Chapter 8


             There wasn’t much time for sleep, by the time we got back to my place it was almost time for sunrise.  Though I guess a few hours sleep is much better than none and no sooner then I get my eyes close does it feel like the sun is bearing down on them through the window.  By the looks of Dyami I can tell that he is in for a rough morning.  I decide to let him sleep, figure he can use a little extra hours, especially after last night.  Can’t really blame him, up until a few days ago he was just a slave of the Brotherhood and know.  Well I guess he is really only on loan, a reminder of who really is in control of everything.  However, after today’s meeting me hope there is something we can do about that.

            Pulling on my gear I sleep into the streets, being careful not to wake Dyami.  People stare as I walk through the streets, overnight I have become a legend within the walls of Haven.  Making my way through the streets people I notice that they stare, but don’t approach.  Are they afraid of me? How am I suppose to get these people to listen to me, to figure out what they want, best not to get ahead of myself, one step at a time, for now let’s just meet with Fiona and Velvet and figure out our next move. As I approach Nevada’s place I get the feeling that I am being followed.  Hyde, it has to be, I am sure he has sent one of his goons to look after me.  Should have figured he wouldn’t like all the attention I would be drawing.

            As I enter the building I make my way over to the bar and signal for the Bartender to pour me one.  With that I throw my mask upon the bar.  I throw back the shot as I look over my shoulder, as I suspected.  None other than Randall enters the bar.  I do my best to make it seem as if I am here for a drink, which if Randall was a man of greater intelligence would have realized I was on to him, lucky for me he is an idiot.  Unfortunately he decides he can use the opportunity to get himself a few drinks.  I have to do something, there is no way I can out drink this guy and then I have an idea.

            I make my way up to Velvet and Fiona’s room fully aware that I am being followed by Randall.  I fling open the door and walk straight over to Fiona and lay one right on her mouth, she pauses from the kiss for a moment, which I use to my advantage.

            “Hey do you mind.” I say to Randall who excuses himself and closes the door behind him, “Well that worked.” My cheeks starting to swell were Fiona had punched me.

            “What the hell are you doing?” Fiona screams, it is clear she is not happy; Velvet on the hand is hunched over in pain from laugher. 

            “Sorry I was being tailed, I had to do something to lose him.” I say, holding my face, still sore from Fiona’s fist.

            “What?” Fiona says, still fuming over the kiss, “Who would follow you, and why?”

            “Hyde.” I say.

            “Wait, you mean they guy who runs this place.” Velvet says.

            “I need a seat.” I say, taking a seat at the table.  I can tell that Fiona is still annoyed at the whole situation, but is holding off on a continued beating until she hears what I have to say about the situation, “Look Hyde doesn’t like things happing around here without his say so.”

            “Well then why doesn’t he just grab you?” Velvet says.

            “He did, told him I was just hired as I guide to help find some rebels.” I say.

            “Apparently he thinks there is more to you story then you are telling him.” Velvet says, “Tell us what happened when you met with Hyde.”

            “Look, I already told you everything, I told him I was a guide and then he took my stuff.” That is when it hits me, “the book, he has the book.”  The idiot probably things that the book was given to me by the Brotherhood to use to overthrow him.  But that doesn’t make any sense, from what I have seen so far of the brotherhood Hyde has more in common with the Brotherhood then the book.

            “Damn it, do you think he read the book?” Fiona asks.

            “Yeah, and he probably thinks the Brotherhood is helping me start a revolt in Haven.” I say.

            “Is he really that stupid?” Fiona asks.

            “Yeah he is.” I say, “I think it will be best if I lay low for a while, we can use the excuse that I am coming here for entertainment as cover.” 

            “Fine, but if you kiss me again without my permission I will kill you.” Fiona says, still a little sore about the kiss.

            “Ok, sounds like a plan, I just have one question, what is this book.” Velvet cuts in.

            “I am going to check on Dyami, Fiona can you fill Velvet in on the book?” I ask.

            “Sure” Fiona says.

            As I make my way back to my place I notice that Randall is no longer following me, my stunt appears to have bought me some time.  As I approach my place I notice that the door has been kicked in.  This is not good, moving slowly I position myself against the doorway hiding myself from anyone inside.  However, I quickly come to realize that there is no one to hide from, the room is empty.  A note is simply placed upon the makeshift table; it readsmy place midnight, Hyde.  Damn it, they have Dyami. 

            This explains why no one is following me; don’t need to be following someone if you make them come to you.  I should have never left Dyami alone.  I should have died in the Wastes, everyone would be better off, now Dyami’s life is at stake.  I should have told Kashmir off, probably would have killed me, but at least no one else would have been hurt. Now I find myself standing before Fiona and Velvet’s door.  Why would they help me, what concern of this is there’s.  Dyami is a servant, this is their fight.  They have to help, I knock.  I can hear them moving around behind the door.  I hear how they ready the weapons and carefully approach the door.  They would be cautious; they weren’t expecting me for several hours.

            “It’s Riley.” I say.

            “Go away; come back when you are supposed to.” Fiona says from behind the door, “Or are you being followed again.”

            “Just open the door, we have a situation.” I say.

            Fiona sighs and opens the door, her rifle pointed straight at my face. 

            “What?” She says.

            “Hyde has Dyami.”  I say

            “How is that my problem?” Fiona says.

            “He was a brotherhood servant, isn’t that the reason you are out here?” I say.

            “Not anymore.” Fiona says.

            “Fiona, we have to, otherwise we are no better than the Brotherhood.”  I say, “I know you care, if you didn’t you would have shut the door already.” With that she closes the door.

            “I can’t do this again, I came here to start over, and you can do the same.” She says from behind the door, “You can run, join the Brotherhood, tell them we were killed by creepers; you can use our equipment as evidence.”

            I have to admit it does sound good to run, leave Dyami to Hyde, and join the Brotherhood.  I think back to my time with Kashmir, how quickly I adapted to their way of life, how quickly I was willing to enjoy all that they had to offer.  I think about how while I was taking wasteful showers people back in Haven were starving to death and how little I didn’t even hesitate just once, am I no better than the Brotherhood am I?.  Placing my head against I make the only choice I have. “Give me your stuff.”

            “I will meet you in the Wastes in two days, were we camped out.” Fiona says.

            “I need it now, I’m going after Hyde.”

            The door flings open and in it stands Fiona; her hair covers her red and swollen eyes. Tears having been wiped away moments before, to Fiona tears are a sign of weakness, of a horrible past she is trying to leave behind, “Ok, what is the plan.”

             My eyes drift over to Velvet who is passed out on one of the beds, “Well the first step is waking her up.”

            Moments later we are all sitting around the table, I make a quick drawing of Hyde’s place from what I remember. 

            “Ok, Hyde is expecting me and only me; we can use that to our advantage.” I say, “If the two of you enter through here.” I point out one of the doors in the rear of the building, “You should be able to reach us without much trouble.”

            I have to admit to myself that there is a fire in my gut, for the first time in my life I feel alive.  My whole life I have been surviving waiting to die, for the first time in my life a feel as if I have something worth dying for.

            “Once Hyde is out of the picture we can openly talk to the people about Haven, about the Brotherhood.” I say.

            “If they come we will have to go” Fiona says, “We can’t stay here if they set up camp.”

            “I know, but we can cross that bridge when we get there.” I say, “Let’s meet back up at eleven thirty.”

            Once again we break off; this time we are the ones that have an edge over Hyde.  For now I return back to my place to see if there is anything I can use, I don’t feel that good about going into this situation without any way to protect myself, but I don’t have a choice.  For now the only real thing I can do to prepare is sleep, but I can’t.  I lay away thinking the plan through over and over again in my head.  A few days ago I was just a Waster trying to survive another day.  Now I am planning to take out the leader of Haven to protect my friend.  This is why I don’t have friends. 

            They hours go by slowly, after what seems like days it is finally time to make my way over to Fiona and Velvet.  Even know I am sure I am clear I keep my eyes open for followers.  I make it in no time.  Once again I knock, this time it opens instantly.  Fiona and Velvet have already gotten ready, they both stand in there armor waiting to move out.  “Ok, are you ready?” I say.

            “Yes.” Velvet says.

            We go over the plan once more to be sure. Once we are all satisfied we set out for Hyde’s.

            As we leave Nevada’s Fiona grabs me by the arm, “Hey, be careful.”

            “You too.” I say, our eyes meet once again, only this time there is no hatred behind the mask.

            It doesn’t take long to get to Hyde’s the building are probably a few hundred meters apart with mostly open ground between them.  We break off before we hit the open ground, the element of surprise is key to my plan.  As I approach the doors to Hyde’s mansion they swing open.  It is clear he has been waiting for me, I am greeted by Randall.

            “Fancy meeting you hear.” I say.

            “Shut up.”

            We take the same path as last night, only this time Randall stays behind me with the barrel of his pistol pressed against my chest.  Everything is now in Fiona and Velvet’s hands.

            “Well, if it isn’t my old friend Riley.”  Hyde says, once again he is sitting behind his desk, the fat of his gut pressed against its edges. 

            “Where is Dyami?” I say.

            Hyde waves his hand and Dyami is brought into the room.  Two men have him by each arm.  Great that is four in total now; I can do nothing but hope Fiona and Velvet can handle all of them. 

            “We have a problem.” Hyde says, opening his desk draw he removes the book and tosses it at me, I allow it to bounce off my chest and land at me feet, “Did the Brotherhood give you that, what they want Haven, but are too afraid to do it themselves.”

            “Yeah that is exactly it you fat bastard.” I say.

            Once again I feel the sting of Randall’s pistol as it slams against my head.  I collapse to my knees and feel the warm blood against my skin.

            Getting up from behind his desk Hyde makes his way over to me.  Normally I stand over him.  However, in my currently position I can’t help but have to look up.  “I expected more from you.” He says, as he slaps me across the face, “I thought you and I could be friends, but no you had to go and side with the Brotherhood.”   

            “What can I say; I wanted to get fat just like you.” I say.

            Where are they, they should have been here by now, did they take off.  No they wouldn’t do that would they?  Time seems to slow as I try to figure out my next move, I know there isn’t much time before Hyde has finished his rant and Randall puts a bullet through my head.  Nothing comes to mind, everything starts to fade out, except for the sound of a gunshot.    

The End

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