The Next StopMature

Christi could tell when I started to get sleepy because she made me pull into the next gas station we saw so that she could take the next turn driving.  I was grateful at that moment to have such a wonderful best friend.  We had always been able tor each other like the books we read all the time.   I switched seats with her and slept for the next several hours.  It was only when both of my best friends were shaking me to try and wake me from my mostly uncomfortable slumber. We had reached the next major stop of our journey. yay!  Thankfully we'd been given a list of the best hotels by my dad as a going away gift.  We checked in and went to our rooms and as soon as I'd showered and put my sleeping clothes on, I hit  the sheets I was out like a light.  I was dreaming some pretty wonky shit. It was all weird because  mom had gotten together with Willie Nelson and had left dad to move to Texas.  In reality that would not happen, ever.  She was trying to sell The Deadly Hexes this line of shit that they were getting hitched and starting a family. I woke myself up totally cracking up like there was no tomorrow.   Christi came in a minute or so later asking me " Dusk, what in the name of God  are you laughing at so loudly? Your ass woke me up! This had better be good!" i proceeded to tell her about my way wonky dreams.  She laughed too. Before long we were really cracking up with tears rolling down our faces as we thought of mom's reaction if she ever really got to be with Willie in the way she always fantasized about.

The End

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