On the Road AgainMature

The next day we were on the road again. It was my turn to drive.  We were singing along to one of my mom's old Willie Nelson cd's.  We were having a blast so far on our trip.  I'd met the man of my dreams and nothing could get me down.  I figured it it all worked out and that Robert Pattinson and I were meant to be, I'd let things happen as they're supposed to.  The girls and I were singing along to On the Road Again when I noticed the super hummer limo behind us.  I was starting to get sweaty palms and an accelerated heart rate. Just like I did every other time I see one.   Phantom and Roxie were sleeping as was Tiffany. Christi looked at me and said "Dusk, calm the hell down!" I looked over and said "I met the guy of my dreams last night, Christi! I really hope that something can come out of this, maybe fate is finally going to be nicer to me."  " I hope that it all works out for all 3 of us.  We need to make it big in the world. It's been our dream since we were teenagers.  Most of all I hope that you finally find the right guy for you. Might be that Rob's just who you've been waiting for all this time." I smiled at my best friend and gave her a one armed hug while still keeping the car going straight and going the speed limit.  We'd been best friends since we were in 2nd grade. Our friendships had lasted over 20 years and we'd had hopes to be best friends till the day we all died.  We had been through hell and back together throughout our 20 plus years as best friends. Maybe we'd have so many adventures that we could write a memoir about them.

The End

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