Chapter 13


            What is he talking about, he knew my father.  How is that possible, he was born and died in Haven?  Or at least that is what I thought, “How do you know my father?” I ask.

            “Let’s see, you were about four maybe five the last time I saw you.” Marcus says, “Your parents had just escaped Eden and came to Seaton to hide.”

            “What are you talking about my parents were from Eden? I ask.

            “Yes, and so where you,” Marcus says, “Now if you shut up I can tell you everything I know.”  I sit back and listen as he recounts everything he knows.

            My father was a Commander within the Army of Eden.  After having me my father started to believe that everyone should have the chance to improve their position in life.  That you should not be destined to die in the class you were born in, but rather you earned your class.  My father used his rank and ties within the military to over throw the government.  He was betrayed by his best fried a young officer by the name of Vincent Kazimir.

            “Kazimir, that bastard,” I say, “He must have known who I was.”

            “You’ve met him.” Marcus says.

            Marcus goes on to tell me that him and my mother escaped to Seaton, back then it was nothing more than a few huts in the sand.  Your parents used their knowledge to help design Seaton.  This explains the Eden influence throughout the settlement.  He tells me that I was only a year or two when they arrived.  They lived in peace for several years that was until they learned that the Brotherhood had found them.  They left for Haven before the Brotherhood arrived, they wanted to stay in fight be Marcus convinced them that they needed to think of my safety.

            “I don’t know what happened to them after that.” Marcus says.

            “They left me and died is what happened.” I say.

            “That doesn’t sound like your parents.” Marcus says, "I am sure there is more to this story then you know or understand.”

            I don’t know what I understand anymore, everything in my world has been turned upside down.  I can’t even begin to grasp the idea that I was born in Eden, and that my parents took a stand against them.  Guess I have more in common with my father then I thought.

            “It’s getting late we should get some sleep.” I say, “We have a long trip back tomorrow.” The truth is I didn’t want to talk anymore; I just wanted to be left alone.

            With the cat out of the bag I now understood why the town was so worked up over me, why they were willing to help.  My father built this place; he and my mother gave these people hope.  The more I think about the more I realize I am not only look like him, but I act like him.  Once again Fiona seems to enter when I need her the most.  Silently she approaches and takes a sit on the edge of the bed.  Marcus has put us up in one of the empty houses which I am sure belonging to my parents, I just get the feeling I have slept in this room before.  I don’t know what to make of this gesture by Marcus I guess I should be happy he gave us a place to sleep.

            “Guess you had a pretty big day?” She asks.

            “Yeah, lots of surprises.” I say.

            “So you parents were from Eden.” She says, “You don’t think we met when we were younger do you?”

            “That would be creepy.” I say, “Besides I was still an infant when they escaped Eden.”

            “Yeah, I should let you get some sleep.” She says.

            “No stay, I can’t sleep anyway.” I say.

            We spend the night talking, mostly about nothing, but it means a lot.  After everything it feels good to be able to just talk about nothing.  We watch the sunrise, which I have not done since the night I spent with the Brotherhood.  I think about everything that was going through my mind that night and how everything has changed.  I think now how lonely I was that night, how grateful I am to have someone here to keep me warm.  How I have someone with me that understands everything I have been through, or at least is willing to listen.  Fiona, the girl I met in the Wastes, the girl who has decided to stand by me.  For two people who have spent their lives avoiding people, in not trusting people we gave into each other rather quickly.  I guess that is what happens when you find someone worth giving into.  I push the hair out of her eyes and stare deeply for a moment.  We sit in silence waiting for the sun to rise.  Before long the sun has risen and it is time for us to head back to Haven.  Strangely I no longer feel Haven is my home.  To me Seaton is my home, I don’t know why, but here is where I feel I belong.  Once everything is over I think I will return here.  Marcus greets us at the gate.

            “When Dyami returns you don’t need to come back here.” Marcus says, “Seaton will join you.  We will fight with you; we owe your family that much for everything they did for us.”

            “You don’t have to.” I say.

            “I know, but we want to.” Marcus says.

            With that we make our way back to Haven.  The trip back is quite, there is much to think about, we went to Seaton to find a boat, we are returning with an ally.  Perhaps I was wrong about my parents, but the question of why they left me still burns in the back of my mind.  Hopefully Nevada has had luck as well.  Once we arrive at the mansion we find Nevada awaiting us, an elder by the name of Theodore waits with him.’

            “Good your back, I take the fact that Dyami is not with you that you were able to get a boat.” Nevada says.

            “That is not all we got.” Velvet says, “Seaton is going to join the fight.”

            “Are you serious that is great news?” Nevada says, “Well I have good news too.  Before the bombs Theodore here was in the military, he says there is a base not that far outside the ruins of Seattle.”

            “Are you saying they might have weapons?” Velvet asks.

            “We can’t be sure until we check it out.” Nevada says.

            “Ok, the four of us will check head out tomorrow morning.” I say, “Nevada you stay here and get everyone organized, make sure they understand those squads we put together.”

            “Wait, you’re bringing me with you.” Theodore says.

            “You’re the only expert on pre bomb weapon tech we have.” I say.

            “I am going to just slow you down; you don’t need someone like me out in the Wastes.” Theodore says, “Probably get everyone killed.”

            “That is an order Solider, dismissed.” I say

            “Well if it is an order then, I better get some sleep.” Theodore says leaving the room.

            “Well I guess I should follow suit, see you all in the morning.” Velvet says, “You two don’t do anything I wouldn’t, which really isn’t much so have fun.”

            Nevada stays a few minutes’ longer gathering papers and maps before heading out, “Sir, I will be at my place going over something’s if you need me.”

            Once again Fiona and I are alone, only this time I don’t think anyone did it on purpose.  Making my way over to the map of Haven I look over the division of the settlement.  Haven is broken into five sectors, one which is the mansion, the square and the area that surrounds it. And two through five which make up the areas surrounding sector one. 

            “They way it is set up is we can fall back to sector one if we have to, that will be where we make out last stand.” Fiona says.

            “I hope it doesn’t come to that.” I say, “But I don’t see any way we can hold against The Brotherhood.” I say.

            “Well luck has been with us so far, here is to hoping staying around a little longer.” Fiona says holding two glasses of a brown liquid, “I found it the other day in Hyde’s desk.  I’ve been saving it for a special moment.”

            Taking the glass I hold it up, “Well here is to luck, may it forever be on our side.” With that I take the shot, compared to the stuff they serve in Nevada’s this is smooth, warm, not burning.  Fiona coughs as it goes down, probably use to the fine wine they serve in the Brotherhood.  I have to laugh.

            “It’s not funny.” She says, wiping a drip from her chin.

            “It’s pretty funny.” I say.

            With that I kiss her goodnight and retire to my room.  Staying up all night the day before finally catches up to me, in what seems an instant morning has come.  I could have sworn I just laid my head down upon the pillar and the sun shot up and is now bearing down upon my face.

            “I have got to stop staying up all night.” I say, “It is killing me.”

            Making my way to the office I find I am the first one up for a change.  I take my place at Hyde’s, no my desk and wait for the others.  The first one to arrive is a surprise.

            “Private First Class Theodore James.  Reporting for duty as ordered sir.” Theodore says.

            “You’re up early.” I say.

            “Once you’re a Soldier, you’re always a Soldier sir.” Theodore says.

            Moments later he is joined by Fiona and Velvet.  They have already dressed in there armor and packed the necessary supplies.  Guess I wasn’t the first one up after all, I was just the first one to be a lump, “Ok we have everything we need.” Yes sir, everyone responds.

            “Fiona, you don’t have to say sir, being you are his.” Velvet says as she is cut off by Fiona.

            “Yes his girlfriend deal with it.” Fiona says.  Thinking quickly I don’t remember agreeing to be her boyfriend, but I am not going to complain, well that and I am sure I would be beat if I disagreed. 

            “Oh, I was going to say second in command.” Velvet says, “But if you two are together who am I to pry.”  Fiona gives Velvet a glance, there is death in her eyes.

            “We should go before you two kill each other.” I say.

            I am relived to be heading back out into the Wastes. The Wastes there is only one rule keep your head and stay alive.

The End

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