The Pool ExperienceMature

I turned red as I thought of naughty things that could happen with this RPattz clone.  The elevator dinged at the floor right below the pool level and Mr. Dreamy got out.  We were up at the pool a few minutes later.  I was the first one out of the elevator and into the hot tub. I sat there for a bit stewing over my random thoughts. I didn't notice anyone beside me until a British accent asked me "Do you mind if I join you for a bit?" I flushed scarlet as I turned to see who was there.  Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohmygod! It was the guy from the elevator. I just started to laugh like a total moron because I was so surprised and flustered. I blew it! Damnit! I thought, mortified. Shockingly he laughed too. "I get that reaction a lot from people.     I wanted to meet the girl from the elevator officially. I'm Rob. What's your name?" I froze. IT'S HIM!! Holy shit! "Ummmmm....... I'm Dusk."  "Pleasure's all mine." If possible I blushed even darker.  I nearly died when he asked me where I was from. "Delaware Ohio." I managed to get out.  Christi and Tiffany were in the shallow end of the pool watching me carefully. I gave them a dark look.  It was quite awhile later when It was time for the Deadly Hexes to head to the room to get some sleep. Rob and I exchanged digits.  He asked me where we were headed to at the end of our trip.  "L.A." "Me too. maybe we could meet up sometime?" "Sure. That'd be awesome!"  I tried to not sound like a possessed teenaged fanatic obsessed with him. He was the real deal and he was interested in me! The guy from the Elevator was RPattz!

The End

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