California, Here We Come!!Mature

Christi, Tiffany and I had decided to drive to California rather than fly. We were terrified of flying because of a very bad experience in the past.  We had most of our luggage disappear and appear about a month later plus the flight crew were really rude about the whole situation.  We vowed to never fly again.  We had everything packed and ready a few hours after Tiff had started her bitching at us for taking too long. Roxie and Phantom were in the backseat of the HUGE SUV we were borrowing from my dad. I was sitting in the middle row for the first leg of our journey. We'd decided to take turns driving.  Tiffany was taking the first turn driving. Then it would be me, then Christi.  We had to stop by the gas station to fill the  gas tank and get some snacks and drinks.  We'd packed a cooler with ice and sandwiches and some Gatorade and Capri Suns.  We were ready to make it big in the world and to do that we had to put ourselves out there.  Out there just happened to be L.A. all the way in California.   As we started our adventure, I opened the sunroof and yelled "CALIFORNIA, HERE WE COME!!!"  We were on our way to start our new lives. Hopefully we would be world famous within the next year or so.  I was hoping to have the time of my life. I knew that my friends were too. We sang along to our favorite songs and eventually made it the first hotel we'd be staying in. This was one of those really swanky Hilton Hotels. There was a HUGE pool and the rooms were AWESOME! Luckily, we'd packed our bathing suits and our major necessities.  

The End

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