The Guy in The Elevator Looks FamiliarMature

We were changing into our bathing suits to go to the penthouse pool.  My bathing suit was a simple black and green 2 piece that perfectly accentuated my figure. Christi wore her usual cheetah print bikini while Tiffany wore a modest blue one piece.  We were in the elevator riding up to the pool when it stopped and I swear the hottest guy I've seen in quite awhile got in. I did a quick ring check. None.  I was mentally giving myself a pep talk on how to win this guy's attention.  I mean this guy was a dead ringer for Rob Pattinson. I was trying to not hyperventilate. Keep it cool, Dusk. I told myself. You don't want to make a fool of yourself.  He looked over at me in my cute bathing suit and winked at me.  I gave him a flirty smile in return.  Christi gave me a thumbs up behind the hunk's back.  I grinned at her. "Hi." I said to the gorgeous one. "Hey." He had a British accent! I swear I melted into a puddle of goo in that elevator. My god! maybe fate WAS being kind to me for once!  I certainly hoped so. Maybe, just maybe Robert Pattinson was the hunk in the Elevator with we Deadly Hexes! Oh my God! I just might have the time to make him want to get to know me and give him my mobile number...  His hair was perfect. I just wanted more than anything to run my fingers through his locks but I had to fight my desires big time; and believe me it was extremely difficult. He kept looking at me and giving me panty dropping looks. I thought that I'd died and gone straight to Heaven. Oh what a way to go! MMM...

The End

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