Chapter 6

Sleep does not come tonight; I lay there trying to make sense of everything.  It doesn’t make any sense, why me, did I just happen to be in the right place at the right time.  No, Kazimir is too smart for that, it might not have been specifically me when it came to his plan, but none the less he has already worked everything out in his head.  There is no denying that I am just a pawn in his game and I don’t like it.  People like him are easy, just have to play to their strengths, turn it into a weakness.  Getting out of the bed I make my way over to the window and look out onto the Wastes below.  Kazimir has never dealt with someone like me, he may think one step ahead, but out here in the Wastes you have to be two.  I can feed him info about Fiona and Velvet to make it seem as if I am looking for them, working for him.  That will give me time to figure out what everyone back in Haven wants, I will have to keep this form Hyde, he won’t like the idea of the people working around him, but we can do it, this can work.  With that out of the way I might as well take full advantage of my time with the Brotherhood, time for another shower.

            After my shower I decide to watch the sunrise, no point in trying to sleep.  Besides I will have plenty of time to rest before once I get back into Haven.  I don’t think I have watched the sun rise since I was a kid, usually try to get as much travelling behind me as possible before the sun is overhead.  I guess can take a few moments to enjoy the sunrise when you don’t have to worry about anything.  The doors slide open.

            “Sir, I have brought you stuff, we had the suit and jacket cleaned for you.”  Dyami says as he enters the room.  He places my stuff down onto the couch.

            “So, Dyami, what do you think?” I ask.

            “It is a difficult choice to make, betraying your friends, handing them over to the Brotherhood.” He says, “Deciding the fate of your entire settlement.”

            “What would you do?” I ask.

            “I best not say Sir, it is not my place.” 

I can tell that no one has really cared much about Dyami’s point of view and he is not sure how to react.  It is clear that the servant class is to be seen and not heard.  Still it must be better to live as a servant then die in the Wastes.  Perhaps siding with the Brotherhood is not such a bad thing.  

            “I need to figure out what the people back home want; I can use the search for the rebels to buy time to figure out what is best for everyone.”

            “Do you think that they are in hiding?” He asks.

            That is a good point, they have to be right.  I mean they know the Brotherhood has me, maybe they think they’re safe.  Well whatever the case may be I can use it to get the time I need.

            “Whatever you choice Sir you should get ready, we will be landing soon.” He says as he turns to leave, “Oh, and Sir, it might not be wise to turn down the Brotherhood, it might not be wise to side with them either.”

            Now what is that suppose to mean, I don’t have much time to think about it now.  Within a few minutes I am dressed and waiting in the landing bay.  It is not long before I am joined by Dyami who is wearing a survival suit similar to mine. 

            “I was thinking, perhaps a night is too short a time to make such an important decision.” Kazimir says, “Why don’t you see what is in the best interest of Haven before you decide.  I believe that is a fair compromise.” 

            “Ok, I can agree to that.”  I say.

            “Good.” He extends his hand.

            I am glad to be in my survival suit, something about touching him makes my skin crawl.  Placing my mask on I take his hand and seal the agreement.  With that Dyami follows suit and masks up.  The landing doors begin to open and I can see that we are only a few feet from touchdown.

            “Dyami will be going with you.” Kazimir says, “Don’t want to separate him from his only friend.” 

            He heard everything; he must have had the room under surveillance.  Damn it, he knows everything I was planning.

            “I look forward to our next meeting.”  Kazimir says, “Do take care of yourself, I would hate to see anything happen to you.”  With that Kazimir turns and leaves.

            It was warnings to me, his final words, do as I say or face the consequences.   No soon then he leaves the room do we touchdown.  I signal to Dyami to follow me as we exit the Stalker.  It takes me eyes a moment two adjust to the sun, for the first time in almost two days I set foot upon the Wastes yet again.  We are within a few hundred yards of Haven and I can already tell a crowd is gathering, everyone trying to catch a glimpse of the events taking place before them.  I doubt any of them have ever seen a Stalker let alone one landing outside of Haven.  We stand for a moment as the landing bay doors close.  Moments later the Stalker rises into the air leaving us in a wash of sand and rocks blown about by its thrusters.  Once it is out of sight we turn and head back towards Haven.

            Haven, a patchwork of rusted metal makes up the outer wall.  Guard posts adorned the four corners.  Not that there is anyone in them, the Haven Militia disbanded years ago.  Not like they are needed last of the raiders was seen twenty plus years ago and until Creepers figure out how to open the gate and no real need for a Militia.  It is kind of fun to go atop the wall from time to time and tease the Creepers, poor fools never learn.  Over head looms the cloud of burned oil.  The purifiers are meant to clean the air but all they really do is scrub the radiation.  The web of streets is lined with poor constructed metal shacks.  The only buildings that have any chance of withstanding a good wind are Hyde’s and Nevada’s.  Long ago the mansion probably belongs to some rich prick, now it belongs to a fat one.  As for Nevada’s I think someone once told me it was the guest house.  Hyde and Nevada were the two original inhabitants of what would become Haven.  Built it from the ground up, well watched it be built, mostly Hyde watched and Nevada provided woman. 

            Over time people started to congregate around the buildings, guess they felt safe in the shadow of what once was.  Who knows, as time went on more and more people started to set up shop.  Wasn’t much order to it either, which explains why everything seems so haphazardly setup.  Once enough people gathered Hyde came up with the plan to build the wall.  Protection form raiders and Creepers.  Now I don’t really know how Hyde got control of the town, but he did.  Formed the Militia, mostly to protect himself, but apparently they did some good while they were around.  All this was before I was born of course and I really don’t know the finer details of how it all came about; all I know is this rusted out hole in the wall is home.

            As we enter people watch, careful not to get to close.  Not sure what to think, should they ask or should the leave it alone.

            “We best get back to my place, don’t want to hang around too long.” I say.

            “Understood, Sir!”

            I can hear the murmurs and whispers of people.  Great the last thing I need is Dyami calling me sir and everyone in Haven thinking I am working for the Brotherhood.  Though I guess I sort of am.  I lean in close to Dyami, “Look, it is probably best if you don’t call me sir here.” 

            “Understood.” Dyami whispers.

            We make our way through the maze of streets; I can’t help but think that maybe if the Brotherhood does come here they can do something about organize the layout of Haven.  Before long we find out selves in Haven Square.  The Square was built early on in the creation of Haven, apparently a place for people together and celebrates.  If you haven’t noticed there really is not much to celebrate out in the Wastes, now mostly Nevada’s girls use it to sell their wares.  You get use to their heckling and attempts and making a sale.  I have to laugh at the reaction of Dyami, I can tell from his eyes prostitution is new to him. 

            “Don’t stare, you’ll go blind.” I say with a laugh.

            “Really.” He says, trying to cover his eyes.

            “It's ok; I’m just messing with you.” I say, “Let’s go.”

            It is at the moment I spot Hyde looking at us through one of the windows of his mansion.  I stop and return the look, which quickly causes him to retreat into the safety of his home.

            “Who is that?” Dyami asks. 

            “Edmond Hyde, the self proclaimed master of Haven.” I say.

            “Do you have to report to him?”

            “No, he can choke on Waste dog for all I care.” I start to walk once again.

            After about twenty minutes we manage to make it back to my shack.  It ain’t much but it is home.  There is not much to the room, only a few old blankets scattered about for sleeping.  Most of my time is spent out amongst the Wastes.  A busted wooden crate serves as a table.  Upon entering the room I flick the switch to my purifier and with a puff of smoke the crank of gears turning can be heard.  Removing my mask I toss it onto the wooden box and throw my jacket in a corner.  Moments later I can hear Dyami coughing, guess he is not use to the oil filled air of Haven.

            “Does it always smell like this?” He asks.

            “Don’t worry you get use to it.” I say and make my way over to the blankets on the floor.  Crashing down upon them I think about how comfortable the bed back in the Stalker was, should have used it instead of staying up all night.  “Well I am going crash.” I say tossing a blanket in Dyami’s direction. 

            “Umm, do I just curl up next to you or something?” Dyami asks.

            “You do and I will break your arm.”  I say, “Look just move the box or something, just toss it out of the way.”

            With that Dyami takes it and throws it across the room snapping the few nails that were holding it together.

            “Look, just because you came from the Brotherhood doesn’t mean you have to go around breaking my stuff.”  And with that Dyami does something for the first time since I have met him laugh.

The End

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