not be more proud, against all odds they have managed to hold.  Hurt and tired they still fight on.  My mind drifts to Fiona, I wonder if she is still alive, no she has to be I won’t let myself think otherwise.  As for Velvet and Chris they are both to stubborn to die.  Waiting for Stevens to return there is shouting coming from our lines.  They are shouting at me, “Sir, sir it is Fiona she is making her way back.”  Running as fast as I can towards the voice I see Fiona and two others making their way to the Barricade.  Fiona is holding one of the men up, blood drips from her other hand.  Looking back people would say it was stupid but I found myself implosively heading over the barricade and back and towards Fiona.

            “What are you doing.” Fiona says.

            “Shut up.” I say.  Running over to the wounded man I take the load and assist him back to the barricade, “Are you ok.” I ask.

            “I am fine, just took a round through the hand that is all.” Fiona says.  Climbing back over the barricade several people help bring the wounded man over.  Once back over I pull out one of the first aid kits from my pack.

            “Sit down.” I say.  Of course Fiona won’t listen, I do manage to get her hand.

            “Stop, I will be fine.” Fiona says.

            “Stop your whining and hold still.” I say.  Giving in Fiona holds still long enough for me to bandage her hand.  Once that is done I pull her in and wrapping my arms around her, “We stay together from now on.”

            “Hey not in front of the men.” Fiona says making me aware that people are staring.

            “Hey, don’t you guys have something else you should be watching.” I say, everyone quickly focuses on something else.

            “What happened.” I ask.

            “We got to the mansion, but there weren’t there.” Fiona says, “On the way back we ran into a group of troopers patrolling the area.”

            “Do you think the Brotherhood got them before you got there?” I ask.

            “I don’t know, probably.” Fiona says, “How are things going here?”

            “I am waiting for Stevens to report back.” I say.  The only thing we can do is wait for Stevens.  The fighting is once again starting to pick up, it looks like Fiona made it back in time.  Everyone begins to take their position back on the wall.  We are hit hard this time, it is clear that the Brotherhood has figured out we are all that remains and they are now throwing everything they have at us.  Taking a place on the wall Fiona and I begin to return rounds in response to the Brotherhood.  There is nothing we can do, we are being pushing back, “We need to fall back to three again, and I have an idea.”

            “Ok, I will spread the word.” Fiona says.  Slowly we start to retreat back to our old position in three.  This time we are the ones on the run and our numbers take a heavy toll in the retreat.  From the looks of it there are only about a hundred men left, Damn it, we were cut apart in the retreat.  I hope this plan of yours is good.”

            “We have to get out of here, they are putting all efforts to taking us out, and we won’t last long.” I say.

            “I agree, but how do you plan on doing that.” Fiona says.

            We blast our way out.” I say pointing to the outer wall, “Find Stevens I will meet you in that building over there.”  Pointing out a building away from the wall.  before heading into the building set the remaining claymores next to the wall.  Once that is done I head into the building, right behind me is Fiona and Stevens.

            “Fiona says you have a plan.” Stevens says.

            “We have to get out of here.” I say, “This fight is lost.”

            “Run, I rather die than run.” Stevens says. 

            “I understand that, but we have no choice.” I say, “We need to get out of here, it is the only way we can continue this fight.”

            “Fine, but my men and I will stay, you and Fiona get out.” Steven says, “You are more important than us.  You are the one who can keep this fight going not us.”

            “Stevens you did a good job here.” I say, “You should be proud, these men followed you.  It was you who held as long as you could, not me.”

            “Ok, do we head to Seton.” Stevens says.


“No, we go over the mountains.” I say.

“We don’t stand a chance out there.” Stevens says, “We have a better chance heading for Seaton.”

            “The Brotherhood is going to attack Seaton, there is nothing we can do, they know everything and everywhere we would go.” I say, “No, the mountains are your only hope.” 

            “Understood, let me know when you are ready to go.” Stevens says, “My men can be ready when needed.”

            “There is only one problem with the plan.” Fiona says, “As soon as we run the Brotherhood will be on us.  Someone will have to stay to keep them busy.”

            “I’m not going; I will stay behind alone to cover the retreat.” I say.

            “Like hell you will, if you stay I stay.” Fiona says, “Remember together to the end.” 

            “Stevens you and your men are all that is left of Haven, you have to survive, start over.” I say, “Live free and keep the fight alive.”

            Fiona and I watch as Stevens and his men blow a hole in the outer wall of haven, a wall which has for as long as I can remember meant out very survival.  Now in the final moments of Haven it saves us one last time by giving its life.  It does not take them long to escape Haven, The Brotherhood was not expecting us to breach our own walls.  At last we are finally a step ahead of them.  We hid in the building, unknown to the Brotherhood, from what we can tell they believe we are dead and the last remnants of Haven have fled, “Well I guess this is the end.” I say, “I am glad you stayed with me.”

            “As am I. Fiona says as she loads a magazine into her rifle, “You ready?”

            “Just one last thing to do” I say. Pulling off both of our masks I pull Fiona into me and kiss her.  Before she has a chance to react I kick open the door and run out firing.  My first rounds tear through the bodies of two troopers, but as quickly as I burst out of the building the element of surprise has passed.  The hail of gunfire is intense within moments I feel the rounds tear through my chest and leg.  Falling to the ground I catch a glimsp Fiona. She reaches for me as she is hit several times in the stomach.  Laying there dying I take Fiona's hand, we sit in silence, here green eyes peirce mine as the world begins to fade.

The End

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